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The Babes of Burroughs II
By Sean Phillips

Jefferson Turk's love interest in Lost Continent. He saved from a primitive suitor named Buckingham. Victory was queen of the land of Grabritin, a savage tribe in a post-apocolyptic future. England and mainland Europe) had fallen into barbarism. The lands were overrun with primitive tribes with beasts such as lions and tigers.

The heroine of The Cave Girl Nadarra was actually a civilized girl of noble blood, who had grown up and "gone wild" on a primitive island inhabited by Neanderthal tribesmen. She becomes the mate of Waldo Emerson Smith-Jones, who eventually becomes known as Thandar. There were no prehistoric beasts on the island, save a species of huge black panther.

The jungle girl of The Land of Hidden Men. The princess of Phom Dek, a lost civilization in the depths of Asia, a different continent than most Burroughs' stories. The becomes the mate of American Gordon King, who saves her, among other perils from a mad ruler who believes himself (falsely) to be infected with leprosy, and attempts to infect her. Now, if can ever find the time to write a pastiche where Tarzan himself enters the Land of Hidden Men, and battles a maltese tiger.

A Galu princess of Caspak. Tom Billings saves her from a giant panther, and worse human dangers.

La of Opar

La of Opar was High Priestess of the lost Atlantean colony of Opar in ERB's Tarzan series. The women of Opar were beautiful, while the men were degenerate and bestial, partially because of breeding with the local Mangani. La was cold, haughty and ruthless; she nearly sacrificed jane Porter in The Return of Tarzan. Terribly jealous repeatedly vied for Tarzan's affection, but was forever spurned; Greystoke was committed to one woman only, much to her chagrin. The Frazetta pic of the girl with the lioness may not be intended to depict La, and the lost city in the distance may not be Opar, but there is certainly a resemblance.

Nemone of Cathne
Nemone was the proud, cruel queen of Cathne, the city of gold, in the hidden valley of Onthar. She had a desire for Tarzan, but of course, she could never have him. The above risqué depiction by Frazetta may not be Nemone, but then again, it might. The lion could very well be Belthar, Nemone's faithful pet. Lions were used as guard beasts and to drive chariots in Cathne as well.

Pan-at-lee was a Waz-don girl of Pal-ul-don, whom Tarzan rescued from a Tor-o-don, and later, from a gryf. Here she is depicted by artist Joe Jusko hiding form her pursuers among gigantic prehistoric club mosses.

Itzal Cha
Itzal Cha was a Mayan girl of the lost colony of Uxmal, whom Tarzan rescued from sacrifice in Tarzan and the Castaways.

Itzal Cha might have been a model for Chel (below), the female lead in The Road To Eldorado. She was one character who really did have a Frazetta-esque build.


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