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Jim Sullos and Jim Sullos, Jr. look on while
SubERB Rep Bob Zeuschner welcomes the crowd

Jim Sullos - ERB, Inc. President - Discusses ERB Developments

Willie Jones ~ Janet Mann ~ Cathy Wilbanks : ERB, Inc. Office

Jim Sullos - ERB, Inc. President
Jim Sullos, president of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., assured the roomfull of ERB fans that the 100th John Carter / Tarzan Anniversary has launched a flurry of interest in ERB's creations. Throughout this year we can expect to see publications from many countries, in many languages. 
     UK's Orion Publishing will reprint all 24 Tarzan books combined into six volumes as well as 53 other ERB stories including the Pellucidar and Venus series.
     Dark Horse is featuring Tarzan in their Dark Horse Presents series, and plans to relaunch their feature Tarzan comic if sales of this and their numerous ERB reprints stir up enough interest.
     Disney has the rights to publish new editions of all the Barsoom novels, as well as a film novelization and various spin-offs. (See
     Mr. Sullos also reminded the audience that Japan has published the "Tarzan" fashion and fitness magazine for over 20 years.
In a turnaround from the longtime ERB, Inc. policy of allowing very few contemporary authors to add to the ERB canon, the board has decided to license  more new writers to expand the various ERB series. 
     Most notable in this new wave are Robin Maxwell with her JANE and Andy Briggs with his Tarzan, The Greystoke Legacy and Tarzan, Jungle Warrior. Briggs' Tarzan features a young Tarzan in the role of a 21st century eco-warrior. These books, although available in the UK and Canada, are not available in the US where they are deemed too violent for young readers.

     In addition to this there will be a long line of books about ERB and Tarzan, plus films, comics, memorabilia, merchandise, games, gambling machines, ring tones, toys, clothing, statues, etc.

Some of the Audience

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Robin Maxwell - Author - "Jane: The Woman Who Loved Tarzan"
Commentary and Video Presentation
with a Chapter One reading by
Suzan Crowley


The full name of Robin Maxwell's authorized book on JANE is: Jane: The Woman Who Loved Tarzan. It is due to be published this fall but there is a good chance that there will be copies ready to distribute to attendees at the August Dum-Dum in Tarzana.

Two years ago, after long deliberations ERB, Inc. gave Ms. Maxwell the go-ahead to begin the novel with a 2012 publication date in mind. To bring new life to the Jane character Robin introduced numerous differences, which include:

     * Jane's story begins with a presentation made by Jane at the Chicago Public Library. 
     * Jane meets ERB in Chicago and relates her story to him - from her viewpoint.
     * Jane's father, Professor Porter comes to Africa by safari in search of the "missing link." He doesn't find Opar but he does find a lost civilization.
      * In order to make it believable that Tarzan the feral child can master language she places Tarzan's age at four years when he is orphaned.
     * In order for their relationship to develop she places Jane with Tarzan in the jungle several months.
     * Cannibals do not appear in JANE . . . Kala is killed by the ape Kerchak.
     * Since Robin is a noted writer of romance novels, she convinced ERB, Inc. that Tarzan and Jane must have tasteful sex in their relationship.

Many events from the first chapter were revealed by Suzan Crowley's excellent and very expressive reading of the text.
Video Excerpts of Robin's ECOF Appearance
Robin Maxwell on FaceBook


Michael Sellers and Rebecca Garland with student readers:
The A Princess of Mars Reading Project

Rediscovering A Classic
 SubERB Michael Sellers and  former teacher, Rebecca Garland, are part of effort to pique interest in Edgar Rice Burroughs.
They lead teen focus groups on the ERB's books and his sci-fi characters through the John Carter Teen Reading Project.
See more about this project at ERBzine 3684:

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