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1. Stan Galloway
"Tarzan of the Apes / John Carter of Barsoom: A Comparison"





Jim Thompson photographs Bob Zeuschner's Major AwardEdie JamesEdie James ~ Jean Denby ~ Doug Denby
Edie James and Jean DenbyBill and Sue-On Hillman with Sky Bower

2. Panel: Dan Parsons, Michael Kogge, et al
"The New Annotated and Illustrated A Princess of Mars"

A Princess of Mars - The Annotated Edition
- and New Tales of the Red Planet

Edgar Rice Burroughs (Author), Matthew Woodring Stover (Author), Daniel Keys Moran (Author),
Chuck Rosenthal (Author), Aaron Parrett (Author), Mark D'Anna (Author), Michael Kogge (Author),
Dan Parsons (Illustrator), Robert Zeuschner (Introduction)

Amazon Book Description
Publication Date: April 24, 2012 
For a hundred years, the Mars novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs offered readers their first glimpse of life on the red planet.
Now join Captain Carter on his maiden voyage to Mars in what is a fully annotated edition of the classic A Princess of Mars, with extensive notes prepared by noted Burroughs scholar Aaron Parrett. And thrill to all-new adventures written in tribute to the novel by Matthew Stover (Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Caine's Law), Daniel Keys Moran (The A.I. War), Chuck Rosenthal (The Heart of Mars) and more!

"Introduction" by Robert Zeuschner
“A Friend in Thark” by Matthew Stover: A “lost chapter” of A Princess of Mars about a friendship that will become legendary throughout Mars.
“Uncle Jack” by Daniel Keys Moran: A dying man on Mars receives a guest of the most unlikely sort.
“The Whites Apes of Iss” by Mark D'Anna: The untold story of the keeper of the atmosphere factory, and his fateful encounter with a mysterious visitor.
“Gentleman of Virginia” by Michael Kogge: A young Southerner's obsession with Mars leads him to volunteer for the Confederate Army.
“Zero Mars” by Aaron Parrett: Daring young Maizy Theta risks her freedom on Mars to save the life of Hypatia, a promising mathematician on Earth.
“An Island in the Moon” by Chuck Rosenthal: The greatest warlord of Mars returns home and discovers it has changed dramatically from the red planet he knew.
•  Illustrations by Dan Parsons

With a specially-prepared bibliography of Burroughs resources.

This book is not affiliated with, nor has been licensed, approved, or authorized by any entity of the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate or Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.



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