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Volume 3478
Caz's ERB-dom Art Gallery
Highlights of art featured in issues 42-45
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ERB-dom Logo by RG Krenkel

ERB-dom No. 42 ~ January 1971
G. M. Farley art

No. 42 Back Cover
Art by Steve Harper

The Scientists Revolt
Title page art by Julian Krupa

Scientists Revolt
Illustration by Julian Krupa

The Scientists Revolt
Illustration by Julian Krupa

The Scientists Revolt
Illustration by Julian Krupa

Tarzan Yell by Johnny Weissmuller

Jeff Jones Art

ERB-dom No. 43 ~ February 1971
Cover art by Bill Stout

Alternate I Am A Barbarian Cover
Bill Stout Illustration
A Gallery of I Am A Barbarian Art by Bill Stout

ERB-dom No. 44 ~ March 1971
Cover art by Eddie Jones

ERB-dom No. 44 Back Cover 
Illustration by Gayle Barton

Neal Macdonald Illustration

Neal Macdonald Illustration

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