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Volume 3463

Newsletter of the Burroughs Bibliophiles
Editor: George T. McWhorter
CONTENTS: Issues 280-291
From the George McWhorter, Ken Manson, Jerry Spannraft, Bill Hillman 
 and University of Louisville Collections.
Scans by Robert A Roehm U of L, Ken Manson and Bill Hillman.

Xmas card from Frank Puncer

The Gridley Wave #280 ~ January 2006
Greetings from ERB Fans
Phil Currie's ERBivore
#280: January 2006
Phil Currie's ERBivore

Bed Book Burroughs!

The Gridley Wave #281 ~ February 2006
Bed Book Burroughs!
Tarzan in Braille | PayPal | New Editions
#281: February 2006
Combined Tarzan of the Apes and Prisoner of Zenda publication

Joe Kubert art

The Gridley Wave #282 ~ March 2006
New Books on the Burroughs Beat
Art of Arthur Suydam
#282: March 2006
Art of Arthur Suydam

Tarzan, Jane and Phil on Broadway

The Gridley Wave #283 ~ April 2006
Tarzan, Jane and Phil on Broadway
Disney: "ERB part of 'Creative Team'"
#283: April 2006
Tarzan the Musical Playbill

Bob Hyde at the 2003 Louisville Dum-Dum

The Gridley Wave #284 ~ May 2006
Bob Hyde (1925-2006)
Barrett and Ogden Tributes
#284: May 2006
Bob Hyde and Pete Ogden

2006 ECOF/Dum-Dum in Rockville, MD

The Gridley Wave #285 ~ June 2006
2006 ECOF/Dum-Dum
Rockville, MD: Aug 3-6
#285: June 2006
In Memoriam: ERB Fans

Bruce Bennett Turns 100!

The Gridley Wave #286 ~ July 2006
Bruce Bennett Turns 100!
"Princess" plays in Minneapolis
#286: July 2006
Princess plays in Minneapolis

Burroughs Artist Tim Hildebrandt

The Gridley Wave #287 ~ August 2006
Burroughs Artist Tim Hildebrandt Dies
Tarzan of the Apes in China
#287: August 2006
Tarzan in China

Edgar Rice Burroughs in make-up

The Gridley Wave #288 ~ September 2006
Birthday News on the Burroughs Beat
New Philip Jose Farmer Collection
#288: September 2006
Pearls from Peoria collection from PJ Farmer

David Burton's New Edition of Princess of Mars

The Gridley Wave #289 ~ October 2006
Burton's New Edition of "Princess of Mars"
Rita Coriell: Photographer
#289: October 2006
Danton Burroughs with dad John Coleman Burroughs' Thark Head

Darrell Richardson: The Old Tiger

The Gridley Wave #290 ~ November 2006
Requiem for the "Old Tiger"
ERB: Pulp Writer Extraordinaire
#290 ~ November 2006
Stanley Kozaczka of Cazenovia College

The Gridley Wave #291 ~ December 2006
Czech Artist Zdenek Burian: New Book
Under the Moons of Mars from ERBville
#291: December 2006
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