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Volume 3460

Newsletter of the Burroughs Bibliophiles
Editor: George T. McWhorter
CONTENTS: Issues 226-250 (2001-2003)
From the George McWhorter, Ken Manson, Jerry Spannraft, Bill Hillman 
 and University of Louisville Collections.
Scans by Robert A Roehm U of L, Ken Manson and Bill Hillman.
PART I (226-237)
Jane Actress: Lydie Denier .Kaluta art
Denier | Hawkes Fla Dum-Dum 2001
Kaluta GoH at ECOF Binghamton
#226: July 2001
The Burroughs family at Tarzana Ranch
Rare Burroughs Family Photos
Whites Donate Joan's Scrapbooks
#227 August 2001
Bruce Bennett: Tarzan Actor - Herman Brix
Oldest Living Tarzan Signs Bio
Dictionary of Imaginary Places
#228: September 2001
ERB sketch and inscription.Vern Coriell and Hal Foster
New ERB Books On Horizon
Barrett Reviews Foster Bio
#229: October 2001
Bruce Bennett and Denny Miller - Two Tarzans .Bruce Bennett and Danton Burroughs
Two Tarzans a Big Hit
Ed Gilbert's ERB Collection
#230: November 2001
Sketch accompanying ERB's Tarzan Cocktail Recipe
ERB's Tarzan Cocktail
Unique Poster Raffle
#231: December 2001
ERB Biographer/Bibliographer - H. Hardy Heins
Heins Wins Collector Award
Coriell Tribute Article
#232: January 2002
Jane Ralston Burroughs posing as Dejah Thoris.John Buscema - ERB artist RIP
Jane Burroughs Dead at 88
John Buscema 1927-2002
#233: February 2002
Sheena the Jungle Girl
"Sheena" Dead at 73
Panthans Plan ERB Book
#234: March 2002
New Moon Maid edition from Bison Press
New ERB Books
Griffen ERB Doc
#235 April 2002
Frank Frazetta Mars art.Tarzan sketch
Paramount buys "Princess of Mars"
ECOF 2002: Woodland Hills 020901
#236: May 2002
Dum-Dum 2002 poster.Tarzan and the Golden Lion by J. Allen St. John
Dum-Dum 2002 Huge Success!
Vinson St. John Art Collection
#237: June 2002

PART II (238-250) 

Gold Key Tarzan Comics.Re-Issue of the Fenton Bio from George McWhorter
Chase Craig: Tarzan Editor Dies
McWhorter Reprints Fenton
#238: July 2002
Mathias, Chapman, Brix (Bennett)
Mathias Meets Brix (Bennett)
New and Forthcoming
#239: August 2002
Yeates Logo for ECOF 2002
ERB's 127th Birthday
Still More ERB Editions
#240: September
Eve Brent and Bob Hyde in Tarzana
Eve Brent Guest at ECOF
Of Thoats and Zitidars
#241: October 2002
.Tarzan of the Funnies: New book
Bibliophile GeorgeTurner
Tarzan of the Funnies Book
#242: November 2002
McClurg 1st Edition cover art.Merry Christmas from George McWhorter
McClurg Tarzan Facsimile
A George McWhorter Xmas
#243: December 2002
Rare Tarzan and his Mate medal
Tarzan and Mate Medal
Tarzan Artists Panel
#244: January 2003
ERB and grandsons: Johnny, Mike and Danny
Reagan Applauds Burroughs
Brits Claim ERB in '20s
#245: February 2003
JOHN Carter by JOHN Coleman Burroughs
Why "John"?
Travis Fimmel: TV Tarzan
#246: March 2003
.Tarzan Forever ERB bio by Taliaferro
Taliaferro Papers to UofL
Chicago Roast for ERB 
#247: April 2003

Tarzan Collectible Sets Record!
Dum-Dum 2003 for Louisville
#248: May 2003
Shonfeld, Hogarth, Danton, Ogden, McWhorter
Dum-Dum Photo Archives
Short Waves: New Pubs
#249: June 2003.
ERB Artist Boris as Tarzan.Bust of ERB
Dum-Dum 2003 GoH Boris
ERB in SF Hall of Fame
#250: July 2003
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