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Volume 3457

Newsletter of the Burroughs Bibliophiles
Editor: George T. McWhorter
CONTENTS: Issues 151-175 (1995-1997)
From the George McWhorter, Ken Manson, Jerry Spannraft, Bill Hillman 
 and University of Louisville Collections.
Scans by Robert A Roehm U of L, Ken Manson and Bill Hillman.
PART I (151-163)
The Johnny Weissmuller yell
Disney Chooses Tarzan Directors ~Trendmaster
Tarzan Yell Myth ~ New ERB Editions
#151: April 1995
Joe Jusko Tarzan art
Joe Jusko GoH for Rutland DD95
DD Registration Details from Hagenlocher
#152: May 1995
Sketch of ERB
Write-In New Twist for DD95 Auction
Tarzan Returns to Silver Springs
#153: June 1995

Jusko and Miller at Vermont DD95
BOMC Features TA/RT Edition
 #154: July 1995

Griffin Scriptwriter for Tarzan Sundays
DD Maps and Auction Updates
#155: August 1995
Maureen O'Sullivan
Maureen O'Sullivan Meets DD95 Fans
Bolgani Rock Band | Tarzan Lost Adv.
#156 ~ September 1995

Ballantine Series | Jusko Covers
New Tarzans from Dark Horse
#157: October 1995

Keller's 1-hr Tarzan TV Series
New U of L's Tarzan Exhibit
#158: November 1995

Burroughs Memorial Park Saved
Sherman Oaks Canyon Preservation
#159: December 1995

Bob Davis Bio of ERB of Kailua
NY Sun Column ~ July 20, 1940
#160: January 1996

Hogarth Dead at 84!
Burne Hogarth Bio
 #161: February 1996
Burne Hogarth
Hogarth Tree at Greystoke Castle
Disney Tarzan Music by Phil Collins
#162: March 1996

PART II (164-175) 

ERB in Tarzan vs Predator
New ERB Books, Flicks and Tapes
#163: April 1996

"Marcia of the Doorstep" Ready
Zeuschner's Biblio | Brady's Cyclopedia
#164: May 1996

Sotheby's: Frazetta, Krenkel, Foster
Lara: Indiana Jones-Like Tarzan
#165 ~ June 1996

A&E's Tarzan: Legacy of ERB
Tarzan/Golden Lion Found in France
#166: July 1996

DD96: Scott, Brent, Brown
Miller, Barnes, Stout, Danton
#167: August 1996

Hogarth's Tarzan Statue
Gorilla Binti Saves Boy
#168 ~ September 1996

Art, Spratt Sculpture, Movies, More
Son of Tarzan 1920 Serial Appears
 #169: October 1996

Buechler's Monsters: Tarzan Epic TV
Pellucidar Monster Photos
#170 ~ November 1996

ERB Books On Tape
"Next Page" Audio Releases
#171: December 1996

Two New ERB Books for New Year
Zeuschner Biblio | Brady's Cyclopaedia
#172: January 1997

You Lucky Girl Premiere
Thompson's ERBCOF-List Debuts
#173: February 1997

Van Dien is New Tarzan Actor
New ERB-Listserv | Jusko Card Set
#174: March 1997

DD97 Features Gordon Scott
Habblitz "Bukawai" Story Reprinted
#175: April 1997

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