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Volume 3455

Newsletter of the Burroughs Bibliophiles
Editor: George T. McWhorter
CONTENTS: Issues 101-125 (1991-1993)
From the George McWhorter, Ken Manson, Jerry Spannraft, Bill Hillman 
 and University of Louisville Collections.
Scans by Robert A Roehm U of L, Ken Manson and Bill Hillman.
PART I (101-112)

Stout Designs Princess of Mars
Photos: Frazetta, Miller, ERB's Shrunken Head
#101: February 1991

Jane Gets Hollywood Star
PM Live Action and Film | Tarzan TV
#102: March 1991

Magellan Mission Needs Venus Names
Hollywood and Vine: Weissmuller 59 Yrs Ago
#103: April 1991

Wolf Larson New TV Tarzan
Tarzan's Creator Here for Haircut
#104: May 1991

Bohnetts Host Michigan ECOF 91
Portti Doing ERB Mars and Venus Comics
#105: June 1991

Bibliographic News: 2 States Mad King
Tarzan Director Thorpe Dies at 95
#106: July 1991

Hulbert Burroughs Dies
Burroughs Family Photos
#107: August 1991

Adventures of Tarzan: Elmo Lincoln
Czech Tarzan | Swing Shifts Article
#108: September 1991

Chapman Talk On Tarzan Actors DD91
Waters/Bohnett Cartoons
#109: October 1991

Saga of a Publishing Nightmare
McWhorter's ERB Collection: A Catalog
#110: November 1991

Michael Herring Cover Artist for LTF
ERB Auction Planned for Dum-Dum
#111: December 1991

Schwinger illustrates Moon Maid
Essoe Speaker at Louisville DD92
#112: January 1992
PART II (113-125) 

New (Old) ERB Books in Russian!
4 "Fan Doings" Photos
#113: February 1992

Tarzan Movie Nostalgia
Photo: Lex Barker as Tarzan
#114: March 1992

ERB Bolsters Ego of SF Writer
Kubert School | Comics Interview
#115: April 1992

Lambs and Lambasts
Can a good ERB film be made?
#116: May 1992

ERB Happenings: Greystoke II
JCB Art | Many Events
#117: June 1992

Comic Strip Collectors News!
Denny Miller at DD92
#118: July 1992

DD92: Lupoff, Kraar, Hogarth
Miller, Danton, Rita Coriell, etc.
#119: August 1992

DD92 Auction Howling Success
Dum-Dum Report
#120: September 1992

Herring Newest Ballantine Cover Artist
Michael Herring Bio and 3 Illos
#121 October 1992

Current ERB Art Scene: Jusko, Kelly
Review: Dramatic Wrinkles by Hogarth
#122 November 1992

TV Tarz Booms and Bombs
PM Update | Dunbar Dies at 90
#123 December 1992

3 New Weissmullers in Video
Dinotopia by Gurney Released
#124 January 1993

Holmes to Speak at ECOF93
Czech Editions | St. John Art Book
#125 February 1993

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