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Volume 3451

Newsletter of the Burroughs Bibliophiles
Editor: Vern Coriell
CONTENTS: Issues 1-25 (1959-1968)
From the George McWhorter, Ken Manson, Jerry Spannraft, Bill Hillman 
 and University of Louisville Collections.
Scans by Robert A Roehm U of L, Ken Manson and Bill Hillman.

#1: December 1959
Debut Issue: "Tarzan's Greatest Adventure" Great! - photo  ~ Great Scott! Scott's Great! | 
THIS AND THAT: Aurora Tarzan Kit ~ Hyde speaks at 17th World SF Con in Detroit ~ Mar 19, 1959 Elliot replaces Van Buren on Tarzan strip - turning into a wordy Mark Trail of the Jungle along with a kid. | "Tarzan the Ape Man" Review - poster and photo - disappointing | Weissmuller, Jr., Bennett, Barnes projects.
#2: 1960
Tarzan the Magnificent review | Tarzan, Gozan and Redski - a Russian comedy | Correspondence Quotes: Donald Simpson, T.C. Brown Jr., John Stanley Brown, Jeremy A. Barry, Ron Haydock, Daniel W. Lee, Keith Thompson | Short Waves: Argosy reprints? | Burroughs Bibliophile | Goliath and Hercules | Ads 
John Harwood #3: June 1961
John Harwood Bibliophile bio | Tarzan Fans Arise - Strip being dropped | Short Waves: Weissmuller, Crabbe, Markey, Miller, Barnes, UK 4 Star Books | Burroughs Bibliophiles Formation: Officers: Hyde, president - Vinson, VP - Coriell, editor - Horvath, sec - Reinsel, treas | Listing of Tarzan Story Strips, BLBs, Assoc. Items | BB dues $1 | At the Book's Core - 3-page narrative fiction by William Gilmour | 
Bill Gilmour #4: April 1962
"Who says they weren't married" by John Howard |  Burroughs Bibliophile Bill Gilmour | Bulletin: BB and GW subscription info | Correspondence: Gardner, Dunn, Gechter, Unger, Brown, Howard, Spencer, Mercer, Haydock, Willick | Times-Mirror buys British Book Houses | Barsoomian Bazaar | Old Enemy Becomes Tarzan: Stuntman Jock Mahoney | LIFE: John Greystoke jumps to death | Tarzan in March of Comics 
John Carter
#5: July 1962
Annual Dum-Dum Sept 2nd at S-F Con. in Chi: GoH Mrs. J. Allen St. John | Tarzan Dell morphs into Gold Key | Short Waves: Mahoney - Tarzan Goes To India, Amazing, Nude Living, Maxon's Turok | Gardner reviews Monster Men in Canaveral | RE Howard fan mag | Correspondence: Krenkel, Cirker (Dover pres), Levine, Cazedessus (ERB-dom, ERBANIA plugs), Reisel, RookesMore Fanzine plugs: Amra, Norb's Notes and Zine controversy  | Words Invented by ERB | 
#6: September 1962
ERB Titles in PB by ACE | Review: Moon Maid in Ace and Canaveral by Maurice B. Gardner | With Pulp illustrations |  Burroughs Library Cards by Rev. H. H. Heins | 
#7: November 1962 ~ PART I: Pages 1-6
Rothmund Retires | Barsoom by Ballantine, Inc. | Moon Maid Mystery Solved? | Club Pin | Short Waves: 50th Anniversary, new publications and media events, Celardo, Mrs. St. John photo at Dum-Dum | Moon Men Ace and Canaveral review - summary with All-Story pulp illustrations by Maurice B. Gardner - Red Hawk | Correspondence: JC Burroughs, Jim Pierce, Holman, Habblitz, Richardson, Harwood, Fick, Russ Manning, Howard.
#7: November 1962 ~ PART II: Pages 7-12
Manu the Terrible fiction by Wm. Gilmour | Tarzan and the Crocodile God illo by Neal Macdonald | unrelated publications | Correspondence: Briney, Halligan, Mrs. Basil Tarzan Webb, Ford, Jones, Thailing, Dunn, Dutcher, Smith, Heins, Gardner, Barry, Gilmour | Burroughs Biblio File: List of recent publications of interest | Coriell states he has personal letter from ERB giving permission to publish fanzine | Barsoomian Bazaar: 2 pages of items for sale.
#8: March 1963
Matania Dead at 81! | Barsoom by Ballantine | John Carter in School Books - Oxford University Press, UK, with two illos | Tarzan Faces Three Challenges in new Weintraub pic with Jock Mahoney |  Short Waves: Lunacon, Celardo, Gardner surgery, O'Sullivan, Brown, Crabbe, new releases, Harwood, Heins, Caz, Foster, Maxon | Burroughs Biblio file: 2 pages of recent related publications | Gordon Scott's Samson review and poster | Fantastic Mar 42 cover and discussion of War On Venus | Efficiency Expert, Farris' and BB pin about to launch. 
#9: May 1963
Canaveral Gets ERB Rights!  Many titles authorized - Biblio, Tannen, Lupoff | Hulbert Burroughs in New York - copyright updates for books and films | Unpublished works of ERB - a list | Short Waves: O'Sullivan, Weissmuller, JF Roy, CBC, Gold Key improvements, Celardo, Caz, Hyde, India Boone and ERB in schools | Reviews: March of Comics and Ballantine Swords of Mars | BB Pin is Ready | Correspondence: Hauser, Eisgruber, Roy, McGeehan | Milwaukee Bibliophiles Have Meeting | Burroughs Biblio file: a page of recent publications | Final Curtain: Julius Unger 1912-1963.
#10: June 1963
July is Tarzan Month: 10 Tarzan Titles Published Simultaneously by Ballantine | Tarzan Ticker . . . - Hulbert Burroughs verifies ERB authorship of Skeleton Men of Jupiter, Scientists Revolt and Giant of Mars - Another list of unpublished stories and articles | Korak and John Carter return to Gold Key | Authorized Ace Editions Announced | ERB's map of Pellucidar as preview for future House of Greystoke release: Wizard of Tarzana | BB Golden Lion Pin ready | A Must for Bibliophiles: Explorers of the Infinite by Sam Moskowitz - cover, photo andTable of Contents.
ISSUES 11-25

Pre-Princess ERB Prose Found!
#11: August 1963

ERB's Savage Pellucidar in Amazing
#12: October 1963

March is Tarzan Month
#13: January 1964

JCB Author of Giant
#14: June 1964

"Unauthorized" Tarzan: Charlton Comics
#15: October 1964

BBs Soar Over 1,000
#16: December 1964

First World ERB Con in Chi - 14th Tarzan
#17: May 1965

Jim and Joan Pierce D-D Guests
#18: August 1965

D-D '65 "Unqualified Success"
#19: December 1965

Merrill and Marsh Dead!
#20: May 1966

JCB's Book Out Feb. '66 - Crabbe Returns
#21: November 1966

Hully Retires! - I Am A Barbarian Released
#22: May 1967

Foster and Frazetta GH at D-D '67
#23: July 1967

Manning New UFS Tarzan Art
#24: October 1967

New ERB Titles by Ace
#25: June 1968
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