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From our Memorial Tribute Series
Photos from the Robert Zeuschner Collection

LOCATION 1: September 2003
Dum-Dum Convention, Louisville, Kentucky
For more photos from this event see ERBzine 0539

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Danton brought two suitcases full of ERB memorabilia from Tarzana,
which he shared with convention attendees and George McWhorter.
He also made the rounds of numerous local swap meets from which
he added more antique watches to his already huge collection.

Danton at the Louisville Airport

Danton and Candy Spannraft

Danton sharing his treasures with Jerry and Candy
    .  .

Danton, Candy and Jerry with Lindy and Bob Zeuschner

Danton and Jerry Spannraft in Dan's Louisville hotel room

LOCATION 2 ~ October, 2003
The Zeuschner Residence in Pasadena, California
Danton drops in to show the Zeuschners the latest treasures
he had just discovered at a local swap meet.

Danton with sister Stacy Burroughs

Lindy Zeuschner joins Danton and Stacy

Bob and Lindy's daughter, Danae, joins Stacy and Dan

Lindy, Danae, and Dan with John Westervelt

Many of these watches were later melted
in Dan's tragic 2008 Tarzana house fire 

Danae, Danton and John
Dan was a major collector of antique pocket watches

Photos from the Danton Burroughs/Bill Hillman Collections

LOCATION: California Pizza Kitchen, Ventura Blvd, Tarzana

This photo was taken with John Westervelt's camera
by a waitress at California Pizza Kitchen,
the night before I flew out of Tarzana during my last visit with Danton.
Dan died a few months later.
A year later Sue-On and I met with John at the same location to share our memories of Danton.
John has since died of cancer.
Linda Burroughs shared this photo with me during a more recent visit to Tarzana.

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