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Volume 3346


Gathering of the Mangani for the Tarzan cap autographing session
Professor Porter overseas the flea-picking ceremony
Gathering of the Mangani for the After-Show Dum-Dum
Two Tarzans

James Royce Edwards and Payton Kemp
The Mighty Canuck amazes by-standers by entering into a ferocious battle with Tarzan
Sue-On congratulates the winner of the battle: Young Tarzan: Payton Kemp
Friends on the Web finally meet in person
Summer Broyhill (Jane) ~ James Royce Edwards (Tarzan) ~ Bill Hillman (JoN)Summer Broyhill (Jane) ~ James Royce Edwards (Tarzan) ~ Bill Hillman (JoN)
Summer Broyhill (Jane) ~ James Royce Edwards (Tarzan) ~ Bill Hillman (JoN)

Sue-On ~ Jane ~ Tarzan ~ Bill


We were invited back the following night for the premiere of the Gershwin musical:

Besides being very entertaining and professionally staged,
this musical was of special interest because it also featured most of the Tarzan performers,
including:  Summer Broyhill (Jane), Evan D'Angeles (Terk), Todd Dubail (Clayton),
Jerry Hoffman (Prof. Porter), Cessalee Stovall (Kala), Sam Zeller (Kerchak), 
and most of the apes, acrobats and supporting roles.
James Royce Edwards took a special interest in the premiere and sat a few seats from us.


We chat with Summer who is in costume for her Crazy For You role

Tarzan Musical 2010:

Tuacahn Amphitheatre - Ivins - Utah

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