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Licensing International Expo is the world’s premier brand and property marketplace, offering exclusive insight into the players and trends that will continue to drive the $190 billion licensing industry for years to come. Each year hundreds of exhibitors gather in Las Vegas to create the largest, most diverse collection of properties and brands available for licensing worldwide.
Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. was well represented at this year's Las Vegas Licensing International expo.
Tarzan's Cafe was a part of the Design Plus booth and a second display area was set up as part of Licensing Works.
The ERB, Inc. contingent --
Jim Sullos (ERB, Inc. president), Cathy Wilbanks (ERB Archivist),
and Danton Burroughs' family (Linda, Dejah and Llana Jane)
-- were on hand for all three days.
A special attraction was a well-muscled Tarzan in "full" costume . . .
and they were even joined by a second Tarzan -- a Tarzan of the silver screen:
Denny Miller (Tarzan the Ape Man), who made a surprise visit.

Tarzan's Cafe
Part of the Design Plus Booth

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Jim Sullos and Cathy Wilbanks serve packets of trail mix and green vines (licorice).
Setting Up the Licensing Works Display

Jim Sullos

Linda Burroughs ~ Tarzan ~ Llana Jane Burroughs

Cathy Wilbanks ~ Tarzan ~ Llana Jane

The Burroughs Sisters pose with Tarzan

Jim ~ Dejah ~ Linda ~ Llana Jane
Tarzan Cafe Hosts

Dejah and Llana Jane with Denny Miller
Showing off their autographed Dum-Dum 2008 T-shirts.

Denny "Tarzan" Miller and Cathy

Two Tarzans with a still from Denny's Tarzan film

Dining at Aureole Restaurant - Mandalay Bay

A few photos from ERB, Inc.'s After-Show Dinner for 27 guests
Including International agents, friends and family.

Jimmy Sullos, Linda Burroughs, Dejah Burroughs, Llana Jane Burroughs

Cathy Wilbanks and Denny Miller

Denny Miller; Wavery Group - Marie-Louise Scholte; LMI, U.K. - Andrew Maconie

Wavery Group, Netherlands -  Sylvia Bolleboom, Silvana Betro

 LMI, U.K. - David Brooks; Design Plus - Meyer Janet, Carol Janet

Wavery Group - Bonny Quiko, Cyril Speijer; Nancy and Denny Miller

LMI - Gill Blick; DIC 2 - Douglas Mari; Estudio GA - Brigitte Lucas

V.I.P. - Michael Lou; Jim Sullos

Empire Group - Jeffrey Hanz Jordan; Jimmy Sullos

Empire Group - Sue Anne Sai, Hubert Co, Jacquelline Jillaine, Jennifer Co

Linda, Jane, Dejah and Scott Cherin from Licensing Works

Full contact information for

Tarzana, California

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