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Volume 3180

A Serialized Fantasy Adventure Novel
By Ken St. Andre

Chapter 1: Goblins
Chapter 2: Rose
Chapter 3: Friends
Chapter 4: Underground
Chapter 5: Apprentice
Chapter 6: Interlude. . . Challenge
Chapter 7: Party
Chapter 8: Banking
Chapter 9: Lair
Chapter 10: Dungeon
Chapter 11: Bridge
Chapter 12: Wine
Chapter 13: Uruks
Chapter 14: Recruiting
Chapter 15: Army
Art by Chad Thorson
Chapter 16: Bjeggok
Chapter 17: Temptation
Chapter 18: Dwarves
Chapter 19: Marching
Chapter 20: Ogres
Chapter 21: Anomalies
Chapter 22: Music?
Chapter 23: Onward
Chapter 24: Lizards
Chapter 25: Gorgon
Chapter 26: Revelations
Chapter 27: Besieged
Chapter 28: Rescue
Chapter 29: Retribution
Chapter 30: Escape

Meet Ken St. Andre

Ken St. Andre has a scar on his forehead over his right eye in much the same place as Tarzan, and he gives the same excuse for it -- that's where the king ape tore his scalp open in the battle for leadership of the tribe. (Actually, a car ran over him when he was five, but he likes the ape story better.) As a boy he read every Edgar Rice Burroughs book he could find, and as a teen he bought every book and Tarzan comic he could afford, and dreamed of writing Tarzan adventures.

He was an early member of the Burroughs Bibliophiles (circa 1967) and helped create early Barsoomian fanfiction that probably doesn't exist any more—at least he hopes it doesn't.  In 1975 he rebelled against the earliest version of Dungeons and Dragons and vowed to create his own fantasy game that would make more sense and be playable with just 6-sided dice. He did it, too. And so was born Tunnels and Trolls, the second fantasy role-playing game in America, but the first to actually be copyrighted with the Library of Congress.

By that time Ken had finished library school and become a librarian with the Phoenix Public Library system, where he remains to this day, the oldest and most senior, though far from the most powerful librarian in the city. Ken always wanted to be a fantasy writer -- his heroes were Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Fritz Leiber. You will see traces of them all in his fiction.

Ken has actually turned out quite a bit of both fantastic and scholarly writing in the last 40 years, but he never made the break to pure writer -- sticking with the job that paid the bills and fed the family -- librarianship. He did become fairly well known as a fantasy role-playing game designer, however, and his games include Tunnels and Trolls (Flying Buffalo, Inc.), Stormbringer (Chaosium), and Wasteland (Electronic Arts).

For the last several years he has been writing stories and novels set in his own fantasy world -- the Trollworld of the Tunnels and Trolls game system. Rose of Stormgaard is his third and longest book so far. Previous short novels include Dragon Child: Just a Thief from Khazan, and Griffin Feathers. Find them if you can!  Although Rose is not set in a Burroughsian world, Ken thinks it is the kind of high adventure that ERB fans will appreciate, and hopes you like this tale.

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Rose of StormgaardGrumbles and RoseBlack Dragon Guard
Thorn the DwarfRose Fights Uruk
Rose vs. RokkoGoddesselves in their urukish disguises ~ Art by Al CookOgre for Rose - art by Chad Thorson
Arrth art by David UlleryLizard Death by Chad ThorsonRose's Big Battle by Chad Thorson
Dwarves vs. Ogres by David UlleryUrroz vs. the Mechanical Bear by David Ullery 22L'nnrrd destroying the remains of Terevorrr by David Ullery  30
Many of the above illustrations are by David Ullery
For more see:
SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by David A Ullery

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