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2010 ECOF GATHERING: June 4 - 6
The Baltimore Area and Shenandoah Caverns, Virginia

Photos by that Intrepid Middle Earth Adventurer
Jonathan Hart

John Tyner showing the special ECOF 2010 button/pin.

Pellucidar expert Dave Critchfield (centre) and others listen to talks during
Panthans meeting deep within the bowels of the Earth (Shenandoah Caverns).

26 guests and members of the National Capital Panthans
are gathered for the special meeting.

 David Critchfield, Lawrence Dunn and Bob Burrows
strolling the passageways of the caverns.

ECOF 2010 Group Photo in Pellucidar (IDs courtesy John Tyner)
Front row kneeling:  Lawrence Dunn, Lee Strong, Henry Franke, John Tyner, Ellen Vartanoff,
Anita Casella (standing), John Thompson, David Critchfield, Mike Conran
Back row: Jon Hart, Jim Hadac, Stan Galloway, Bill Wagner, Elaine Casella, Cole Richardson,
Mike Shaw, Joan Shaw, Huck Huckenpohler, Scott Siefert, Bill Ross,
Kathy Richardson, Bob Burrows, Jerry Spannraft, Shawn Cassidy
(Debbie and Matthew Burrows are missing from the photo)

Panthans & Friends Gathered at the Shenandoah Caverns Cafe

ECOF 2010

Jonathan Hart Photos | Jim Hadac Photos



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