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Volume 3098
Continued from Part I: ERBzine 3097

Part Two: Issues 7-13
From Our ERBapa Reprint Series
By Ken Manson

Issue No.: 7
Date: May 26, 2008
Where assembled: Chicago, Joan Bledig’s home
Front cover:  A photo, found in the Bledig family archives, of the real Billy Byrne and two of his Muckers taken around 1920 in the Goose Island neighborhood of Chicago
Back cover: Photo of Billy Byrne and Bridge on the road, furnished by Joan Bledig
Number of pages:  54
List of contents:
      ``Goose Island and Billy Byrne’’ (History of that Chicago neighborhood)-Joan Bledig
      ``9 Chickweed Lane’’(Tarzan cartoon)-Bledig
      Article, ``Portrait of the Artist as an Old Chimp’’(Cheeta and his work)-Jim Thompson
      ``Las Vegas Review Journal’’ Crossword Puzzle, Aug. 8, 2007 (ERB as a clue)-Thompson
      Article, `Balkan nations put cultural stars on a pedestal’’ (Tarzan statue planned)-Thompson
      ``ERB Collector: Laurence Con X’’-Bill Ross
      ``Laurence Con X (minus Laurence)’’-Mike Conran
      ``Obligatory Naked Princess: Deadly Dejah’’ (artwork by Joseph Michael Linsner)-Conran
      ``In Memoriam: Danton Burroughs, 2 June 1944-1 May, 2008’’-J.G. ``Huck’ Huckenpohler
      ``Beyond 30 Degrees West: Me Tarzan, You Paying’’ (article on how ERB Inc. protects Tarzan image)-Laurence Dunn
      Tarzan Comic Strip (from Web site)-Bledig
      ERB’s Home, 414 Augusta, Oak Park (with floor plans, list of stories and books written there)-Greg Phillips
      ``Tarzan in Palos Park’’ (Dum-Dum celebration gathering) and ``The Tarzan Jungle House’’ (on Palos Park Woman’s Club 34th home tour in 1995)- Jerry Spannraft
      Web tributes to Danton Burroughs-Ken Manson
      ``Danton Burroughs remembered’’-Manson
      ``Meeting Kenneth Robeson: Will Murray, Muckers visit Windy City Pulp Con’’-Manson
      ``ERBane Comments’’: (MGM’s sale of props, including Tarzan’s loincloth); Reviews by William K. Everson of `King of the Jungle’’ and ``Tarzan and His Mate’’; ad for Sam Moskowitz’s `Under the Moons of Mars’; Review of Czech film, ``The Death of the Ape Man’; Tarzan puzzle; business card from Tarzana Chamber of Commerce  -Dave Gorecki
      `The Cry of the Red Hawk: Meeting Princess Dia (Caroline Munro)’’-Jim Hadac
      ``Tarzan is Straight, Right? Commentary from The Straight Dope’’-Jeff Long
      ``From the ERB Scrapbooks of Ray Le Beau: Letter (to Ray) from ERB Inc., Nov. 17, 1966; Letter (to Ray) from ERB Inc., April 30, 1971; Letter (to Ray) from ERB Inc., June 29, 1967; Announcement: Unpublished for 26 Years? I Am a Barbarian’’-Ray Le Beau.
No Back Cover
Issue No.:  8
Date: July 24-27, 2008
Where assembled: Waterloo, Iowa, at Dum-Dum 2008. A special double issue with the National Capital Panthans
Front cover: Actress Caroline Munro, Dian the beautiful in ``At the Earth’s Core,’’ holding a copy of The Mucker Magazine Issue No. 6 at Ray and Sharon Courts’ Hollywood Collectors Show in Chicago
Back cover:  None: front cover of Panthans Journal No. 142
Number of pages:  61
List of contents:
      ``And Now for Something Really Different’’ (All 120 Crayon Names, Color Codes and Fun Facts, with pages of `Tarzan and Jane’ coloring book)-Joan Bledig
      Article, ``Patrick Rowley: Tarzan Yell May Hold Lesson for Today’s Kids’’ (from Wichita Eagle) and KTM R 125 Tarzan’’(motorbike produced in Upper Austria starting in 1957)-Dr. James Thompson
      ``Beyond 30 Degrees West: End of the Line’’ (about Wayne James’ and Danton Burroughs’ deaths)-Laurence Dunn
      ``The Mucker of Mars’’(illustration of `McClurg book’)-Jeff Long
     True cases from Chicago’s 28th Precinct Police Station (1913 to ’16 in Billy Byrne’s neighborhood)-Long
     ``Akur searches for reading material while in London’’ (Ape demands Tarzan book in `From Beyond the Unknown’ comic cover)-Long
     ``Muckers Rule West Side: Billy Byrne Sought in Saloon Keeper Slaying’’ (Aug. 7, 1914 ``Chicago Daily Tribune’’)-Long
     Cartoon (Don Martin on Tarzan)-Long
     Jungle comics covers-Long
     The Chicago Muckers Windy City ERB Fans (ad for Web site)-Long
     The Chicago Muckers (listing of Muckers meetings) -Mike Conran
     ``Greg Paints Another Horse...with African animals’’-Greg Phillips
     The White Paper Club of Chicago (program from Jan. 28, 1919, dinner honoring California-bound ERB)-Jerry Spannraft
     ``Jodades’’ (Caroline Munro photo and press materials from `At the Earth’s Core’’ movie)-Ken Manson
     ``ERBane Comments’’: `Films in Review’ column about `Tarzan and the Golden Lion’ movie; two foreign posters of `Jungle Jim’ movies with Johnny Weissmuller listed as Tarzan -Dave Gorecki
     ``The ERB Scrapbook of Ray Le Beau:’’ (articles about Ron Ely television show)-Ray Le Beau
     Edgar Rice Burroughs Chain of Friendship gathering (June 5-8, 2008, in Groton, Conn.) -Bill Ross
     ``The Cry of the Red Hawk’’ (Photos of Muckers’ gathering)-Jim Hadac
     Errata (On Muckers meetings)-Mike Conran 

Issue No.: 9
Date:  Nov. 8, 2008
Where assembled: Oak Park, Pleasant Home
Front cover: Original drawing, commissioned by Jim Hadac, by Greg Phillips of the coming of the O-220
Back cover:  Two photos from the Dum-Dum 2008 in Waterloo, Iowa, of Brad Vinson receiving an Honorary Mucker Award
Number of pages: 67
List of contents:
     Joint meeting of the National Capital Panthans and the Chicago Muckers at Waterloo, The Panthan Newsletter No.141-142-J.G. Huckenpohler and Bill Ross, editors
     11th Annual Virginia Vintage Comics & Collectibles Show Flyer (with ERB related art)-Huckenpohler
     Tarzan and Jane art-provided by Huckenpohler
       ``Bound and Gagged’’ cartoon by Dana Summers, Aug. 31, 2008, with Tarzan gag-Joan Bledig
      ``Brainwaves by Betsy Streeter,’’ Sept. 19, 2008, with Tarzan cartoon -Bledig
       Australian Tarzan Radio Show-Dr. James Thompson
       Johnny Weissmuller (autographed newspaper clipping)-Thompson
       Britannica Blog by Robert McHenry  -Mars and Edgar Rice Burroughs-Thompson
       ``Los Angeles Cityz’’ (Web site)-Tarzan (movies) at the Aero Theater-Thompson
       Exploitation-``At the Earth’s Core’’ (promotions for movie)-Thompson
       ``Where Gather the Apes of  Kerchak, or Beer and Loathing on the Dum-Dum Trail’ (2008 Dum-Dum account)-David Critchfield
       Gasoline Alley cartoon by Jim Scancarelli, Oct. 12, 2008 (on Nazrat of the Jungle)-Bledig
     ``Beyond 30 Degrees West-Dum-Dum 2008, Waterloo, Iowa’’-Laurence Dunn
     George T. McWhorter Celebration, Aug. 25 2008-University of Louisville-Mike Conran
     Muckers at Dum-Dum 2008-Bill Ross
     ``From the ERB Scrapbook of Ray Le Beau: The Second Annual Normal Beans Dinner; ``Johnny Weissmuller Dead at 79,’’ The Sunday Herald, Jan. 22, 1984; Japanese ``Tarzan’s Three Challenges’’ movie ad-Ray Le beau
     ``ERB Could Cheer His 1908 Cubs, but the next century was hard on the team’s fans’’-Jeff Long
     How Tarzan Got His Yell (cartoon from
     ``An Office in the Loop’’ (workplace for efficiency expert ERB); Tales of the Tombstones 2008 (Cemetery Walk in Forest Park); Road Trip to Michigan (Woman with ERB books to sell)-Greg Phillips
     Addendum to Greg Phillips’ Tales of the Tombstones and road trip to Michigan-Joan Bledig
     ``Animal Acts; A gorilla’s kindness sweetens the zoo storybook’’ and ``Tarzan fans honor gorilla’’ (newspaper articles); Kala Award (certificate for Brookfield Zoo’s Binti gorilla, drafted at 1996 Dum-Dum)-Jerry Spannraft
     ``ERBane Comments: Some notes on David Fury’s `Kings of the Jungle’ and the history of Tarzan films’’-Dave Gorecki
     ``The Cry of the Red Hawk: Jungle Funnies’’-Jim Hadac
     ``Jodades: Waterloo and back again’’ (Dum-Dum report)-Ken Manson
     ``Tarzan artist in Prague’’ (Milan Fibinger)- Philippe Badre
      `The Song of Kwasin’’(on the last of Philip Jose Farmer’s Opar books)-Henry G. Franke III 

Issue No.: 10
Date: Feb. 7, 2009
Where assembled: Palos Park, Jerry Spannraft’s home
Front cover: ``Tarzan and the Bronze Lion,’’ (ERB’s character on the front steps of Chicago’s Art Institute, with Jad-bal-ja)-Jeff Long
Back cover:  J. Allen St. John’s image of Tarzan and Jad-bal-ja and ReelArt Studio’s tribute-Long
Number of pages: 72
List of contents:
     Frank Frazetta Museum; Classic Heroes: Tarzan Statues (from Electric Tiki)-Mike Conran
     ``Beyond 30 Degrees West: John Carter of Mars: Heritage style’’(figurines)-Laurence Dunn
     ``In the Treasure Vaults of Opar (Memphis):’’(trip to evaluate Darrell Richardson’s collection) – Archimedes Q. Porter Phd.-J.G.  ``Huck’ Huckenpohler
     EP Studios Blog (on visiting ERB Collection at University of Louisville)-provided by Dr. James Thompson
     ``Marooned: Science Fiction books on Mars’’-Thompson
     Article, ``The Dueling Writers of Mars’’ (Otis A. Kline vs. ERB) by Christopher Carey-Joan Bledig
     `` Trevar’’ cartoon by Gerald Piper (about Tarzan), Nov. 4, 2008-Bledig
     Jusko ``Sheena’’ No. 1 Step by Step Tutorial, Final Painting-Bledig
     ``Gasoline Alley’’ cartoon by Jim Scancarelli (about Tarzan), Nov. 18, 2008,-Bledig
     ``Thc Cry of the Red Hawk: Meeting Fredrik’’ (Swedish fan and ERB-APA member Ekman)-Jim Hadac
     ``Jodades: Muckers `Crawl’ Through Evanston (bookstore visits); ``New St. John art book adds color to collection;; The West Suburban Science Fiction Society proclamation (from 1977 requesting more recognition for ERB); ``Available for the First Time: Tarzan Original Novels Complete in Paperback’’ (Captain Company ad for Ballantine books)’’-Ken Manson
     ERB-Inspired Calendars-Henry G. Franke III
     ``Anthony of the Jungle’’ (original cartoon strip)-Greg Phillips
     ``From the ERB Scrapbook of Ray Le Beau: Tarzan Sunday Comics: A Short Tarzan Graphic Story;  The Adventures of Tarzan; Tarzan Fire!; Tarzan: The Garden of Death; Tarzan comic strip from Jan. 20, Panel 934’’-Ray Le Beau
     ``Signal Dealers News’’ Vol. 1, No. 3, September 1932, and Vol. 2, No. 2, March 1933 (on Tarzan radio show sponsor)-Bill Ross
     ``Creating the cover for this issue’’; ``A Real Fan’’ (fan’s Mucker tattoo); Article, ``Where art and artists still reside’’ by Barbara Brotman (Chicago Tribune, Nov. 28, 1985, on Tree Studios tenant)-Jeff Long
     ``The Four Hardest Tarzan Autographs to Find (Tablar, Pollar, Merrill, Morris)’’ (photos of signatures)-Jerry Spannraft
     ``ERBane Comments: Alpha Males (and Females), `Son of Tarzan’ (and other movies) come to DVD’’-Dave Gorecki
     ``Jahlanna of Pellucidar’’ by Tony Phillips (original art)-courtesy of David Critchfield
     Article, ``Los Angeles Times,’’ Dec. 1, 2008, ``Jacket Copy’’ column (mentions ERB)-John Thompson
     Article, ```Hot’ Tarzan Film Draws Fire’’ (on ``Jungle Heat’’ porno film) by Greg B. Smith-John Thompson
     Article, ```A Better Angel’ Takes Us to Places Inhabited by Children’’ (on author Chris Adrian, whose book is based on ERB’s Barsoom stories) by Carole Goldberg-John Thompson

Issue No.: 11
Date:  May 25, 2009
Where assembled:  Chicago, Joan Bledig’s home
Front cover: ``Famous Muckers of Chicagoland,’’  a tribute to Forrest J. Ackerman’s ``Famous Monsters’’ magazine with Jim Hadac as Herman Munster, Joan Bledig as Lily Munster, Jerry Spannraft as Grandpa,
 Ken Manson as Eddie Munster, Ken’s girlfriend Debbie Lipinski as Marilyn Munster and inset of Ray
Le Beau as Gomez Addams, Jeff Long as Pugsley Addams and Laurence Dunn as Uncle Fester-Dave Gorecki
Back cover: Color photo of a very young Johnny Weissmuller holding Maureen O’Sullivan
Number of pages: 64
Insert: Postcard promotion of Kline’s ``Swords of Venus’’ comic coming from Sequential Pulp Comics, furnished by Mike Conran
List of contents:
     Found on the Web: Ridiculously Expensive Tarzan Pen (only $5,199, marked down from $6,500)-Joan Bledig
     ``How Tarzan Became a Man’’ by Rolf Romeren (Paper from Aug. 18, 2000, Children’s Literature Research Unit, UNISA, symposium)-Bledig
      ``Bound and Gagged’’ cartoon by Dana Summers, May 11, 2009, (about Tarzan’s blog)-Bledig
         New Pellucidar images by artist Jared Shear-David Critchfield
       ``Me Tarzan, You Jane,’’ a musical presentation by the Emerald City Theatre Company (in Chicago)-Jerry Spannraft
       Article, ``Should We Take Tarzan Seriously?’’ by Alex Vernon (from The Chronicle Review)-Jim Thompson
       ``Beyond 30 Degrees West: John Carter of Mars - Heritage Style - The early days’’ (figurines)- Laurence Dunn
     Muckers at Windy City Pulp Con (photos)-Bill Ross
    Making a Map of Pellucidar-Greg Phillips
    Windy City Pulp Con-Mike Conran
    ``From the ERB Scrapbook of Ray Le Beau:  Mike Resnick letter (on his `Forgotten Sea of Mars’, to Ray); Jasoomian Christmas card; McClurg’s Monthly Bulletin of New Books, No. 598, February 1920 (with ``The Warlord of Mars’’ and  ``Jungle Tales of Tarzan’’)-Ray Le Beau
      ``The Land That Time Forgot’’ promotional material (for 2009 direct-to-DVD movie)-Jeff Long
      ``Caspak Victorius: The Land That Time Forgot’’ (book review from 2009)-Long
      ``ERBane Comments: About the Cover; Not-so-Great Scott: The end of the RKO Tarzans’’-Dave Gorecki
      ``The Cry of the Red Hawk: The Amazing Universe of Phil Farmer’’-Jim Hadac
     ``The Tarzan Centennial Year: Can it Make a Difference?’’-Henry G. Franke III
     ``Jodades: Film’s Archimedes Porter; Stuff I Bought at the Hollywood Collectors Show; `Tarzan in Manhattan’ Synopsis; `What Happened to Joe Lara?’; `The One and Only (sort of) Archimedes Q. Porter’; ERB-Related News in Oak Park’’-Ken Manson
No Back Cover
Issue No.: 12
Date:  Aug. 14-16 2009
Where assembled: Dayton, Ohio, at 2009 Dum-Dum. A special double issue with the National Capital Panthans
Front cover: Greg Phillips’ sketch of Frank Lipo of the Historical Society of Oak Park and River Forest and 16 Muckers
Inside front cover: Key by numbers to names of members on cover, with names on page 3
Back cover:  None; front cover of Panthans Journal No. 154
Number of pages:  61
List of contents:
    History of the Tarzan Novels from Argosy Magazine, Dec. 9, 1922,-Joan Bledig
    Tarzan vs. Predator vs. the Daleks vs. James Bond vs. HR Puff N Stuff At the Earth’s Core (Dark Horse comics ``cover’’)-Jeff Long
     ``ERBane Comments: Pulpfest 2009; Tarzan of the Crackajacks; `Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar’ film contract; `The Movie That I Hope Time Will Help Me Forget’ (2009 film)’’-Dave Gorecki
     ``The Cry of the Red Hawk: ERB in Stories’’-Jim Hadac
     ``Jodades: Lost Articles by, about ERB’’ (includes ERB’s 1918 Flag Day Speech in Oak Park and Oak Leaves newspaper stories); `ERB: In His Life’’’-Ken Manson
     ``Gilak Talk: Hollow Earth Expedition, Including Pellucidar maps’’-David Critchfield
     Article, ``A Long Reign As King of the Apes’’ by Thomas F. Moore-Jerry Spannraft
     Article, ``From Tarzan’s Jungle to Yuma for Boy, now 77,’’ Sept. 1, 2008 (about Johnny Sheffield) by James Gilbert, Yuma Sun staff writer; Article, ``Reading California Fiction: The Girl from Hollywood’’ by James Gilbert, Yuma Sun staff writer, Aug. 23, 2008, -Dr. James Thompson
     Barsoomian babe by Dietz-Bill Ross
     ``Amtor on the Half Shell’’ by Roderick, Feb. 27, 2009-Ross
     ``ECOF 2009’’-Mike Conran
     ``The ERB Scrapbooks of Ray Le Beau: A collection of Tarzan-references cartoons; ``Me Tarzan, Arrest Me’’-Ray Le Beau
     Burne Hogarth’s Tarzan graphic novels- Henry G. Franke III
     ``Beyond 30 Degrees West: `The Magazine of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Fact & Fiction’’ (two covers)-Laurence Dunn 

Issue No.: 13
Date: Dec. 5, 2009
Where assembled: Oak Park, Pleasant Home
Front cover: Furnished by Ken Manson; sketch by Czech artist Milan Fibiger with his take on Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan
Back cover:  Back cover of French film magazine ``Cinemonde,’’ from April 22, 1947, showing Johnny Weismuller from ``Tarzan Triumphs’’ and the basis of Milan Fibiger’s sketch on the front cover
Number of pages:  63
List of contents:
    Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day for July 11, 2009, which is ``weird,’’ and an example of its use is from ``A Princess of Mars’’ -Joan Bledig
    ``Jodades: `Under the Covers, Who Did the front and back illustrations’: `Ken Finds Another ERB Connection’  (photo with actress Sally Kellerman, Ilona of ``The Circus’’ TV episode with Ron Ely);    `Visitors from the East see Muckers’ (photos of Doug Denby and David Critchfield); `Report on the 2009 Dum-Dum in Dayton’; `In Memoriam-Bruce `Abner Perry’ Wood’; ‘ `Even more photos of Muckers eating’’’-Ken Manson
    ``The Cry of the Red Hawk: `Tarzan Funnies’ and page of photos of Jim Hadac and others’’-Jim Hadac
    ``Error Box (story)’’-Lee Strong
    ``Jeffrey Jones art for `I Am a Barbarian’’-Henry G. Franke II
    ``Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan novels and Tarzana suburb both reflected `white flight’ mentality, researcher said’’ (press release by California Institute of Technology on a chapter of an assistant professor of literature’s forthcoming book)-Bill Ross
     ``The ERB Scrapbooks of Ray Le Beau: Tarzan Special Cocktail, September 2003 issue of `Village Yesteryears’ by the Historical Society of Oak Park and River Forest promoting visit by Denny Miller; `Dear Answer Man’ column with questions about Johnny Weissmuller and Denny Miller; cartoons about Tarzan; and ads promoting Tarzan movies on television and one (male porn-``Tarzan the Fearless’’) at movie house- Ray Le Beau
     ``Jerry’s Jungle Janes by Thomas Yeates’’-Jerry Spannraft
     ``Korak versus All da Mayor’s Men’’ (adaptations of Russ Manning Tarzan comic pages with Muckers twist)-Jeff ``Elmo’’ Long
     ``Diana of the Jungle,’’ Tarzan the Terrible original art-Ellen Vartanoff
     ``Beyond 30 Degrees West: Dum-Dum, Miamisburg, Ohio’’-Laurence Dunn
     ``Proper Barsoomian Harness and Trappings (original art)-Greg Phillips
     ``A Panthan in the Land of the Muckers: A WindyCon 36 Report-David Critchfield
     ``An Outline of Luthanian History’’ by Archimedes Q. Porter, Phd.- J.G. ``Huck’’ Huckenpohler
     ``Snow?  … Who Needs Snow … Or Luggage!’’ (a report on February trip to Chicago); Dinosaurs and ERB’’-Mike Conran
     ``ERBane Comments: The silent Tarzans; `Lorraine of the Lions’ (silent 1925 Universal movie)-Dave Gorecki
     Articles, ``Interview with Linda Christian (of ``Tarzan and the Mermaids’’) and ``Myth of Tarzan under scrutiny at Paris show’’- furnished by Dr. James Thompson

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