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Volume 3042
The Bruce Wood Legacy Series
From Abner Perry's ERB Atlas
Map Name General Comments Artist(s)
Pellucidar 1
Original Map From the First Edition Pellucidar
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Pellucidar 2
Pellucidar Map From The Burroughs Reader & Thuria
Bruce Wood
Pellucidar 3
Pellucidar Map From ERBdom
Bob Barrett & Reed Crandall
Pellucidar 4
Pellucidar Map From the First Edition Savage Pellucidar
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Pellucidar 5
Pellucidar Map From The Burroughs Bulletin
Frank J. Brueckel
Pellucidar 6
Pellucidar Map From The Burroughs Bulletin
Bob Barrett
Pellucidar 7
Pellucidar Map From Blue Book Tanar of Pellucidar
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Pellucidar 8
A Colorized Map From Spain
Eusebio Arias after ERB
Pellucidar 9
Pellucidar 3D Cut-Away Earth Globe
Bruce Wood
Pellucidar 10
Some Pellucidar "Photos"
Bruce Wood
Pellucidar 11
Abner's newest Pellucidar map
Bruce Wood
Pellucidar 12
Stereoview of Pellucidar
Bruce Wood
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Edgar Rice Burroughs
From the McClurg first edition

This is the map of Pellucidar as it originally appeared in the first edition.
The map was drawn by ERB and shows the crossed-swords to
the east of the Unfriendly islands where tha Naval battle with Hooja took place.

Bruce Wood
The Burroughs Reader and Thuria

There is a reproduction of the article which accompanied this map if you would like to read it.

Bob Barrett & Reed Crandall
ERBdom Fanzine
From notes by Gordon Benson & John F. Roy

Traced from the sketches and notes of
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Savage Pellucidar
This map is from the book Savage Pellucidar and yet Korsar and the surrounding areas are not present.

Frank J. Brueckel
The Burroughs Bulletin


Bob Barrett
The Burroughs Bulletin

From  George McWhorter.

Pellucidar Map
From Tanar in Blue Book Magazine
Map contributed by George McWhorter

Eusebio Arias
Appeared for the first time in ERBAtlas

This is map of Pellucidar from Spain colored by Eusebio Arias
who would like to have e-mail communication with persons
interested in cartography in general and Pellucidar cartography in particular.
He also has this same map in an all English version.

Globe of Pellucidar by Bruce Wood
First appeared in ERB Collector #40  as a black & white image
This globe had been a pet project of Abner Perry for many years. It is a representation of the Earth with about a 1/3 slice removed so we can peek inside. No claim is being made that the globe is really to scale, it has just been made to look good. The locations are indicated with dots but no text is added. I think of this as a picture rather than a map. 
Pellucidar "Photos"
Looking to the Luana Islands and a look toward Korsar
Pellucidar "Photos" by Abner Perry
The four pictures here are not really maps. These images were generated using the 3D globe model.  The viewpoint is about 60 miles south east of the first entry point of the Prospector looking in the direction of the great peak from an altitude of 6 feet. The inland sea and the river leading to Sari are easily visible. The first image incorporates atmospheric haze while the second is a "clear" atmosphere. In the hazy image the viewing distance is about 500 miles, actually further than ERB hinted. It can be seen that the full-sized model created problems in that a single pixel from the map has an area of about 50 square miles on the picture, making it choppy in appearance, even though the map was 2560X1920 pixels before being texture mapped. This image required 20 MB so improvement in resolution is possible.  The gray cone is a single "mountain" placed at the location of the great peak. More images will be developed with an improvement in technique.  The images are very barren at present. There is no terrain, just color.  There are only small downloads for these images currently.

Bruce Wood
The Burroughs Reader and Thuria

Stereo Globe of Pellucidar
by Bruce Wood
This picture is intended to be viewed using the 'crossed-eyes' technique.
Just look at the picture and cross your eyes until there are three images.
Now concentrate on focusing on the CENTRE image and you will see it in stereo.

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