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Johnny Weissmuller (1904-1984) won 52 National Championships (36 individual and 16 relay team) and 67 world championships. He set 51 individual world records, 94 individual American records, and participated on 13 American record-setting relay teams (between 1921 and 1928). He was also a member of National Championship water polo teams in 1924 and 1927.
Olympic Gold Medals

1924 (Paris, France)
100-meters freestyle
400-meters freestyle
800-meters United States relay team

1928 (Amsterdam, Holland)
100-meters freestyle
800-meters United States relay team

National Championships

(Event) (Year) (Time)
50-yards 1921 23.2
50-yards 1922 23.0
100-yards 1922 52.8
100-yards 1923 54.6
100-yards 1925 52.0
100-meters 1926 59.6
100-meters 1927 58.0
100-meters 1928 57.8
220-yards 1 921 2:28.0
220-yards 1922 2:22.4
440-yards 1922 5:16.4
440-yards 1923 5:37.4
440-yards 1925 5:22.5
440-yards 1926 5:21.8
440-yards 1927 4:52.0
440-yards 1928 4:58.6

(Event) (Year) (Time)
50-yards 1923 23.6
50-yards 1924 24.0
50-yards 1925 23.2
100-yards 1922 54.0
100-yards 1923 54.8
100-yards 1924 53.8
100-yards 1925 52.2
100-yards 1927 51.4
100-yards 1928 50.8
Pentathlon 1922
Pentathlon 1923 (Tied)
220-yards 1922 2:17.4
220-yards 1923 2:22.0
220-yards 1924 2:14.8
220-yards 1927 2:10.8
220-yards 1928 2:10.4
500-yards 1922 5:46.8
500-yards 1923 5:43.6
500-yards 1924 5:50.4
500-yards 1927 5:28.4
500-yards 1928 5:35.0
150-yd Bkstroke 1923 1:42.0

Johnny Weissmuller: His Sports Record
Established 67 world records
Won 52 national championships
Earned five Olympic gold medals
Won the Chicago Marathon Race twice
Voted the greatest swimmer of the first half century
Awarded the Helms Hall of Fame three times
Founding Chairman of the International Swimming Hall of Fame, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Received the Sportsmen's World Award for Swimming in 1968
Received the American Patriot Award in 1971
Awarded special sterling silver Olympic medals at the Olympic Games in Munich 1972
Declared Sportsworld King in 1972
Received Dewars Merit Award for "Sports Immortal" in 1972
Declared an undefeated "King of Swimming"
by the International Palace of Sports in 1974
Inducted into the American Olympic Hall of Fame in 1983

12 TARZAN MOVIES (1932-1948)
Full Coverage in ERBzine Silver Screen

1932 Tarzan the Ape Man
1934 Tarzan and His Mate
1936 Tarzan Escapes
1939 Tarzan Finds A Son!
1941 Tarzan's Secret Treasure
1942 Tarzan's New York Adventure
First six films with Maureen O'Sullivan
1943 Tarzan Triumphs
1943 Tarzan's Desert Mystery
1945 Tarzan and the Amazons
1946 Tarzan and the Leopard Woman
1947 Tarzan and the Huntress
1948 Tarzan and the Mermaids

16 JUNGLE JIM MOVIES  (1948-1956)
1948 Jungle Jim
1949 The Lost Tribe
1950 Captive Girl
1950 Mark of the Gorilla
1950 Pygmy Island
1951 Fury of the Congo
1951 Jungle Manhunt
1952 In the Forbidden Land
1952 Voodoo Tiger
1953 Savage Mutiny
1953 Valley of the Headhunters
1953 Killer Ape
1954 Jungle Man-Eaters
1954 Cannibal Attack
1955 Jungle Moon Men
1956 Devil Goddess

Johnny Weissmuller Career Scrapbook

1966 NBC Tarzan reunion publicity photo taken in Mexico
Jock Mahoney ~ Johnny Weissmuller ~ Ron Ely ~ James H. Pierce

American Movie ClassicsBritish Movie Magazine - 1937Tarzan Escapes: Big Little BookTarzan of the Screen: Big Little BookPabst Blue Ribbon Beer Ad
"How can a guy climb trees, say “Me, Tarzan, you, Jane,” and make a million?
The public forgives my acting because they know I was an athlete. They know I wasn’t make-believe."
--Johnny Weissmuller
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Johnny Weissmuller at Brian's Drive-In Theater
Tarzan Movies and Movie Guides
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The role of Tarzan seemed to attract Olympians.
1932 Olympic swimming gold medalist (400 meter freestyle) Clarence "Buster" Crabbe gained recognition playing Tarzan, Flash Gordon, and Buck Rogers in the movies. Two other Olympic medalists also played Tarzan -- shotputter Bruce Bennett (whose real name was Herman Brix) and marathoner Glenn Morris.
Johnny Weissmuller on WGN Radio

A sterling silver medallion issued from the Franklin Mint in the mid-1980s.
1 1/4 in diameter and .35 oz of pure .925 sterling silver.
Part of a series of sporting events and personalities.


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Weissmuller and Friends I
Weissmuller and Friends II
Weissmuller on Location in Florida 1 & 2
Weissmuller: Twice the Hero by David Fury

Volume 0394

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