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ERB ECLECTICA 2000.06.23
Part of the ERBzine Eclectica Series

Note: The Links shared here were posted in June 2000
Some of the off-site, non-ERBzine links may be no longer active.
Before Social Media There Was ERBzine Eclectica that we debuted in January 2000.
Our ERB Motes & Quotes Eclectica was a weekly showcase for all.
This was one of many Webpages that were featured in each week's ERBzine Webzine 
-- an online fanzine that we have published every week since 1996.
the latest ERB news, releases, readers letters, and a boundless collection of items 
of interest to Burroughs and SF/Adventure Fans. 
Images were smaller then as the Internet and computer systems were slower 
-- also server storage was much more expensive. 
Sadly, some of the off-site non-ERBzine links we've shared are no longer active 
- that, we have no control over but they are left here as a curiosity or reference.
CONTENTS ~ M&Q 2000.06.23
1. Emmett Kelly or ERB Warrior?
2. Numa Wannabe
3. From the Tarzana Archives
4. EB Writes Home ~ May 20, 1942
5. Pogo: King O' Barsoom
6. Jungle Lord and Silverback
7. Honolulu Star Bulletin ~ July 17 1937
8. Letters... We Get Letters...
9. Dum-Dum 2000 ~ Grandville, Michigan ~ July 13-16 ~ SCHEDULE

Do you know this man?


Hulbert Burroughs and John R. Burroughs
Tarzan Swings Again
United Press International Roto Service
August 3, 1963
Hulbert Burroughs (with tie) shows one of the early ERB books to his nephew, John R. Burroughs. John is the son of Hulbert's brother, John Coleman Burroughs who did some of the illustrations for the Edgar Rice Burroughs novels.

4. EB WRITES HOME ~ May 20, 1942
1298 Kapiolani Boulevard
Honolulu  T H
May 20 1942

Joan Darling:

Thinking that you might like to see some of my playmates, I am enclos-
ing prints of some shots Hulbert made in January.  Have been all this
time trying to get the negatives from him.  When they came, they were
marked "Do not scratch, mark, or fingerprint."  Jack will appreciate

Cecil Burnside is the wife of a submarine commander.  She hasn't seen
him since October or November.  She has had a couple of cables from him
filed at "Sansorigine".  The first one had everybody in the hotel
searching atlases to locate Sansorigine.  One bright guy said he knew
just about where it was, but that it was not on his map.  Finally, some
one realized that it was French for "without origin".  The location of
his sub is, of course, a military secret.

Jean Armor's husband is a lieutenant on a cruiser.  She has been evacu-
ated. She has a son in that military academy which is, I think, located
at the old Whitley place near you.

"Duke" Willey is manager of the Remington-Rand branch here.  He is a
major in the BMTC.  He has travelled the east for some concern for many
years, and he and his wife are very familiar with Japan, Manila, Shanghai,
Hong Kong, and Singapore.  ONe meets many interesting people at this
"Crossroads of the Pacific".  They make me feel like a life-long shut-in.
Many of the people at the hotel are as familiar with the Orient or Ger-
many or France as you are wit Van Nuys.  Now that I might travel, I
can't get off this little island; and , if I could, there is no place to

Hulbert is getting in a little oftener.  He is in fine condition and
seems quite contented.  When he comes in, we have a little tennis after
lunch; but I have to get him down town to the bus that takes him to his
post about 4 o'clock.  He can never stay in overnight.

I wonder what life will be like after the war is over.  A city lighted
at night will be a strange sight to me, as will the freedom of the
streets after dark.  I feel that I shall always be gasolene and rubber
conscious when I drive.  I shall wonder if tomorrow I shall have butter
or bacon.  If I can buy nails or thumb tacks or rubber bands.  If I can
go about without running into barbed wire or sentries.  If I can mention
the weather or the name of a ship.  After nearly six months of this life
I have become so accustomed to it that any other will seem strange and
unreal.   I hope that I live to see it.

Tell me all the news when you write.  Lots of love to you all.



Here's something inspired by an item in the new Fort Mudge Most "Pogo" fanzine. A graphic story by Becca Garcia had a character claiming to be "King o' Barsoom".
Stuart Shiffman
A medley of eclectic interests in mysteries, science fiction and art

Great to hear from Stu again. His last ERBzin-e feature was in:
ERBzine 0215: Sherlock Holmes on Barsoom
ERBzine 0215a: Holmes Barsoomian Sketchbook


Cipriano Studios, in association with AFM, is proud to present  "Jungle Lord & Silverback",  sculpted with jungle fury in 1/4 scale by Anthony Cipriano.

7. Honolulu Star Bulletin ~ July 17, 1937
The Honolulu Star-Bulletin (Five Star Weekly Section) dated July 17 1937. Page four pictures the New Tarzan - the eighth one - and includes photos of the other seven actors who have portrayed him. The article discusses the reason why there have been so many jungle films.


June 21, 2000
Dear Mr. Hillman,

Your collection of ERB material is purely astonishing.

For research on a novel to be published by Random House, I wonder if you might know which New York newspaper carried the Tarzan strip during the Hogarth years.
(I did spend a great deal of time browsing your site but was unable to find this.)
I would be most grateful for your help.
Timothy Mennel
Senior Copy Editor
Random House, Inc.
299 Park Ave., 7th flr.New York, NY 10171212/572-2158

9. DUM-DUM 2000
Visit the
Dum-Dum Dossier Site
for more info

~ The Annual Convention of the Burroughs Bibliophiles ~
Dum-Dum 2000 on July 13-16 2000

Special Guest will be Johnny Sheffield

Johnny (born April 11, 1931 in Los Angeles)  is easily the most famous of the Tarzan's "Boys." He also appeared in the most Tarzan features. His filmography lists seven films. He also appeared in "Knute Rockne, All-American." After Tarzan he played "Bomba The Jungle Boy" in twelve features.

DUM-DUM 2000
July 13

5:00 pm Early Bird Dinner
Location to be announced

July 14

8:00 am Huckster Room Setup
9:30 am Huckster Room Opens
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Mad Kings Auction
    Bill Ross Auctioneer
3:00 pm Panel – Does Tarzan Now Wear Mouse Ears???
    Moderated By Brian Bohnett
6:00 pm BBQ at Mike Conran’s Home
    Tours of Mike’s Collection

July 15

8:00 am Burroughs Bibliophiles Board Meeting
Land’s Conference Center
9:30 am Huckster Room Opens
Say Happy Birthday to Mike today
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Michigan Military Academy – Presentation By Buzz Brown
3:00 pm Burroughs Bibliophiles Benefit Auction
Bill Ross Auctioneer
4:00 pm Huckster Room Closes
Room needs to be empty by 5:00pm
7:00 pm DUM-DUM 2000 Banquet
Remarks By Johnny Sheffield

July 16

9:30 am Farewell Breakfast
Location to be announced

Volume 0365

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