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Edgar Rice Burroughs' Wartime Autograph Book Series

For more than a quarter of a century, I have been giving autographs.
Thousands of them. And I have never asked for one.
The worm has turned. He wants your autograph. Thanks!
Edgar Rice Burroughs
United Press, Honolulu

February 27, 1945: (Ed: At Geo. Luter's? party)
Peggy Bairos? Hickok ~ Honolulu, Kamamua?
Montes? Hickok
"Jazz" Belknap X his mark 
With Mr. Pinkerton's best wishes ~ David Frome?

C. Burnaby Bode - Sierra Madre, Calif

March 16, 1945
Deepest thanks from an ardent admirer since 12 ~ William A. Gunstel - Chicago - Logan Square
(Ed: Came to my grs? wiht Cpl Besboick?)

March 16, 1945
May your life always be happy - Your friend  ~ Eddie W. Verbrick - Appleton, Wisc

March 26, 1945
You are responsible for my suppressed desire to swing from tree to tree in Africa - my greatest frustration ~ Lury Jamieson

March 26, 1945
Since I never can think of anything to say in an autograph book, I'll have to be content by saying,
"I have read nearly all of your books, and I hope my young son will enjoy them as much as I did."
~ John Paul Foster - Lieut., USNR - USS Breton (now) - Alexandria, La (later)

March 26, 1945: Honolulu, T.H.
Thanks for many hours of pleasant reading
~ Lt. Jay B. Smith - 3104 NW 23rd, Oklahoma City, Okla

March 26, 1945: "Up in Mark's Room"
Sorry, but we at the Ritz always use "Two warmed spoons."
~ Walter Frederick - Lieut USNR - Santa Barbara Road - Berkeley, California

March 26, 1945
Since I was knee high to a "Bufo" your books have been a constant source of inspiration
- of strength & will-power - but alas! After six months at the Niumalu - trying to keep up with you 
- it has happened inspite of Tarzan's example - I am developing an"opar?" It's fun tho - 
Thanx for knowing you. ~ Lt. Mark H. Hawley? USNR

March 28, 1945
David Hart ~ Lt Col A.C. - Medford, Oregon

March 28, 1945
Wayne A. Hanson ~ Lt. Col. AC - Beverly Hills, Calif

March 28, 1945
Robert E. Bungenstock - Warrant Officer USNR - 1206 Dewey Ave. - Cincinnati, Ohiol

April 1, 1945
Matilda S Hayunst? - New York, New York
Mary Wallace - Pasadena, Calif
William A Musgrove? - Pasadena, California

April 3, 1945
Bill Burmesten - 1st Lt. AC
*** *** ~ Brooklyn N.Y.
May 2, 1945 (Ed: At Outrigger Canoe Club)
Just arrived from seeing Jack and Jane ~ Walter H. Wieman Lt USNR

August 27, 1945 (Ed: Drivers)
Sgt Edward Rembs - 6019 1/2 S. Vermont Ave - Los Angeles
Cpl Edward Kaizor - 8648 Dennison St. - Detroit, Mich
Sgt Lewis Schlotfeldt - 1214-5th Ave - DeWitt, Iowa

September 4, 1945
Charles A Liggett - 1214 Randolph St. - Topeka, Kansas 
(Ed: One of the Guest car drivers)

Ed - The banker is the First Nat'l, but there will never be any money here either. - Wick
Kenneth S. Wickstrom (Lt) - 1113 Tyler St. - Glendale, Calif

September 1, 1945
Dear Ed - My English teacher said that nothing could be done to educate me, 
she was teaching "Ceasar." I was reading "Tarzan."
I only hope my son finds the books sooner than I did. 
Imagination is the  ----- men need to meet this world. 
You will never be forgotten by those who have either read or met you. Hope I may again.
~ Frank R. Hubbard, Jr. - ADC - Buckener? - Still well. Maj . . .

September 1, 1945
Dear Ed - Happy Birthday from the Lt. Gen Marshall  *** (Lt Middleton)

September 1, 1945
Dear Ed - Even though we just met, I immediately wanted to call you "Ed" - 
because we have really been friends for years - through Tarzan!
Many more happy b'days, and may we celebrate them with you. Sincerely~ Kay Kyser

September 1, 1945
Ed:- Happy Birthday from "Yardbird" to "Tarzan" - Ish Kabibble (no points)

September 1, 1945
Ed - Happy Birthday from the "Ace" poker player ~ Ken Winkstrom (Lt)

September 6, 1945 - At the Outrigger
Dear Mr. "B" - If you ever geat "4 kings" again I trust you can play them with old granddad as you did here.
~ Lt. Johahneson? 

September 11, 1945
Dear Mr. "Ed" - It has been nice knowing you and seeing you off and on this past year. 
Hope you'll make it to Lake City, Florida some day. 
~ S.L. Donard? - Lieut USNR

September 11, 1945
Dear Mr. Burroughs - Certainly was great this p.m.?
You missed calling J.B.'s hand - once maybe twice. Best wishes - 
~ Lt. AB Sherwood - NY Daily News

And you, Mr. Burroughs were one of the best stars on  "Breakfast at the Crossroads" 
~ Irma Jean Gaertner - American Red Cross - c/o 34   87 Patricia Ave - Los Angeles, Calif

The nicest airport companion on Oahu - Mr. Burroughs.
~ Reva J. Hurwitz - American Red Cross - 309 S. 123 St. - Laramie, Wyo

September 15, 1945 ~ In Henry's Room
Hedwig M. Basscone
Joseph C. Willey
Sue Brown
Lyda Miller
Don D. Bausom
Henry O. Mahn
Edith Peterson
"Duke" Willey

October 20, 1945 - Visiting Ed Burroughs
Main duties: Drinking Ed's whiskey - Glad to know ya
Kim Wickstorm - V.B at G. Lafter ? - Glendale, California - 1113 Tyler St.

I'll never be able to stock as much "likker" as you did,
but there will always be a bottle just for Burroughs at the above address.
Ed (Meet & Greet) Johnson
Capt. Elwood W. Johnson - 21 W. Rustic Lodge - Minneapolis, Min - Tel: Locust 9715

Oct 20, 1945
Ed, with all the friends you have to drink to your health you will live to be a "hunnert."
~Lt. Col. Fred A. Link - Hq AF MID PAC or 905 Canaan Ave. - St. Louis, Mo
(Airbourne chaueffer for Gen. Robert C. Richardson, Jr.)

October 22, 1945
Just want you to get well sooner and also am not wishing for you to go b ack to the mainland.
Grace Tomeko Nagano Corrales

October 22, 1945
Whatever you'll be I wish you all the happiness in the word.
~ Anselmo Agustin Felipe - Niumalu Hotel
~ Lourdes G. Felipe - Laong Iloeos Norte, Philippines

October 22, 1945
Just want you to get well sooner and also am not wishing for you to go b ack to the mainland.
Grace Tomeko Nagano Corrales

October 22, 1945
Whatever you'll be I wish you all the happiness in the word.
~ Anselmo Agustin Felipe - Niumalu Hotel
~ Lourdes G. Felipe - Laong Iloeos Norte, Philippines

October 28, 1945 Kiraku? Osaki
Have so enjoyed knowing you Ed, and will surely miss you.  Hope we will meet again.
~ Helen Ruad McLean - c/o C.R. Rittig - 2237 Wesley Ave. - Evanston, Illinois

October 28, 1945
Aloha, but for not too long - And keep track of that disposition with looks ~ Edwin? Howard
Has been a grand three years of fun and friends - Here's looking forward to more ~ Miller Rathbone

Dear Ed - Years ago I read my first Tarzan story! 
I've enjoyed knowing you and our hopes are to see you again. Be good and get well.
Dearest alohas ~ Texas & David - Mr. & Mrs. Don Thomson

To Ed Burroughs - whom we both love very much - 
May the Devil be a day's journey behind you always.
Mary & Perry Mood

Aloha ~ D.M. Thomson
Sorry to see you go - see you in Tarzana!! ~ Hans S. Beredesein? - Lt. Col. CaG

October 28, 1945
Ed. I hope you have a happy landing at Hamilton and 
don't bend your elbow too damn much at Tarzana ~ Gersham Martin

Sunday Night at Burroughs' happy home
Dear Ed - Remember we're playing bridge at Tarzana and one of these fine days - 
The old "Foursome" ~ Love from Edith


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