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Volume 2795
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Edgar Rice Burroughs' Wartime Autograph Book Series
1944: September/October/November

For more than a quarter of a century, I have been giving autographs.
Thousands of them. And I have never asked for one.
The worm has turned. He wants your autograph. Thanks!
Edgar Rice Burroughs
United Press, Honolulu

September 13, 1944 - Lunch at Outrigger
Whose physique was the inspiration for so many of your books

September 13, 1944
Edgar Rice Burroughs - All Best Wishes - Always

September 21, 1944
P.F.C. Robert H. Lang - U.S.M.C. - Route I, Box 237 - Lake Charles, La. | Don Jackson's driver
October 2, 1944
1st Lt. George "Skiee" Parker - USMC - Coldwater, Mich - Your Great Nephew
1st. Lt. George R. Strimbech??? - USMC - 325 Wilson Ave, Morgantown, W. Va.

October 2, 1944
John H. Wastvelt USMC - Hawley, Minn
William McGill . . .Nevada
H. L. Libbey - USMC - Thomaston, Maine
Captain Bert J. Decker - 227 Colburn Avenue, Clark's Summit, Penna
Ed: All dined at the Outrigger

October 3, 1944
Donald Parry - Sgt USMC - Los Angeles, Calif
Thank you for one of the nicest evenings since I left home | Ed: Don Jackson's driver
October 9, 1944
Edgar Rice Burroughs - The most delightful and charming man I know
Sinceriously, Dane Choy | At Don Jackson's party

October 9, 1944 - At Don Jackson's party
In appreciation of many delightful reading of your stories. - Homer K. Gray??? Apt. USMC
C.G. Steadham Cheng - 25 South Reed Ave., Mobile, Alabama
To express my appreciation for such a lovely evening with such a grand person and that you are. | Don's Friend

October 12, 1944
To Ed Burroughs - Never have I met anyone so entertaining. *** *** Pendleton, Ore
Home was never like this - if it were I never would have left. - Ethel A George
To Mr. Burroughs - An interesting and pleasant introduction - I've enjoyed every moment of it. 
Isobel M. Simpson - Detroit, Mich

(Back page map sketch)

October 10, 1944
Dear Ed - May the following pages carry with them as much cheer, good living, and the sincere wishes of 
your many friends as have the past half-dozen books I have had the honor to insignurate. Always -
~ Capt. Phil Bird - Honolulu

October 13, 1944
Dear Ed, "It was a real pleasure driving for you"
~ Tony J. Pionegro - 93 st. Marks Place - Brooklyn, New York
(Ed: Capt Bird's "Guest car" driver)

October 19, 1944: (Ed: Up in Millie's room)
My ambition has now been attained in meeting the only  - Tarzan!
My real admiration to you Ed. 
~ Ada Bauron? - Honolulu 

October 19, 1944 (Ed: up in Millie's room)
I've ridden burrows
I've fed burros
I read Burroughs
Now I've met Burroughs
And for my money
Edgar Rice Burroughs 
Is one "Burrough" that can't be beatten - Bill
~ Lt. W. D. Bacon - A.V.(s) USNR

October 21, 1944: (Ed: At Brownie's party)
My wife was happy till she started reading your d---d funny pages and admiring that guy Tarzan. 
Can't you make him a little fatter, balder& N.G. in general? ***
~ John Kulzratrish? - Okalhoma City, ,Okla

October 21, 1944: At Brownie's Party
For all the children in America to whom you have brought so many happy hours -
The mothers thank you!
For all the children in America who have rent the neighborhood's peace
into wild cries and have had little bruises - 
(all over) trying to swing from limb to limb - The mothers don't than you.
But we all love you cause young are our childhoods and we all love that. ~ Nina McManus?

October 21, 1944: (Ed: At Brownie's party)
Dear Edgar - It was a real pleasure meeting you -- How about introducing me to this Tarzan man?
~ Dotty Buck

October 21, 1944: (Ed: At Brownie's party)
Mr. Burroughs - Wish I could address you as "dear" Edgar, 
but as you have never afford me that privelege I'll have to content and 
listen to others do what I have always wanted to do 
- Bill Mishell were here he'd say The Hell - Call him "darling" - How About it - 
~ Mona H. Hohnes?

November 11, 1944: (Ed: At Mildred's)
To a night of "honorful" drunkeness ~ Lt. Col Edward Hidalgo - New York City, NY - Mexico City, D.F.
Lieut. T. Willey Keithley - Wilmington, Delaware
Leslie Ford - 243 King George St. - Annapolis, Md - U Reader?


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