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Edgar Rice Burroughs' Wartime Autograph Book Series
1944: August

For more than a quarter of a century, I have been giving autographs.
Thousands of them. And I have never asked for one.
The worm has turned. He wants your autograph. Thanks!
Edgar Rice Burroughs
United Press, Honolulu


August 1, 1944
SL Jones Jr. Lieut. - USS Admiralty Islands | Ed: Came with Lt Hollingsworth - See Diary

August 5, 1944
Just one of "your great admiring public" - it's the "Niumalu" influence
- Sorry it took five years to meet you - Ethel Brian???
Here's to you - Here's to me -- There's no more like us, what a pity
Joan Lee Nash - August 5, 1944

Here's to you and here's to me - To what we have been and are.
Each one of us under our separate star - Where ever our lives may lead
What ever may be our ends - Here's hoping when we both lay down to die o-
We may die as we have lived - Good Friends
You old Bastard - *** ***???

August 5, 1944
To him who has done so much for all the boys who have done so much in the Pacific - 
Jim Hannan - Com Group Six - Greenwich, Conn.
To Ed Burroughs - The deeds of derring-do of his characters have been equalled 
only by the stalwart lads in the Service which he knows so well. -
Norris Potter, Jr. - Professor of History and *** - Northereastern University | Ed: At Mildred's

August 5, 1944 - Mildred's party
You said,"You don't live until you're ancient." - Hells Bells you ain't ancient! But I'll bet you really live!
Hamilton Hains - Commander U.S. Navy (that will be worth a million some day.)
No one ever accused me of being witty - But all who live and drink get stinky???
So to you, Ed Burroughs, a friend to me - Let me add my song
Damn it I can't think of anything that rhymes - Jack Simms??? Maj. U.S.M.C. - Baltimore, Md

August 14, 1944
To Edgar Rice Burroughs whom I have always desired to know 
and who more than fulfilled my expectations. - CTR Adams | 
Ed: A Navy lieutenant who brough in several Tarzan books for me to autograph for his 2 year old son.

August 15, 1944
I have always read your books and followed your comic strips. Have enjoyed them no end. 
Here's to Edgar Rice Burroughs - a fellow short snorter. - 
Leon R. Neureti??? T.O. Technical Observer - for Bendix Stromberg and the Navy
Leon R. Neureti??? - Syracuse, New York | 
Ed: Called on me at my qrs after dinner.

August 15, 1944
To Edgar Rice Burroughs. From Myself & from my two sons, 
whose admiration for your "Tarzan" has led me here.
Very Sincerely, Fred W. Kraft T.O. - Paterson, New Jersey
Ed: Called on me at my qrs after dinner

Capt. James Miguhan??? - 100th Inf Br. - Emergency Service Committee - Mitsuyuki, Kido
"When Tarzan takes a vacation in Aloha land, then we'll know that we're all one and together - Americans"
Masax Kataqui??? - Honolulu, Hawaii | *** *** | Ernest I Fusukawa
Baron Joie???, University of Hawaii | *** Yoshida | *** ***

See the autographs below and
Read the whole story at ERBzine 3199
Clipping from the Wayne Smith Collection

August 27, 1944
To Edgar Burroughs, that composite of Tarzan, Superman and Renfrew of the Mounted
Laurie Y. Erskine - Major CAC - 52 W 11 St. NYC [MOUNTIE SKETCH]
Ed: Creator of Renfew of the Mounted

August 27, 1944
Best wishes to Edgar Rice Burroughs - the daddy of today's leading heroes -- from
Tec5 Jerry Siegel - 2402 Glendon Rd., Univesity Hts., Ohio [SUPERMAN SKETCH]
Ed: Siegel is creator of Superman

August 27, 1944
To Edgar Rice Burroughs - It was indeed an honor to have met the creator of Tarzan who - 
as in the case of most American boys - made my youth a very pleasant and adventurous one. . . 
The best to you, sir. - Sam Blumenfeld - 1031 President St., Brooklyn, N.Y. | Midpacifican Staff Writer

August 27, 1944
To Edgar Rice Burroughs - A Tennessee photographer got a big kick from meeting the creator of Tarzan.
Sgt. Jimmy Mooney - 3301-4th Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn - Midpacifican Photographer

August 27, 1944
To Edgar Rice Burroughs - 
Many thanx for many happy hours spent with your books in golden days past.
John L. Duke - T/5 U.S. Army, Honolulu - Wardman Park Hotel???, Washington, D.C.
Ed: With Midpacificans

August 27, 1944
Edgar Rice Burroughs - To a GI Joe, Tarzan's papa is a nice friend. 
To Willines???, he is one of the most genuine people in the world; 
Tarzan, the simple person should be proud of such a dad.
*** *** *** - Ed: At Louise's???

August 27, 1944
Dear Eddie:
The party last night was for the wife but many thanks for the orchid that I wore. Eve H. Sherman
Ed: Your Tarzan drinks bourbon too. We did real fine in Honolulu. I hope we can keep it up.
T/5 Jeff DAvis of Salid South???

Hi Eddie -- It was swell knowing you  -- I hope sometime you will dance with me -- 
Remember the Hula dancing at Louise's ~ Aloha ~ Kitty ***???

August 27, 1944
To Eddie - The next time you run for mayor of Parma, Idaho 
let me know so I can put in my bid for dog-catcher.
It's really a pleasure to have met you Ed. 
How's about bringing "Tarzan" to Idaho someday. I'll take him fishin'.
Aloha - Capt.HR*** - Boise, Idaho

August 27, 1944 - At Louise's
Dear Ed: The most pleasant experiences in life are the delightful people we meet.
And this is my happiest birthday. 
Tahnks to your generous and inimitable contribution. 
I hope there shall be many more celebrations.
Mable Sherman

August 27, 1944 - At Mildred's
Frank C Mandell - Maj GSC - Cheyenne, Wyoming - the home of the rodeo.
William E. Everitt - Chief Boats - 210 Playa Del Sur, La Jolla, Calif.

(Very hard to decipher)


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