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Edgar Rice Burroughs' Wartime Autograph Book Series
BOOK No. 4 ~ 1944 ~ Part 7: July

For more than a quarter of a century, I have been giving autographs.
Thousands of them. And I have never asked for one.
The worm has turned. He wants your autograph. Thanks!
Edgar Rice Burroughs
United Press, Honolulu

Sudyman? Me ke Aloha - Roy N. Figueroa? 
(Hula dancer sketch)
Margaret Walker ***? - The work? is "all" as the Pennsylvania Dutch would say - 
William B. Latt? - Maj JAGD - Mobile, Ala - at the Pessel's party
Your sense of adventure and your ability to tell of it 
has been one of the elements which have led many to accept and seek the unknown.

July 16, 1944
Bettiruth Wells - A walehini who has fallin love with the island - Honolulu '44
From lovely Southern California - San Diego
At Lum's party

July 16, 1944
Real nice of you to come to our party.
We hope it will be a memory one.
Yours sincerely Mr. & Mrs. Lum Young
Ed: At Lum's party

July 16, 1944
In memory of many happy hours with Tarzan and your other books.
Morrill W. Marson - Colonel GSC US Army - Honolulu 1944
Ed: At Lum's Party

July 16, 1944
The high plane on which Tarzan has conducted himself is an indication of the fine mind of his creator.
Robert L. Shesier? *** *** July 16, 1944 | Lum's party

July 16, 1944
Aloha Kay Lai - Chun Lin Lai | At Lum's party

July 16, 1944
"Aloha" - Lisa Yang [CHINESE CHARACTERS]
Best Wishes - Alfred Lum

July 16, 1944
To Tarzan: My phone no. is 6231 - Lil | At Lum's party

July 16, 1944
To Tarzan - What a man after what I saw at Yamama - Cor Presnell? Col SC
At Lum's Party

July 16, 1944
To Tarzan - My very best - Aloha - Roland D Boyer | At Lum's party

July 16, 1944
Short snorters have nothing to do with sex nowdays - or do they? Robert R. Presnell | At Lum's party

July 16, 1944
At Home - Time 5:05 PM
Had to meet a friend that is true with joy??? - Mary Lum | At Lum's party

July 16, 1944
To Edgar: Nice to see you. Your Tarzan - Sargent S. Tahnamhu?
To Edgar "Fun" Burroughs - Anna Tahanamhu???

July 16, 1944 - At Lum's party
To another adorable darling who is proof that life can be fun in bed - Eloise Hardt???

July 16, 1944
This is going to give me hardening of the artillery. . . What is? - Robert R. Presnell
Wahines - phone number is Shafter 2219 | At Lum's party

July 16, 1944
Aloha - Mrs. W. Chang | At Lum's party

July 26, 1944
To remind you of our pleasure at having you as our honored guest at our cadre party at the 13th Replacement Depot
E.B. Whisner - Colonel Infantry | At 13th Replacement Depot

July 26, 1944
Thank you for being kind to our men - Bob Sandmill??? - Lt. Col FA | At 13th Replacement Depot

July 26, 1944
Aloha nui loa - Betty McEldowney | Mrs. McEldwoney is hostess at 13th Replacement Depot

July 26, 1944
It is with the greatest pleasure that I sign my name below. The hula dancer
Miss Henrietta Neumann | At 13th Replacement Depot

July 27, 1944  Honolulu
Barbara Miller Fruch - Shanghai - China
Phil Reed - INS - McLean, Va
Amoury A Lawrence??? - Point Vedra Beach, Fla
Ed: The above, Peggy Hull, and I rode out to 7th Div review for the President together



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