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Edgar Rice Burroughs' Wartime Autograph Book Series
BOOK No. 4 ~ 1944 ~ Part 5: May

For more than a quarter of a century, I have been giving autographs.
Thousands of them. And I have never asked for one.
The worm has turned. He wants your autograph. Thanks!
Edgar Rice Burroughs
United Press, Honolulu

May 3, 1944
Lt. (j.g.) Allan E. Stein - MGM Studio, Culver City
May 2, 1944
K.W. Slausan? - Col. A.C. - Honolulu, TH

May 2, 1944
Martin D. Mammeon? - Lt. Col USC - 1628 State Street - Santa Barbara, Calif

May 2, 1944
James A. Moffatt - Chaplain - 7th Air Force - 301 W Broadway - Higginsville - Mo

May 2, 1944
Ray A. Dunn (Mike) - Colonel - Air Corps - Home Town: The Little City, NY

May 2, 1944
Leomdas L. Koontz? - Col A.C. - 27 Cantrell Ave - Harrisburg, Va

May 4, 1944
To Mr. Edgar Rice Burroughs, 
who is not only my boss's Dad, but also a swell guy. 
Hope you and Hully will visit me in Arizona when this is all over.
~ Carlos A. Elmer - 1st Lt 7th AAF

May 4, 1944
The best for you Mr. Burroughs ~ Ina Pritchard

My very best wishes to a swell fellow ~ Robert D. Coffman - 2nd Lt. G-2 - Washington, DC

R.E. Bernhard Jr. Capt., A.C. 665 S. Cochran Ave - Los Angeles, Calif

April 11, 1944: Opening of Halekai
Best of Luck and much Aloha ~ Dolly Gibson

May 11, 1944
Miss Elizabeth Ruddle - Hilo, Hawaii
Arthur G Filcut? - Capt - Hamburg, New York
Clarinda . . . Entrikan? - American Red Cross - Penn
Donald C. Griffith - 2nd Lt.  - San Angelo, Texas

May 13, 1944
Genela Engelbach - Kansas City Mo
Dorothea Frances Butler - Honolulu, TH & Albuquerque, NM
Sheila Kaleiser? - USS Indiana
Lt. WR Schuller? - Host to the nicest guests I ever entertained 
with special aloha to Edgar Rice Burroughs KMC 
Duida Hill - Hilo T.H.
W.H. Hill - Hilo
Harry W. Hill - USN

May 13, 1944: At KMC Hawaii
Erskine - Brig Gen - USMC
Corina Keliher?
EW Taylor Lt. Cal USA
John Carter Tarzan , Bill Calhoun from Pelucidar Earth's Core
(Ed: Calhoun is a Vice Admiral)
Gretchen Giacometti (almost a Kamaina) - Hilo, Hawaii - Please call 2260
Grace Eklund - 2549 - Mahalo nui - Hilo Hawaii

Pauline Stroupe - Better known as Tom Green's "sassy" secretary - Telephone ?
Vera Child - 2105 - Aloha Nui, nui to a wonderful person.
Harold L. Child - Nauila Hotel
Mrs. Child and I were both born in the land of Brigham Young, 
grew up on your stories and read them all. It was great to have you here.

May 15, 1944
James A. Bradley Maj Inf - Omaha Nebraska
Aloha mio oe ~ Bernice Lanke - Phone 7003 - Hilo Hawaii
Giacometti? - sketch face - Hilo
MH Lanke - Lt. Comdr USC - Hilo, Hwaii
Walter Eplima? (Figure sketch)
Here's to the body that "God" gave me - What God gave me is mine

May 15, 1944
What "God" gave me! Come up and see me some time?
Where do you get your ideas? ~ Norma B. Dodd USO - Haili St., Hilo, Hawaii - Ph: 3216
May 14, 1944

May 19, 1944
After 2 yrs. I keep an appointment with Tarzan's creator -- who, by the way, nearly made a missionary of me. ~ George Luter, Owner, Editor & Publisher of "Hawaii" Magazine
Stf. Sgt. Geo Blackburn, USMC - 2042 Grove St. San Francisco, Calif.: I imagine some comment is required - On such short acquaintance all I can say is, "Thanks for the drink."
May 22nd 1944 - Honolulu T.H.
LL Boyer, Col FD: Here's hoping we meet again.
To Eddie with a lei of love - Norma Bagley 5-23-44
May 24, 1944
In hope that we will spend many more evenings as pleasant as this has been.
- Mary Jane Gill 5-24-44 - (from Baltimore, Maryland)
Kaor! Robert F. Gill Jr. - 2808 Kolorafe? St., Honolulu - From USA at Large

May 24, 1944
Ellen Bairos Luter (Mrs. G. W. L.)
Peter A. Hagons? - Honolulu, T.H. Tel. 430:
Have enjoyed meeting you and am particularly interested that you knew a relative of mine.

May 25, 1944
George C. Ruffin, Jr. - Lt. Col. USMC - Hopewell, Virginia
Richard D. Strickler - Maj USMC - Arlington Virginia
Ed: The above were friends of Don Gardson?. Ruffin is an Annapolis man. - Strickler VM - See Diary 5/25


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