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Edgar Rice Burroughs' Wartime Autograph Book Series
BOOK No. 4 ~ 1944: Part 1 - January

This is the third book that I have autographed of yours Ed - 
and my only hope is that pleasant memories and pleasant occupations will attend to each imagination.
Phil Bird ~ Capt. CAC - Asst. A.C of S., G-2

January 2, 1944
To a friend of old standing ~ A chief from Wisconsin ~ ***, a chief
(Ed: This lieut of 138 AAA is a full Blooded American Indian. I met him at officers' party at Waihahu?)

January 6, 1944
Frances Engler - Abilene, Texas
Walter Barnes - New Orleans
Sir, to you - Concord, Mass.
*** B. Jones - Riverson NJ - Capt. A.E.
Elmer Clasman - Brooklandville, Md.  U.S.N.
In Parsons' qrs 216-4 at Niumalu

January 22, 1944
J.S. Kolb - Capt 111 Inf - Phila, Pa
Jim McLean? 111th Inf. Plainfield, N.J. - Jungle Training Center
Lawland? B. Jones - Capt A.C. ~ "The Fog & the grog."
To "Tarzan" - Niumalu's most charming guest!: Eileen Wathen?

January 23, 1944
Walter Barnes - Lt. C. USNR: J- J&M - "Present"
Just I, again - Lacy Jamison?
Here we go - Swinging from limb to limb --
Good wishes to a dam good guy, Ed Burroughs -Mebly Edwards.
Ed doesn't think much of whiskey poker
"not so bad, Ed - if you have a ***" - Aloha
*** Edwards

January 23, 1944
Ed: If I had your imagination I wouldn't need women - Reg Turner?

January 23, 1944
J. A. Cummins - Aloha
To "Tarzan" - with my love - Anita Cummins

January 23, 1944
Dear Ed, - 
Come back to West Loch again - a little rest - a little folding of the hands ~ Larry F. Blodgett

January 23, 1944
To another "peace" & I'll swing by my ---. If it's up to me -- The Allies can't fail - Gloria
"Rinton" Honolulu

January 23, 1944
Here's to our playing poker with you - Billie Lekers? - Cribbage, too -- 

January 23, 1944
Edgar: Heads you win - Tails you lose!!! - EJ Parker (Ed Parker, Consolidated Amusements)
So what!! Maybe he's right maybe wrong! Who Knows. Not Me!!
Mrs. E.I. Parker (Georgia) - 3373 Niolopua Dr., Honolulu 8

January 23, 1944
To Ed: A swell guy - My hard luck I haven't known you longer especially when I know "Tarzan" so well -
Aloha "Jo" Garner - 804 Grenn? St., Honolulu, T.H.
Too bad no bridge today - Gerry Garner

January 26, 1944
With best regards after a very unexpected meeting.
Saverio Filipysone? - Lt. Cdr. U.S. Navy - Washington, D.C.
(ERB: Navy's party for sub crew at Kulumanu)

A Pleasure I never Expected - H. C. Woodward  C.M.M.M - 456 Victoria Place - Salt Lake City, Utah

January 26, 1944
Not exactly a Tarzan but it's a pleasure to meet the creator of one. 
- Charles E. Runge - Chief *** Mate - 82nd Ave., San Mateo, Calif

January 26, 1944
Reuben Barrion Woodall - USN - Springville, Alabama
January 29, 1944

Best Wishes! To the man I meant? in Coledasia? & saw again in Hawaii. WA Rochney?
(ERB: Gene Harmon's aide with Phil and me at Outrigger Club - Jan. 29, 1944)

January 29, 1944
A pleasure to make your aquaintance- Dorothy E. Jackson - Honolulu
Hello from the Dutch - *** 2nd Lt. N.E.I.A.F. Meerumter. . .?

January 29, 1944
S. De Jong - Capt. N.E.I.A.F.
Another Dutchman, who is very glad to make aquaintance with a smart American ***

January 29, 1944 
PFC Gerald T. Clark - 6912 Bramble Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio
A fan and reader of your books and newspaper strip of Tarzan. 
I saw the original Tarzan of the Apes on the Silent Screen. 
Played by Elmo Lincoln.
(ERB: He drove Phil and me.)

January 30, 1944
It's a pleasant renewal of an acquaintance of the Pfluegers - WF Halsey
(ERB: 4 Star Admiral)
Martha D. Kennedy - One of my favorite correspondents.
Suggest you make Tarzan a Marine - John H. Brown!
Stan Kenton? Just one of the gang.

January 30, 1944
Mervin B. Larson? - Hat to you.
Louise Carpenter (Carpy) to you please
Here's to more glasses of "mouth wash" at the Outrigger! 
All my love to a wonderful friend - Shasla Pflueger

January 30, 1944
Come back to the South lands ~ H.R. Thurber - Capt USN
(ERB: He looked like somebody?)
Cheerio ~ Norm Harnig? (Chief of Staff - Adm Halsey)

January 30, 1944
Best of luck ~ Harold E. Stassen -
(Ed: Governor of Minnesota)

January 30, 1944
James Gamin Pridmore - Sea 1/0 N.S.N.R. - Pelzer, South Carolina
(Ed: Chauffeur for Adm Halsey - was this guy proud - ERB)
February 6, 1944
Ann Chmurs - 2nd Lt. A.N.C. - 38th Field Hospital - Rd #2 - Columbiana, Ohio



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