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Volume 2785
From the Danton Burroughs Tarzana Archive
Edgar Rice Burroughs' Wartime Autograph Book Series
Started in Sydney, Australia
1943: May - August

May 5, 1943
Dear Ed, Here's for more and better gin. ~ Barney (Ed: Barney Guy)

May 5, 1943
Dear E.R.B. - Here's how from one yankee to another. And you know what I mean when I said Yankee! ~ Marion Bess

May 9, 1943
Best Regards ~ GD Gastor, Ens. USMC (A. Moulton-*** guest)

May 15, 1943
Lots of luck ~ Robert W. Fast - 2nd Lt. CMC ~ Los Angeles, Calif

Y'know a letter in the interim would be very much appreciated
- my address while the fracas is still on is as follows. USS YDG4 - c/o Fleet Post Office, San Francisco, Cal.
~ Lieut Frank E. Burke, Jr. U.S.N.R. - 90 John St. New York City

May 14, 1943
Just 2 miles from New Salem State Park - "Early Home of Lincoln"
Remember "ERB" you are to visit the heart of the only "Early Lincoln Lore" - I'll be there.
Kenneth L. Maunie? - Major US Army

May 14, 1943
Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
Sugar is sweet and so are you ~ Our dear ERB - Texas and Daisy ~ Mr. & Mrs. Don Thomson
Our dearest  Aloha ~ David M. Thomson

May 14, 1943
Hi ya Ed - We ess de only mans on the Neiamulau lots weech laka Scotch weekly unsted Burbons
Soon leads to mo an betta Scotch.
You ees wan walcom man un out *** eny tam ole keed an we tink you are swells guy.
Aloha ~ Jean Langford
God bless you & keep you
I'd love to, but I can't afford to ~ Love Sue (Brown)

May 23, 1943: In Jack Moulton's
May the gods be kind to us and won't delete above many ideas from this area for Southern California. ~ SR Valentine?

June 11, 1943: In Jack Mouton's room 
with Bill *** USN and Otto Phillipson, Skipper S.S. Cathwood
Best wishes to a spry young fellow. ~ James L. Fimpy?
June 20, 1943 Sunday a.m.:
Fizz's and Gin (Rum?) ~ Janice Willison

June 19, 1943
(ERB: Autographs of the Hawaiian girls who played, sang, and danced at the party at Gerd Blodgett's home:)
Cecelia Lake ~ Julia L. Doyle ~  Mae Loebenstein ~ Lei Violet Collins

June 20, 1943
You like people because you like them, you old S.O.B. on this day. We are tighter. ~ Tom Mu

July 17, 1943
Newton H. Kelsay (Friend of Mr. Pierce, Mayor of Shelbyville, Ind.)
July 23, 1943 Honolulu:
Robert M. Virkus
July 1943 Honolulu, TH
I'll never feel sorry for . . . in a poker game. ~ Myron Anthony

July 29, 1943: Honolulu T.H.
Mrs. Harold Schilling (Lulu) - The Desert Inn, Palm Springs, Calif
Mrs. G.W. Peaser (Fifinella) ~ Honolulu (37) T.H.
Tch! Tch! Me autographing your book - Silly, huh? S -- ~ Geo. W. "Skip" Pease - L. Comdr, USNR

August 6, 1943
Lt. Col. William G. Workman ~ HQ Seventh Air Force ~ APO #953 ~ Home Town - Princeton, West Va.
August 21, 1943
I often wanted your autograph  ~ *** Yonkers, New York

August 25, 1943
PFC John Doka - 810 MR Co. ~ Honolulu T.H. ~ Milwaukee, Wisc.
PFC R. Derby - 810th Military Police Co ~ Petaluma, Calif
(Ed: M.P.'s with whom I patrolled Aola pass? district)
August 27, 1943
Lt. William R. Morrisette
H. Batting 64th CA(AA) ~ St. Paul, Minnesota



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