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Edgar Rice Burroughs' Wartime Autograph Book Series
Started in Sydney, Australia 1943 - April ~ Part III

April 1, 1943
Variety (Mrs. Thomas): Hostess at Officers Club.
(Ed: She came out to meet the liner in prewar and sent stories for Variety. 
She interviewed me on a couple of occasions when I was arriving from the mainland.)

April 1, 1943
Dearest Ed - When intoxicated what can I say - just a good egg - I just can't spell intoxicated - Eddie (Ed Valentine?)

April 1, 1943
I hope we may meet again and under these most pleasant surroundings your friends are fine. ~ J. H. Mellom? ~ Cal, USA
What a lovely time and thousands more. N. F. Alexandar?

April 1, 1943
It has been a pleasure to know the creator of Tarzan as I am a great admirer of both.
~ Morris B. Value ~ 3189 Diamond Head Road, Honolulu, T.H.

April 1, 1943
This was no April Fool. Everything tonight was real. ~ *** Brig. General U.S. Army

April 4, 1943: In Jack Moncton's room.
Wishing you a happy landing where you are going. ~ Capt. A. Tonter? ~ Blue Nut Ave?., Long Beach
(Ed: *** oil tanker. Invited me to go with him to Pago Pago, Suva, and ?)

April 4, 1943: In Jack Moncton's room
And here's hoping you join the Navy! ~ Wm. K. Yarnale?

April 4, 1943: In Jack Moncton's room
To Tarzan - All my friends - Harry *** & Norman. . . .Lots of Luck ~ EB Valentine?
PS. George Wallace - No Bank State ***?

April 7, 1943
Mr. Burroughs - a gentleman and damn good poker player : I know! ~ H. Fuller? ~ Carbide, Penna.
(Ed. H. Btny Officer)

April 7, 1943
To the man who sat across the table from me in the officers  *** and in a poker game won $14 
but he is a fine man and I hope the best of luck to him always. 
Hope to see you again *** in North Africa. ~ Captain Beulle ~ *** De Witt, Va

April 11, 1943
Hope to see you at the Haleuwa Bar some day - Aloha ~ L.J. "Nig" Arman
(Ed: At opening of Officers club "Halestai")

April 11, 1943: At opening of Haletai
To the mountain and the squirrel. ~ Alva C. Carpenter ~ Lt. Col. J. A. 24th Div
No sooner said than done. 76102 ~ R. Van Nuys

April 11, 1943: Opening of Halestai
Our Best  - Ipo Eddie Farnsworth

April 11, 1943: Opening of Halestai
Best of Luck and much Aloha. ~ Dolly Gibson

April 16, 1943: At 'Alan Holyman's'
Three McClays ~ One's a Geiese
Elizabeth McClay ~ Honolulu
S. McClay - Elizabeth - Emily the Giese - plural of goose.

April 18, 1943; At Lois' Party
Ethel Drinkwater ~ Winchester, Mss 957205
Theron Abbott Hartung - Capt (CEC) US Navy
 Lois Russell ~ 91805 or 96233

April 16, 1943: At Lois' Party
Best Wishes - G Man Joe ~ "Howdy Reynolds ~ 2910 Coconut 92261  67104
It's fun isn't it? Helping to have a Happy Birthday Party ~ Myrtle Reynolds

April 16, 1943: At Lois's Party
*** God *** you there's a happy life. Tarzan is still *** ***. ~ Conrad H. Reid - Lieut. USN ~ Pearl Harbor, T.H.
April 17, 1943: At *** H party
All my best wishes to one of the best of "Phil's phriends" ~ Betsy Vail

April 16, 1943: At Lois' party
Sincerely, Thelma I Nunes

April 17, 1943: At "H" 'Ataz' party
Lt. T.A. Brown - Pearl Harbor Navy Yard
Lt. Stewart P. McMullin
Lt. A. Carr ~ APO 932

April 17, 1943: "H" 'Block' party
T. Bernard A. Roth - Cleveland, Ohio
Lt. Col. Lloyd B. Knutsen ~ La Crosse, Wisconsin

April 17, 1943: At "H" *** Party
I've found the answer to the question I've always had in my mind.
"You certainly didn't pattern Tarzan after yourself"
However, don't worry, the nicest accident I've ever had was meeting you. Aloha, Thelma Ching

April 17, 2009: "H" 'Bldg' Party
Have always found it difficult to pen anything.
However, I can write that the honor and pleasure gained in this meeting is beyond expression. ~ Edith B. Choo

April 19, 1943: With Jack Allan & ERB to party at Ching's
If my fate is dementia pruzcox, it'll be because for a third of a century
I have been frustrated in wanting to swing from tree to tree in Africa
instead of living a domestic life in Wisconsin. Aloha. . . ~ Lucy Jamieson

April 22, 1943
Such a genuine pleasure it is tonight to meet the man who wrote the books
I read and lived in my adolescence. ~ Joseph Thornton (Ed: Chief FBI Bureau, Honolulu)

April 22, 1943
From one inmate to another! Pufule Pessel to Pufule Burroughs ~ Major Bird
Still hoping you'll return as our next door Niumalu neighbor ~ J. Pessel

April 24, 1943
After three long years at the Niumalu - I still say aloha nui kahau to a fine person! ~ Margo Frisbee

April 30, 1943: Hon. T.H. - Phil's police party
It has never hurt a man to let his hair down.
When good fellows get together even 'Old Plaid' is mellow ~ Ed Burns - Honolulu Police Dept. (asst. chief)

April 30, 1943: At Phil's police party
Dear Ed, Being a Oklahoman there are two 'things' for from my heart,
one is a Republican, the other from Southern Calif.
But I'll forgive you as Bird is going to keep us from starring after it's over. ~ Eugene P. Thompson - Cap. A.C.


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