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Volume 2783
1943 - March

March 18, 1943 ~ Niumalu Hotel
The very best and most consistent drinking pal. ~ Jack Mouton ~ Niumalu Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii
A terrible bridge partner, a lowzay corresponder ("What a nut") but a "Lambi Lettuce." ~ Leila Rainer Langford ~ Belluomini?
'Alan Habrayth' saw the light of day in Rosthern, Saskatchewan, Canada with the rest of the Mennonites
and met Edgar Rice Burroughs helping our friend Harrison USN pick himself up from under the Maukai.
.. . side of the house one Saturday nite at the Niumalu Hotel. ~ A.G. Habrayth?

March 20, 1943: In Moncton's room
 Ellen Duncan and Dan Moffat
April 30, 1943
This is a pleasure Ed. My photo taken at night. (sketch)
Keep in a cool place. Remember Sand Island and Lt. A.T. MacDougall ~ Saco, Maine
(Ed: Umpires at H Btng?)

March 21, 1943:
You may have bought this in Sydney but I found you on the Lurline. Guess how I feel! ~ Mary L. Pfluger
Whenever Ed Burroughs comes into this home, he comes into his own - home - 
Glad to see you back again, Ed - Wayne Pfleuger

March 22, 1943: 
O. Phillipson ~ Master S.S. Cathwood ~ 3111 Marina Drive - Alameda, California

March 22, 1943
In exchange for that signature obtained on that eventful voyage - so long ago - 
and which I keep with my mementos of everything nice - 
I exchange mine - minus the kiss - damit. ~ Lola D. Lundburg

March 23, 1943:
A pleasure to meet up with a man I have long heard of -- hearty greetings, 
and if  you get up to that Oregon country let me take you - 
Steelhead Salmon fishing - no seasickness. ~ Capt. Robert J. Patril?

March 23, 1943: Niumalu Hotel, Honolulu
When I was a little girl in high school, I surely never believe
I would actually meet the creator of my beloved Tarzan - 
And I'm not a bit disappointed.  Ever so sincerely ~ Betty Patrick

March 23, 1943: Niumalu Hotel - At the Jenkins'
Edgar - From one amoeba to another! 
We'll be seeing each other in the next incarnation, if not before - I hope. ~ Gerd Blodgett

March 27, 1943
(Photo of Miss Fixit) - Ilona B. 'Lelle'

March 28, 1943: (Came in office with ****)
Good luck always. ~ LaVerne Irwin ~ Hometown: Bedford, Iowa

March 28, 1943
Here's to Tarzana. . .and you - Pollyanna ~ J.W. Kelly ~ Dotham, Ala?
(Ed: Jack was crocked when he wrote this or he could have thought up 
a better rhyme for Tarzana - such as Diana, ***, Quadromania, etc.)

March 28, 1943:
Good Niumalu wishes at last. To my friendly enemy! What a neighbor!!! ~ Mildred Trawbridge
March 29, 1943
After being a Tarzan fan for years - at last I meet his creator. ~ Tana Gaddis
(Ed: Wife of Capt. Gaddis. Interviewed me for Editor and Publisher.)



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