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Edgar Rice Burroughs' Wartime Autograph Book Series
Started in Sydney, Australia in January 1943
February 1943 (On the USS Shaw)


I bought this book in Sydney, Australia - January 1943

And when he said Sydney, Australia he should of said "Whoopee!!!!"
Phil Bird ~ Capt. CAC Commanding ~ Honolulu, T.H. ~ 4-9-43

Property of Edgar Rice Burroughs
Tarzana, California
Honolulu, T.H.

Best wishes to a grand ship-mate. ~ G.P.. Biggs ~ Lt. Commander, USN
(Ed: Skipper of the destroyer on USS Shaw on which I returned to Pearl from Noumea - Jan 30 to March 2 1943.
On the following pages are the autographers of his officers and chiefs.)
USS Shaw, DD-373
ERB and the USS SHAW

February 1943: USS SHAW
With best wishes for your stay on the U.S.S. Shaw and many years thereafter. ~ N.E. Croft ~ Lieut USN
May you continue to have many years of smooth sailing. ~ Henry Hollingsworth ~ Lt. USNR

February 1943: USS SHAW
Best wishes for a happy voyage. ~ B.J. Verville ~ Lt. (jg) USNR
Hope you're enjoying being with us as much as we enjoy having you as a shipmate. ~ J.E. Fay, Jr. ~ Ens (SC) USNR

February 1943: USS SHAW
Hoping that you have a pleasant voyage and a better life at the completion of it. - Another Passenger ~ J.R. Taylor
Thanks, for the help in navigating us into port. ~ E.D. Laminian ~ Lt. US Navy
Light bearing broad on the starboard bow. What do we do next Skipper? ~ Robt C. Sweatt ~ Ensign, USNR

February 1943: USS SHAW
Tarzan himself couldn't have navigated better. Boola boola ole Nassau Meolei (?) ~ Lindsay C. Seatt ~ Ens USNR
 i Salud, pesetas y tiempo para gustarloi! ~ Hope Strong, Jr. ~ Ensign, USN
Best wishes always. ~ Neil T. Houston ~ Ensign, USRN

February 1943: USS SHAW
The best of luck on all your voyages in live. ~ A. W. Cole ~ Ensign, USNR
I'll take a "scotch" if you'll leave me one. ~ Bill Busik ~ Ensign, USN
Hoping that at some future date we may be shipmates again. ~ B.A. Lienhard ~ Lieut. USNR

February 10, 1943: USS SHAW
I thought  you created Tarzan for your bodyguard? Where are you hiding him? ~ Mervyn Spoor? ~ M.D.
Best Wishes. ~ John W. Purvis ~ C.M.M.V ~ US Shaw ~ Charing, Georgia

February 10, 1943: USS SHAW
A. C. Hawkins ~ CTM ~ Greentown, Indiana
A. E. Smith ~ CFC ~ Fortuna, North Dakota
M. S.Meeks ~ CPHM ~ Bullard

February 10, 1943: USS SHAW
Paul Cooke ~ C.M.M. ~ Clifton, New Jersey
A. R. Ring Luaner? ~ R.N.L.A.F. ~ French Pass, New Zealand
E. A. Hunter ~ CY USN ~ Syracuse, Nebraska

February 10, 1943: USS SHAW
W. C. Woodham ~ CQM ~ Hartford, Ala
J. M. Quirk ~ C.C. Std ~ Box Elder, Montana
Andrew E. Parker ~ CWT ~ Bonneau, SC
J. M. Raidy ~ C.E.M. ~ Jeffersonville, Ind.
E. M. Emerson ~ C.B.M.

February 10, 1943: USS SHAW
Leon Coulter ~ M.M/c ~ Flint, Mich
A. M. Cargile ~ C.M.M. ~ Lineville, Ala
A.J. Bagwell ~ CGM ~ Royston, Ga
W. T. Kohler ~ C.B.M. ~ Danville, Ill

February 18, 1943: Tunsley Club, Tutrila, Pago Pago
(Ed: Call Betty McDonald on Star Bulletin)
Jonathan C. Rice ~ 2nd Lt. USMC ~ c/o C.M. Rice - Oak Knoll - St. Louis, Mo
S.B. Neff ~ Lt (jg) USN ~ 19 North Rt ~ Hinham, Main?
V.G.J. Boosler? ~ USS Miss*** ~ San Francisco, Calif

February 18, 1943: 'Tunsley' Club, Tutrila, Pago Pago
R. J. Melchor ~ Mooresville, NC
R.A. Paquin? ~ Moonsoncher?, R.I.
J. A. Davidson ~ Wagoner, Oklahoma
J. R. Hawthorne ~ Ketch. Aaa?
T.F. Fowler ~ Bartlett, Texas
March 20, 1943: In Moncton's
Remember me? I'm that unattractive wahine from Alexandria, Virginia. 
Best of wishes to the bestest "O.B." ever ~ Helen Hanback


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ERB and the USS SHAW

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