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Edgar Rice Burroughs' Wartime Autograph Book Series
1942 ~ Part V December

December 14, 1942
We will talk this over later ~ Bill Connely? - Lt. Col - SHQ SPA
(Ed: Had me up for a *** - Friend of Tom Green)
December 15, 1942
It's been a grand reunion Edgar. Hopeit will happen in dear old Tarzana next time.
~ Ralph Emerson - Lt. Comdr - USNR - 9981 Robbins Dr., Beverly Hills, Calif

December 15, 1942
Been an ardent Tarzan fan for over a quarter of a century -
It has been a distinct pleasure at long last to meet his creator. 
~ Lt. Comdr. Justin Allis Shook - USNR - 4600 Cheltenham Drive - Bethesda, Md
(Ed: Emerson & Shook introduced by Cap Fordham Dec 15, 1942)
December 17, 1942
From a great friend of Tarzan and an Illinoisan ~ Juston Chubbuck? - 112th Cav
(Ed: Sgt who went ***  with Cpl Wald & me to arrange *** intervention with Templeton.)

December 15, 1942
John G. McCallum - 1st Lieut. QMC - Evanston, Illinois and New Caledonia
(Ed: Command Motor Pool where I get jeep serviced.)

December 15, 1942
H. Clark Ramsey - 1st Lt. A.C. - Hollywood, Calif
This is a very long way from home to meet a neighbor. ~ Emmet Bergholz? - 1st Lt. A.C. - Van Nuys, Calif
December 16, 1942
H. Maunin Lancaster? ***
Arthur K. Train
*** Navarro - M.O.T. abroad

December 16, 1942
"Sydney Morning World?" ~ Douglas Gardner - Sydney, Australia
December 17, 1942
I have enjoyd many of your books not meaning to disparage them, I enjoyed your company more.
~  John W. Romlein - Major 70th CA (AA) - US. Army 0-20197 - New York City
December 17: Drove to Dumbea Valley to do a story of Royal Navy lieutenant, John Templeton -- now a private with the 112th Cavalry. Wold took many photos (they didn't turn out) of the troops. He then inspected batteries overlooking the harbour and had a look at a rather attractive native leper colony. 
December 18: Hurricane season -- there were numerous threats of hurricanes in the vicinity. 
December 19: Ed picked up a Negro soldier on way to Tontouta, who directed him to the First Parachute Battalion, USMC. They had recently suffered 50% combat casualties and were here to train replacements.

December 17, 1942
To the only guy who ever gave me the straight dope about books and publishing - E.R. Burroughs - from 
~ Dick Tregaskis (I.N.S.)
December 18, 1942
Cornelius Beauf - Lt. Col C.E. - Washington, D.C. - Noumea, New Caledonia
December 19, 1942
Maj Gn W.M. Steele - Noumea, New Caledonia - 1st Par Btn

December 20: Ed and Lt. Ramsey explored the island's east side with its unusual scenery of jungle and bare volcanic hills. He picked up hitchhikers along the way: a Free French soldier and two Melanesians. During their drive along the bay to the south side of the island they had to get gasoline from a passing army truck. There were free fuel dumps alongside the highways all over the island. During supper, groups of visiting nurses all wanted to meet the famous creator of Tarzan. 

December 20, 1942
My best wishes to all friends in the States
~ Captain Morman R. Nickenson - La Salle, New York  - 1st Para Bn - USMC
With lots of luck to you ~ Lt. A.R. Bradley - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
(Ed: Knows Phil Bird's family)

December 19, 1942
Those cool green lawns and friendly homes
And men with pipes and collies
And little girls who sit on steps
A - Talking to their dollies
That is worth fighting for 
~ Capt. George R. Stallings - First Parachute Battalion - Augusta, Georgia

December 19, 1942
Best wishes from one of the army nurse corps ~ Mildred J. Lorrey - 2nd Lt
Madelyn A. Douglass - 31st Station Hospital

December 19, 1942
From an Isle in the Pacific ~ Agnes T. Hulme - 2nd Lt. ANC - 31st Station Hospital
Anna A. Karas - 2nd Lt. ANC
JOURNAL ENTRY: December 29: End of holidays brought clean clothes and a haircut at last. Ed met Pat Robinson of the International News Service -- oldest correspondent until OB came upon the scene. He wrote in Ed's autograph book: "The Dean until Tarzan showed up." Ed and Ham went to the Lyceum to see a Blondie picture and Francot Tone in "A Yank in Dutch" -- "... probably the silliest picture I have ever seen."

Lt. Ballanger - 2nd Lt

November 23, 1942: Last Page
Many people have signed before me but I'll be damned if any will sign after me. 
~ Lt. Charles B. Markoe - 98th C.A. aaa - New York City 


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