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Edgar Rice Burroughs' Wartime Autograph Book Series
1942 ~ Part IV December

December 11: The Signal Corps took photos of officers signing Ed's autograph book. 
He met Frank J. Cuhel of Mutual Broadcasting Systems (later killed in clipper crash at Lisbon).
December 12: Ed drove to the camp of crack 112th Cavalry outfit in Dumbea River Valley. 
His accompanying photographer took photos of Ed with the cavalry horses. 

December 11, 1942
Pvt. Cartlon L. Guerill? ~ 2101 Main St., Hartford, Conn. (A mess steward)
December 14, 1942
<== What's he got that I haven't got? (P.S. - 2 Stars) 
Tarzan is about to meet his creator 
~ Fred Fordham - Capt. A.C. - Motion Picture Unit USAFASPA - New York City

December 12, 1942
From Deep In The Heart of Texas
Landon Hordell?- 1st Lt. 112th Con - Abilene, Texas
Z.T. Wimberley - Major - 112 Cavalry - London, Texas
Frank W. Kelleher - W.O. 112th Cavalry - Route 1, Kaufman, Texas

December 12, 1942
Earl E Yonshire? - M/Sgt 112th Cav. - Tyler, Texas
Loren R. Phillips - Sgt. 112th Cav - 401S 31st St, Billings, Montana
Maor Philip L. Hooper - Cav
Clyde E. Grant - Major - 112 Cavalry - Abilene, Texas
Morely E. Wood - Captain - 112th Cav - Tyler, Texas
December 20, 1943
(Newspaper Clipping: WITH AMERICAN FORCES ON ARAWE, New Britain, Dec. 17
At noon Lt. Col. P.L. Hooper of Dallis, Tex, one of the senior officers, 
announced that hte Yanks had taken all of their first objectives on the peninsula.)

December 12, 1942
1st Sgt. Charlie B. Taliner - Troop F - 112th Cav - Tyler Tex
Sgt. Joe Bamon - Troop F - 112th - Tyler, Texas
S/Sgt Forrest S. Norman - Troop F - 112 Cav - Tyler, Texas
S/Sgt Houston G. Warren - Sgt Troop "F" 112 Cav. - Tyler, Texas
December 13: (Sunday): Ed spent the day settling in and getting supplies. He set up his typewriter in a tiny lanai opening onto the main island road with its 24-hour stream of noisy and dusty military traffic. Officers invited him to an evening poker party and they formed the Noumea Chowder and Marching Club. 

December 12, 1942
Staff Sgt Ben F. Taylor - 4221 Cole Ave Dallas, Texas - Troop F - 112 Cav
Major EC Corolts - AGD Wash. D.C.
Pvt Robert E. Dunbar - 34th Military Police
December 13, 1942
Corp Domini J. Bionculli? - South Boston, Mass
(Ed: Drove me to warehouse to get towels?)

December 13, 1942: Noumea, New Caledonia
To Mr. Edgar Rice Burorughs - A more pleasant poker game - I have never enjoyed - 
You play the game as well as Tarzan swings from tree tops - 
May we meet again under the same pleasant circumstances 
~ John J. Gates - Maj Inf - Gen'l Harmon Hdq

December 13, 1942: Noumea New Cal
To a very fine gentleman who gave me many pleasant boyhood hours 
but whom I never expected to meet in New Calidonia. 
~ Paul H. Hayward - Lt. Col. GSC - Arlington, Virginia
December 14 - 16: The days were spent getting to know the officers and fellow correspondents -- mainly in poker parties. A captain gave him a bunch of full-page color comics from the L.A. Times - the first he'd seen in a year. 

December 14, 1942
Cpl. Leslie B. Hartley - Seattle, Wash - (Ed: Motor Pool)
Lt. Louis Cohen (g2) - Atlantic City, NJ
D. Canning - S/Ldr R.N.Z.A.F. - Waipukuraw HB NZ
(Ed: Squadron Leader - Met him in Col Sherman's office)

Thomas C. Mustain - 1st Lt. - Omaha, Nebr.
Earl Stragner? - 1st Lt. - Hersford, Texas
Richard D. Stepp? - Capt. AAF - Woodride, Long Island, NY
(Ed: These three officers are B-17 men, knew Hulbert when he was down.)


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