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Edgar Rice Burroughs' Wartime Autograph Book Series
1942 ~ Part III December

December 1, 1942
Best Luck to a former Salt Lake City policeman ~ Mac R. Johnson - United Press - Honolulu
December 4, 1942
On the day of Hully's promotion ~ Willis H. Hale  - Major Gen. USA

JOURNAL ENTRY: December 4: Hulbert is promoted to 1st Lieutenant. While visiting Ed for the night they were invited to a party at the Niumalu. One of the guests was "Major General Willis H. Hale, Hully's Big Boss - a very swell person. He touched Hully's gold bars, and said, 'You can take those off. I promoted you this morning.'   So we all drank high-balls to the event, and General Hale wrote in my autograph book, 'On the day of Hully's promotion.'"

December 5, 1942
To Edgar Rice Burroughs: For years we have been enjoying your comic strip. 
Here's hoping they continue for more years to come ~ Lt. Harold L. Nus? - AAF - Arlington, Iowa

December 5, 1942: On C87
Too bad you haven't a Tarzan flying a P38 in your comic stirps. 
He would certainly be a demon! ~ Lt. Murray J. Shubin - Dormont, Penna.
Here's hoping we head north together after those Japs. ~ Lt. Ben C. Duffie - Houston, Texas

December 5, 1942
Here's hoping we have many more trips like this ~ Wm Stelwark? - United Air Lines - Honolulu to Canton
December 6, 1942: On C87
Lots of luck to Mr. Burroughs - a pleasure to have been aboard with him ~ Walton W. WArner - 1st Off - U.A.L.

December 5, 1942: On C-87
This is a privilege for me to write in your book, Mr. Burroughs. 
May the experiences you will have all be pleasant ones. ~ Ralph J. Johnson - Capt. VAL
(Pilot of C-87 transport) 
Best of luck, a pleasure and an honor to ride with you ~ Jospeh C. Hunt - VAL Navigator

On C-87
A pleasure to have met you - happy landings ~ Tom Miner - Radio opr, VAL
Best wishes and happy landings ~ Emory Wilson - Navigator - VAL
Keep on flying ~ Norman W Hiel? - Flight Engineer - Observer - VAL

On C-87 with me
To Mr. Burroughs: Indeed an honor to have you as a companion on this ocean hop. 
Another one in my books in having met you.  ~ Lt. Jack A. Ericson - Chicago, Ill

December 6-7-8, 1942: On C87
A few lines to tell you that I'm awfully glad you're along with us. Sincerely yours ~ Frank Clark 2nd Lt., Army Air Corps

December 6-7-8, 1942: On C87
I won't believe it until you yell like Tarzan ~ Sam Englander - C.A.A.

December 6-7-8, 1942
We are proud to have you on the same Mission X as ourselves. You get the story and we'll get the Japs.
The stories that you will find in the South Pacific will make as wonderful stories 
as those famous Tarzan stories that you have made so popular. 
I wish you lots of luck in your mission ahead. ~ Sincerely, Lt. MG Henderson - A.A.F. - Shreveport, La
December 6-7-8, 1942: On C-87 with me

Glad to have you on this trip, but more son, on the return trip. ~ Lt. Albert J. Henke - A.A.F. - San Francisco

December 8, 1942
(Ed: Former Governor of Wisconsin. Met him at Plaines des Gaiacs?) ~ Major Phil La Fallette?
Mr. Burroughs: Thank you for providing us with so many thrilling adventure stories. 
Wish you could provide the man "Tarzan" to help us out. 
~ Harold S. Eckland? ~ Lt. Col. Air Corps - Lincoln, Nebraska
(Ed: Colonel Eckland managed for my transportation to Tantuta.)

December 6-7-8, 1942: On C-87
Sir: I have read your books as a kid and now I read them as a man and still get as much enjoyment as ever. 
I sure hope you will have Tarzan strips to read when this war is over. 
It is a pleasure to ride with such a prominent man ~ Lt. Gilbert A. Masden - Louisville, Kentucky
December 9, 1942
I've enjoyed many of your books, particularly the "Mars" series. Good luck. ~ Lt. Cdr. Francis W. McCann?
(Introduced to me by Mc***at hotel in Pacifica? Dec 9, 1942)

December 8, 1942: New Caledonia
Espiritu Santo ~ N.H. Cub 1-7th N.C.B. - Transportation chief Cearley?
[Rode from Tontouta to Noumea (New Caledonia)]
Sgt. Edward Buttlar - 82 Emmett Ave. - E. Dedham - Mass. U.S.A. - Mess Steward @ Hotel Du Pacific, New Caldeonia

December 8, 1942: New Caledonia
It has been a pleaure to have met you on the plane from Plaines des Gaiacs to Tontouta 
~ Chaplain William C. Thomas? - 109th Station Hospital

December 8, 1942
Losing a lot to Edgar Rice Burroughs was a treat and a compliment. 
I only hope that when I have picked up the years that would have won me the bet I am as young as he.
~ Brom Rolston - Col. A.U.S.
(Ed: I won a scotch highball from Col Rolston on a bet that I was more than 10 yrs older than he.)

December 8, 1942: Officers Mess at Grand Hotel du Pacifique, Noumea
Lanikai to ? ~ Hal Thompson
I'm in damned poor company but it's a funny war. ~ Don Johnson - USMC
(Ed: The above at Officers Mess Grand Hotel du Pacifique, Noumea, New Caledonia. Dec. 8, 1942)
(Ed: December 25, 1943, Don, USMC Captain just returned from Tarawa,
looked me up at Niumalu Hotel and we went partying. Hal is either in San Diego or Mexico.)
December 9: Ed visited a village of grass thatched huts close to St. Louis Mission (French Catholic) 
- a place famous for its rum production. 
Photographer Corporal Wold took many photos of Ed with natives and the Grand Chief following their exchange of gifts. 

December 9, 1942
So happy to write in a book that is so widely traveled and am proud to have 
such an important man with us here in New Caledonia ~ Pvt. Archie R. Moss ~ M.P. - Ackerman, Miss.
(Ed: Posted in front of Hotel du Pacifique)

December 9, 1942 ( Ed: Posted in front of Hotel du Pacifique)
Of all the ones I wanted to meet and never expected to. ~ Pvt H. Driver - 39th MP CU - La Salle, Illinois
December 10:  Q.M. provided Ed with a 1942 Willys jeep and gas mask. 
Ed with officers of the 112th cavalry

December 10, 1942
Best of luck ~ Harold Braun - Maj QMC - Everett, Mass. 
(Ed: Signed when for Jeep)
"A would be Quartermaster" ~ Omer T. Chapens? - Capt. Q.M.C. - Natick, Mass.
(Ed: Assigned for Jeep and got me caps and gas mask.)
First Lt. Winfred P. Mnter - Box 194 . . .

December 10, 1942
PFC Benedict Mazzine ~ 17 Medford Street - Medford, Mass (G2)
48th Station Hospital Nurses
Julia E. Hunt - 2nd Lt. A.N.C. - 401 Maple St. - Owane?, Michigan
Jane Nichols - 2nd Lt. A.N.C. - Gagnac? Lake - Battle Creek, Michigan
Alma L. Groover - 2nd Lt. A.N.C. - Ortonville?, Michgan

December 10, 1942
48th Station Hospital Nurses
Rosemary Reid - 2nd Lt. ANC - 48th Station Hospital - Detroit Michigan
Virginia R. Haggan - 2nd Lt. ANC - 48th Station Hospital - Dannon ?, Michigan
Rush B. Lincoln - USA <==
James E. Colorin - Capt. A.C.  ADC

December 10, 1942
PFC Benedict Mazzine ~ 17 Medford Street - Medford, Mass (G2)
48th Station Hospital Nurses
Julia E. Hunt - 2nd Lt. A.N.C. - 401 Maple St. - Owane?, Michigan
Jane Nichols - 2nd Lt. A.N.C. - Gagnac? Lake - Battle Creek, Michigan
Alma L. Groover - 2nd Lt. A.N.C. - Ortonville?, Michgan

December 10, 1942
48th Station Hospital Nurses
Rosemary Reid - 2nd Lt. ANC - 48th Station Hospital - Detroit Michigan
Virginia R. Haggan - 2nd Lt. ANC - 48th Station Hospital - Dannon ?, Michigan
Rush B. Lieuoh? - USA <==
James E. Colorin - Capt. A.C.  ADC

December 11, 1942
To Mr. Edgar Rice Burroughs - It's a pleasure & privilege to have you with us. Hope you stay for a long time.
~ Claude Shaales? Lt. Col.- GSC - HQ USAFISP APO502 - c/o Postmaster San Francisco

Ref: ERB War Journals
December 5: Ed and Hully ate an early morning breakfast in the blacked out Niumalu kitchen. They reached the airfield at 8 A.M. -- the start of
what would be a 7000 journey for Ed. He flew on a C-87 (a converted B-24 bomber) to New Caledonia via Canton Island and Fiji. On board were nine lieutenants -- new fighter pilots flying into action. Ed got their autographs. It was a typically noisy, rough, dark, cramped and cold B-24 flight. The aircraft was flying at 9,000 feet and cold wind entered through the gun turret openings. He stood up and kept moving to keep from freezing.  The pilot Ed a chance to fly the ship but he declined, remembering his bad experience in becoming lost on a solo flight to Pomona years back. They crossed the equator and International Date Line on this very long flight to barren Canton Island. Correspondents were accorded Officer privileges so he ate and bunked in the Officers' Quarters. Most everyone he met was a Tarzan fan. 

December 7 (a day was lost crossing the Date Line): They flew out of Canton Island at 7:30 A.M.. and stopped at Nandi, Viti Levu, Fiji - a lush
tropical island. There was time for sightseeing and a few drinks with the pilot before bedtime. 

December 8:  6:30 departure. Ed experienced the excitement of takeoff and a low flight around the tropical island. At 11:46 A.M. they landed at
Plaines des Gaiacs at the northwest end of New Caledonia. The officers -- most of them Tarzan fans -- gave Ed a warm welcome. At 1 P.M. he flew to Tontouta 30 miles from the southern end of the island and was taken by command car to Noumea to check into the officers' quarters at the Grand Hotel du Pacifique. Here he met Lt. Ballanger who had gone to Pomona with Jack and Jane, then old acquaintance Hal Thompson, husband to long-time family friend, actress Rochelle Hudson. 


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