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In many of the films listed below, I as only an extra or doing a small bit to earn coffee and doughnuts. When I was lucky enough to work with a friend, he might stretch the bit somewhat to keep me around longer. Other jobs, in which I carried a prop, pointed, nodded, or uttered deathless lines, like "OK, Chief," could last as little as ten minutes. On a few occasions, I was on my way home before my car engine had cooled off.

Adventures of Don Juan, Warner '48, d. Vincent Sherman, with Errol Flynn, Viveca LIndfors, Raymond Burr.
Adventures of Robin Hood, Warner '38, d. Michael Curtiz and William Keighley, with errol flyn, Olivia de Havilland, Basil Rathbone, Claude Rains.
Ali Baba Goes to Town, Twentieth Century fox '37, d. David Butler, with Eddie Cantor, Roland Young.
All Quiet on the Western Front, Universal, '30, d. Lewis Milestone, with Lew Ayres, Louis Wolheim.
Arizona Frontier, Mongram '40, d. Al Herman, wiith Tex Ritter, Jim Thorpe.
Beggars of Life, Paramount '28, d. William Wellman, with Wallace Beery, Louise Brooks, Richard Arlen..
The Big House, MGM '30, d. George Hill, with Wallace Beery, Clark Gable, Chester Morris.
Brigham Young, Twentieth Century Fox, '40, d. Henry Hathaway, with Tyrone Power, Linda Darnell, Brian Donlevy, John Carradine, Jane Darwell, Mary Astor, Vincent Price, Jean Rogers.
Captain Blood, Warner '35, d. Michael Curtiz, with Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Lionel Atwill, Basil Rathbone.
Captain Fury, United Artists '39, d. Hal Roach, with Victor McLaglen, Brian Aherne, Paul Lucas.
Car 99, Paramount '35, d. Charles Barton, with Fred MacMurray, Ann Sheridan, William Frawley.
Charge of the Light Brigade, Warner '36, d. Michael Curtiz, with Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Nigel Bruce, Donald Crisp.
Cleopatra, Paramount '34, d. Cecil B. DeMille, with Claudette Colbert, Warren William, Joseph Schildkraut.
College, Joseph Schenck '27, d. Buster Keaton and James Horne, with Buster Keaton, Harold Goodwin.
The Crusades, Paramount '35, d. Cecil B. DeMille, with Loretta Young, Henry Wilcoxson, C. Aubrey Smith.
A Day at the Races, MGM '37, d. Sam Wood, with Groucho, Chico and Harpo Marx, Allan Jones, Maureen O'Sullivan, Margaret Dumont.
Dodge City, Warner '37, d. Michael Curtiz, with Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Ann Sheridan, Bruce Cabot, Victor Jory, Ward Bond.
Duel in the Sun, Vanguard '46, d. King Vidor, with Gregory Peck, Joseph Cotten, Jennifer Jones, Lionel Barrymore, Lillian Gish, Walter Huston, Charles Bickford.
Fast Company, Paramount '29, d. Edward Sutherland, with Jack Oakie, Evelyn Brent.
Flash Gordon, Universal '36 (13 chapters), d. Frederick Staphani, with Buster Crabbe, Jean Rogers, Charles Middleton.
Follow the Fleet, RKO '36, d. Mark Sandrich, with Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Randolph Scott, Harriet Hilliard, Betty Grable.
Follow the Sun, Twentieth Century Fox '51, d. Sidney Lanfield, with Glenn Ford, Anne Baxter, Dennis O'Keefe.
Gang Buster, Paramount '31, d. Edward Sutherland, with William Boyd, Jack Oakie, Jean Arthur.
General Crack, Warner '29, d. Alan Crosland, with John Barrymore.
Green Light, Warner '37, d. Frank Borzage, with Errol Flynn, Anita Louise, Cedric Hardwicke.
Hell's Angels, Caddo '30, d. Howard Hughes, with Jean Harlow.
Her Man, Goldstone '24, d. Phil Goldstone, with William Fairbanks.
Her Summer Hero, FBO '28, d. James Dugan, with Harold Goodwin.
Horse Feathers, Paramount '32, d. Norman McLeod, with Groucho, Chico, Harpo and Zeppo Marx, Thelma Todd.
I'm No Angel, Paramount '33, d. Wesley Ruggles, with Mae West, Cary Grant, Edward Arnold.
Jesse James, Paramount '27, d. Lloyd Ingraham, with Fred Thomson.
Joan of Arc, RKO '48, d. Victor Fleming, with Ingrid Bergman, Jose Ferrer, Ward Bond, J. Carroll Naish.
Kentucky, Twentieth Century Fox '38, d. David Butler, with Loretta Young, Walter Brennan, Richard Greene.
Kid Boots, Paramount '26, d. Frank Tuttle, with Clara Bow, Eddie Cantor, Billie Dove.
King of Kings, Pathe '27, d. Cecil B. DeMille, with H. B. Warner, Joseph Schildkraut.
Kit Carson, Paramount '28, d. Alfred L. Werker and Lloyd Ingraham, with Fred Thomson.
Ladies of the Mob, Paramount '28, d. William Wellman, with Clara Bow, Richard Arlen.
Leather Stocking, Pathe '24 (10 chapters), d. George B. Seitz, with Edna Murphy, Harold Miller.
Lightning Express, Universal '30 (10 chapters), d. Henry McRae, with Lane Chandler.
Little Caesar, First National '31, d. Mervyn LeRoy, wiht Edward G. Robinson, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
Marshal of Gunsmoke, Universal '43, d. Vernon Keays, with Tex Ritter.
Night Court, MGM '32, d. W. S. Van Dyke, with Walter Huston, Lewis Stone, Jean Hersholt.
Our Daily Break, Viking '34, d. King Vidor, with Tom Keene.
Outside the Law, Universal '30, d. Tod Browning, with Edward G. Robinson.
Phantom of the Desert, Syndicate '30, d. Harry Webb, with Jack Perrin.
Phantom of the Range, FBO '28, d. James Dugan, with Tom Tyler, Frankie Darro.
Racket Busters, Warner '38, d. Lloyd Bacon, with George Brent, Humphrey Bogart, Allen Jenkins.
Rainbow Over the Range, Monogram '40, d. Al Herman, with Tex Ritter.
Road to Morocco, Paramount '42, with Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, Anthony Quinn.
Sea Hawk, Warner '40, d. Michael Curtiz, with Errol Flynn, Claud Rains, Donald Crisp.
Secret Six, MGM '31, d. George Hill, with Wallace Beery, Clark Gable, Jean Harlow.
She Done HIm Wrong, Paramount '33, d. Lowell Sherman, with Mae West, Cary Grant, Gilbert Roland.
Show Boat, MGM '51, d. George Sidney, with Ava Gardner, Howard Keel, Kathryn Grayson, William Warfield.
Sign of the Cross, Paramount '32, d. Cecil B. DeMille, with Fredric March, Claudette Colbert, Charles Laughton.
So Long Letty, Warner '29, d. Lloyd Bacon, with Grant Withers, Charlotte Greenwood.
Something Always Happens, Paramount '28, d. Frank Tuttle, with Esther Ralston, Neil Hamilton.
Spirit of Notre Dame, Universal '31, d. Russell Mack, with Lew Ayres, Andy Devine.
Star Witness, Warner '31, d. William Wellman, with Walter Huston.
Tarzan and the Golden Lion, FBO '27, d. J.P. McGowan, wiht Dorothy Dunbar, Edna Murphy, Boris Karloff, Harold Goodwin.
Temple of Venus, Fox '23, d. Henry Otto, with Richard Dix, Rod LaRocque, Nita Naldi.
The Ten Commandments, Paramount '23, d. Cecil B. DeMille, with Richard Dix, Rod LaRocque, Nita Naldi.
Texas Rangers, Paramount '36, d. King Vidor, with Fred MacMurray, Jack Oakie, Lloyd Nolan.
Texas Ranger Ride Again, Paramount '41, d. James Hogan, with John HOward, Ellen Drew, Akim Tamiroff, Broderick Crawford.
There Goes My Girl, RKO '37, d. Joseph Santley, with Ann Sothern, Burgess Meredith.
There Goes My Heart, Hal Roach-United Artists '38, d. Norman McLeod, with Fredric March, Virginia Bruce.
Touchdown, Paramount '31, d. Norman McLeod, with Richard Arlen, Jack Oakie, Regis Toomey.
Virginia Judge, Paramount '35, d. Edward Sedgwick, with Marsha Hunt, Stepin Fetchit, Robert Cummings.
Vogues of 1938, United Artists, '37, d. Irving Cummings, with Warner Baxter, Joan Bennett.
Warming Up, Paramount '28, d. Fred Newmeyer, with Richard Dix, Jean Arthur.
Wings, Paramount '27, d. William Wellman, with Clara Bow, Richard Arlen, Buddy Rogers, Gary Cooper.
Yes Sir, That's My Baby, Universal '49, d. George Sherman, with Donald O'Connor, Charles Coburn, Gloria de Haven.
Yosemite Trail, Fox '22, d. Bernard Durning, with Dustin Farnum.
Young as You Feel, Fox '31, d. Frank Borzage, with Will Rogers.
Zorro's Fighting Legion, Republic '39 (12 chapters), d. William Witney and John English, with Reed Hadley.

I also appeared in some of the Charlie Chan films, starring Warner Oland, and directed by Bruce Humerstone, many Hopalong Cassidy and other Westerns, and other small roles too numerous to remember. Alert readers that spot me in films not on the list are encouraged to remind me of them.
~ James H. Pierce


Cattle Queen (1951) (as Jim Pierce) .... Bad Bill Smith
... aka Queen of the West (USA: alternative title)
Show Boat (1951) (uncredited) .... Doorman
Follow the Sun (1951) (uncredited) .... Proprietor
Inside Straight (1951) (uncredited) .... Detective
The Killer That Stalked New York (1950) (uncredited) .... Police Commissioner
... aka Frightened City (Philippines: English title) (UK) (USA: copyright title)
Undercover Girl (1950) (uncredited) .... Lt. Kirby
Right Cross (1950) (uncredited) .... Moe, Bath House Attendant
My Blue Heaven (1950) (uncredited) .... Truck Driver
The Next Voice You Hear... (1950) (uncredited) .... Myron
The Skipper Surprised His Wife (1950) (uncredited) .... Delivery man
Stars in My Crown (1950) (uncredited)
Black Hand (1950) (uncredited) .... Bailiff
Yes Sir That's My Baby (1949) (uncredited) .... Doctor
Big Jack (1949) (uncredited) .... Man in buggy
The Miracle of the Bells (1948) (uncredited) .... Soldier in 'Joan of Arc'
My Favorite Brunette (1947) (uncredited) .... Detective
Nocturne (1946) (uncredited) .... Policeman
Roxie Hart (1942) (uncredited) .... Policeman
Parachute Battalion (1941) (uncredited) .... Man
The Get-Away (1941) (uncredited) .... Prison Guard
... aka The Getaway (USA)
Love Crazy (1941) (uncredited) .... San Francisco Private Investigator
Across the Sierras (1941) (uncredited) .... Man on wagon
... aka Welcome Stranger (UK)
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (1941) (uncredited) .... Doorman
Chad Hanna (1940) (uncredited) .... Big Man
Michael Shayne: Private Detective (1940) (scenes deleted) .... Burly Man
The Texas Rangers Ride Again (1940) (as Jim Pierce) .... High Boots
North West Mounted Police (1940) (uncredited) .... Corporal
... aka Northwest Mounted Police
The Gay Caballero (1940) (uncredited) .... Bandit
When the Daltons Rode (1940) (uncredited) .... Deputy sheriff
Arizona Frontier (1940) (as Jim Pierce) .... Henchman Kansas
Rainbow Over the Range (1940) (as Jim Pierce) .... Jim Rader
The Golden Trail (1940) (uncredited) .... Miner
Winners of the West (1940) (uncredited) .... Lumberman Charlie Nelson [Ch. 10]
Johnny Apollo (1940) (uncredited) .... Guard
Strange Cargo (1940) (uncredited) .... Guard
Emergency Squad (1940) (uncredited) .... Policeman

Zorro's Fighting Legion (1939) (as Jim Pierce) .... Henchnam Moreno
These Glamour Girls (1939) (uncredited) .... Joy Lane Bouncer
Captain Fury (1939) (as Jim Pierce) .... Guard
Union Pacific (1939) (uncredited) .... Card player
Persons in Hiding (1939) (uncredited) .... G-Man
Ambush (1939) (uncredited) .... Officer Mack McKelway
Disbarred (1939) (uncredited) .... Bailiff
Charlie Chan in Honolulu (1938) (uncredited) .... Officer
Racket Busters (1938) (uncredited) .... Martin's Henchman
Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars (1938) (uncredited) .... Prince Thun, in flashback [Ch. 14]
... aka Space Soldiers' Trip to Mars (USA: TV title)
High Flyers (1937) (uncredited) .... Cop
Ali Baba Goes to Town (1937) (uncredited) .... Captain of the Guards
Life Begins in College (1937) (uncredited) .... Coach
... aka Life Begins at College (USA: TV title)
... aka The Joy Parade (UK)
There Goes My Girl (1937) (uncredited) .... Bit Role
Green Light (1937) (uncredited) .... Harcourt's Chauffeur
You Only Live Once (1937) (uncredited) .... Guard
Our Relations (1936) (uncredited) .... Doorman
... aka Double Trouble (USA)
... aka Sailors' Downfall (USA: cut version)
Wives Never Know (1936) (uncredited) .... Dentist
Flash Gordon (1936/I) .... Prince Thun [Chs. 2-9, 12-13]
... aka Flash Gordon: Space Soldiers (USA: video title)
... aka Space Soldiers (USA: TV title)
The Walking Dead (1936) (uncredited) .... Prisoner
Follow the Fleet (1936) (uncredited) .... Paradise Ballroom Bouncer
Timber War (1935) (as Jim Pierce) .... Henchman Charlie Braden
The Virginia Judge (1935) (as Jim Pierce)
The Murder Man (1935) (uncredited) .... Sing Sing Guard
Goin' to Town (1935) (uncredited) .... Cowboy
Belle of the Nineties (1934)
Horse Feathers (1932) (uncredited) .... Ed Mullen, Darwin Player
Unashamed (1932) (uncredited) .... Court Officer
The Trial of Vivienne Ware (1932) (uncredited) .... Cop
Ladies of the Big House (1931) (uncredited) .... Arresting Officer
Suicide Fleet (1931) (uncredited) .... Recruit
... aka Mystery Ship
Young as You Feel (1931) (uncredited) .... Jack, a Cop
The Lightning Express (1930) .... Thug
Ladies of the Mob (1928) .... The officer
Phantom of the Range (1928) .... 'Flash' Corbin
Her Summer Hero (1928) .... Chris
Jesse James (1927) .... Frank James
... aka The Outlaw Rider (UK)
Wings (1927) (uncredited) .... Army MP
Tarzan and the Golden Lion (1927) .... Tarzan
The Return of Grey Wolf (1926)
Her Man (1924)
Leatherstocking (1924) .... Harry March

Archive Footage:
Spaceship to the Unknown (1966) (TV) .... Prince Thun
Flash Gordon (1936/II) .... King Thun

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