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Volume 2291

Hosted by Don Gray
by Stan Galloway
Gathering at Don's House

Grilling on the Barbie

John and Paula Pappas out by Don's pool

Alan Hanson

Mike Shaw and Bill Ross
The crowd in Don's living room

Tracy Griffin in front of Bob and Lindy Zeuschner, Linda Conran, 
Mike Conran, Brad Vinson, Jerry Spannraft

Brad Vinson, Jerry Spannraft, Candy Spaight, Phoebe, John Tyner

Alan Hanson, John Martin, and Tracy Scott Griffin in the kitchen

Cathy Wilbanks and Janet Mann smile while Mike Shaw stares oblivious

Tarzan paper goods displayed by Nels Myrhoj 
before the huckster room opened

Cathy and Janet looking over an old magazine

Linda Burroughs and Bill Ross in Don's living room

Mike Conran and Brad Vinson in Don's living room

Cathy Wilbanks cleaning up in the kitchen

Dejah Burroughs
To the Convention Rooms

Linda and Jane Burroughs looking over Billy York's display quilt

John Tyner telling Jane a fish story while Dejah looks on with doubt 
(Nels in the background)

Linda, Jane, and Dejah Burroughs

Henry Franke in the huckster room

Thomas Yeates' presentation

Jane her dad's bookplate

Linda with Danton's bookplate

Jane giving extra special care to the bookplate she is coloring

Jane still focused

Huck Huckenpohler on the hotel patio

The crowd waiting at the restaurant for the closing banquet

Dejah, Linda's hand, and Jane at the Bistro

Janet and Cathy at the Bistro

Tracy Griffin and Tom Yeates at the Bistro

Special drink that Don made for Dejah

Brad Vinson posing in front of the restaurant Buddha

Cathy and Tracy at the restaurant table

Shrimp with walnut glaze, one of the several tasty dishes served at the banquet
A Photo Tour by Cathy Wilbanks and Janet Mann
of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., Tarzana, California
Gallery I: Bob Zeuschner Photos
Gallery II: John Martin Photos
Gallery III: Huck Huckenpohler
Gallery IV: John Pappas
.Gallery V: Huck Huckenpohler
Gallery VI: Stan Galloway

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