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73. "A NEW ARRIVAL" -- (for Apr. 25, '43)
(read novelization

P1: Half crazed with hunger in his vermin infested prison cell, Carter tackled one of the rats -- but the creature squirmed free. 

P2: For another two days Carter was without food or drink -- and as he grew weaker in the dark cell, the gleaming eyes of the vicious rats moved in closer again 

P3: Finally a new jailor brought food and drink -- and another prisoner: Kantos Kan of Helium. 

P4: "Well, Kantos Kan," said Carter, "I've told you all I know of Dejah Thoris -- your princess -- I last saw her disappear in the mountains" The Heliumite answered, "I was flying a one man ship, searching for Dejah Thoris, when I was captured and brought here." 

P5: Kantos Kan continued: "From what you say, John Carter, I'm certain that on the other side of those mountains she could easily see the canal that leads to Helium." 

P6: A week later the jailor removed their padlocks. "Come on, you two -- the Great Games are about to begin!" 

P7: Coming upon a little hill top, the jailor paused for a moment and his prisoners gazed upon the ruins of ancient Warhoon. "There's the arena where we'll have to fight in the great games," said Kantos Kan grimly. 


1. Compare 


Novelization of the JCB strip by Dale R. Broadhurst

A noise outside his cell door surprised John Carter. He was still picking stringy thoat meat from his teeth when the lock began to turn. Surely the Warhoon was not bringing him dessert! No --it was another prisoner -- brought in and chained next to Captain Carter by a two listless giants, one of whom shone the bright beam of a radium torch about the room. In a flash the Earthman saw at last that the place of his confinement was a spacious chamber, the walls of which were set with a many steel rings holding heavy chains. 

But what interested Carter most was the new arrival. Before the guards again closed the door, he saw that it was a red Martian warrior, still clad in the shredded scraps of a harness bearing the metal of Helium's twin markings. 

After the giants had departed, John Carter called out the Martian word of greeting, "Kaor." And then "Be careful of the rats; their teeth are sharp." 

"Who are you who speaks in green men's accent, out of the darkness?" he answered 

"John Carter, a friend of the red men of Helium." 

"I am of Helium," he said, "but I do not recall our having such a friend." 

Captain Carter related as much of his adventure as the red man cared to listen to, omitting only references to his dream experiences with Helium's princess on the Plateau of Eo, and his romantic feelings for the royal maiden. 

The new arrival took in the Earthman's tale with little comment, as though Jasoomian visitors came and went on a daily basis. He was rather more excited by the news of Helium's princess and her likely escape from the headhunters. He had been a member of the ill-fated expedition which had fallen into the hands of the Tharks at the time of Dejah Thoris' capture and he worried much over her fate. 

His name was Kantos Kan, and he was a padwar in the navy of Helium. He said that the few escapees of the disaster near Korad had limped back toward Helium in barely functional vessels. Then, while passing near the city of Zodanga, they were attacked by the warships of Helium's hereditary enemies. Only Kantos Kan's flyer eluded their Zodangan pursuers and it reached Helium with less than a dozen passengers. Immediately the Jeddak dispatched numerous armed craft in what proved to be a futile search for the missing princess. Much bloody fighting ensued thereafter but no trace of Dejah Thoris was ever found. His own one-man flier was sent to conduct a search about Warhoon, but he suffered the misfortunes of detection and capture, and now he was sentenced to die in the Great Games. 

Those who know the story of Captain Carter's adventures on Mars will recall how Kantos Kan [[and he = he and]] formed a warm personal friendship and how they escaped Warhoon during the Great Games. Both men went on to perform many notable exploits, not the least of which was carried out by Captain Carter at the time of the Atmosphere Plant crisis some years later. 

The restoration of Princess Dejah Thoris to Helium and her subsequent marriage to the Earthman are episodes too well known to require retelling here. 

And so, dear Jane, I close my letter with this page. It has grown in size beyond all my intentions and I apologize for inserting so much romantic detail. It is not a proper history in any sense and I am almost certain you will need to shorten my longwinded ramblings before you share the story with the people of your planet. 

Prior to the beginning of our transmission to you, I once again imposed upon Her Majesty, at the palace in Greater Helium, for her permission to give this account to the readers of two worlds. She replied that she had little hope for its publication on Barsoom, where fiction is seldom read and royal biographies are only put into circulation during centennial remembrance ceremonies. But on Jasoom all things seem to be possible and Her Majesty wonders whether the adventures of her youth might not one day be featured on what you call the "Silver Screen," along with those of Mr. Gable and Miss Garbo! 

You see -- those of us who have husbands from your world know more of it than just its geography. And thanks to your father-in-law's tireless efforts, I think that the inhabitants of the blue planet may know some things about our husbands that [[even]] Her Majesty Dejah Thoris and her humble servant here in Duhor have yet to learn! 

Captain Paxton and Captain Carter send their koars and warmest greetings. And the latter bids me say "Next year in Lanikai." -- whatever that might signify. 

Sincerely, Valla Dia 

Duhor, Sept. 1, 1940 


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