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Volume 2173
Submitted by Danton Burroughs (April 2008)

OB's Chain Letter

This chain was started in Reno in the hope of bringing happiness to all tired business men. Unlike most chains, this one does not cost money. Simply send a copy of this letter to five male friends. 

Then bundle up your wife and send her to the fellow wose name heads the list. When your name works to the top you will i return receive 15,389 gorgeous girls. Have faith. 

Do not break the chain. One man broke the chain and got his wife back. Woe to him. . . . . . .

This came from Washington via an army colonel at Schofield barracks. When you have read it, please stick it in the right hand compoarment of my big desk, where I have some other indecent literature.
Yours,  OB 
Caviar comes from virgin sturgeon
Virgin sturgeon is a fine fish
Virgin sturgeion needs no urgin'
That's why caviar is my dish.

Shad roe comes from harlog shad fish,
Shad fish have a sorry fate;
Pregnant shad fish is a sad fish,
Got that my way without a mate.

Oysters, they are shy bi-valves,
They have young ones in their shell,
How they diddle is a riddle,
But they do, so what the Hell.

The green turtle's mate is always happy,
With her diverse winning ways.
First he grips her with his flipper,
Then he grips and flips for days.

Mrs. Clam is optimistic,
Shoots her eggs out in the sea,
Hopes her suitor is a shooter
Hits the self-same spot as She.

Give a thought to happy cod fish, 
Always there when duty calls,
Female cod fish is an odd fish,
From them, too, comes cod fish balls.

The trout is just a little salmon,
Just half grown and minus scales,
But the trout, as well as salmon,
Can't get on without its TAIL.

Lucky fishes are the ray - fish,
When for young ones they assay,
Yes, my hearties, they have parties
In the good old-fashioned way.

I fed caviar to my girl friend, 
She was Virgin, tried and true;
Now that Virgin needs no urgin' 
There aint't nothin' she won't do!

Once upon a time there was
An easy man whose uncle died
And left him so much coin you
Could smell him for a block.
He had soulful eyes and a misplaced
Belly button and could mix ice cream
Soda water just too nice for anything.
After he drew the wad he blew the corner
Drug store and looked around for a
Business opening

A kind old deacon in his church lowed
He nought let him have an interest
In his business emporium. So the
Easy man put in his bundle against
The deacon's experience
Now the Easy Mark has
The experience and
The kind old deacon 
has the bundle.

It sometimes pays to 
be a Christian worker.

Not known if Ed knew Mrs. Thelan or
if this was around the time of his divorce from Florence.

Norma Jane Thelan did not keep her date in court yesterday.
She was to have appeared at the hearing to prosecute her request
that her ex-husband be sentenced for failure to keep up his alimony payments.
She is shown above with her daughter, Diane. The case was taken off the court calendar.
(Copyright by Los Angeles Examiner, All Rights Reserved.)

From the George Tyler Burroughs Files
See the GTB Biography in ERBzine 0942  and  ERBzine 0943

Ref: Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago Historical Society

1926: Florence Gilbert (Mrs Edgar Rice Burroughs), Johnstown Flood still

1935:  Mr and Mrs Edgar Rice Burroughs (Florence Gilbert)

1942: Mrs. Edgar Rice Burroughs (Florence Gilbert)


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