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R S1 S2
rabid, argo-do-ze
rage, argo-do
rained, meeta-ze
raise, ala-eta
raised, ala-eta-ze
raised, ala-ze
raising, ala-eta
rarely, t`ral
rash, t`utor-ze
rather, eta-u
reach, aba
reached, aba-ze
read, yato-eta-ze
rebound, sen
rebound, utor-do
receiving, rem
reception, rem
reclamation, der-ah
reference, zu-gogo
referred, zu-gogo-ze
refresh, bur
refreshed, bur-ze
refutation, emba-ah
regard, gree`ta
reinforcement, ja
rejected, utor-do-ze
remembrance, ngoz-rem
remittance, unk-do
removal, buk-eta
repaired, are-ze
reparation, are
repetition, ral
replaced, ban-ze
replacing, ban
reply, emba
reprehension, are
request, der
rescue, t`bund-o
residue, t`gree-eta
resistance, t`rota
respect, yodo
respected, yodo-ze
rest, ram-ba
restriction, mo-eta
retention, dan-do
retirement, ala-eta
return, rand
revelation, yat-do
reveled, yat-do-ze
review, ral
rhythm, voo
ridden, pac-ze
riding, pac
right, lan
right now, ara
risen, t`ram-ba-ze
rising, ala-eta
ritual, Dum-Dum
road, kor
roar, zu-gor
robbery, hut
robust, dak-ze
robustness, dak
rough, es-ze
round, rud
rubbish, aro-eta
rule, gun
ruled, gun-ze
run, gom-ze
run, gom
runaway, ande-ah
rupture, tub


sad, ngoz-eta-ze
sadness, ngoz-eta
said, gogo-ze
said, zu-gogo-ze
salvation, t`bund-o
sanction, gutho
sat, pul-eta-ze
saying, gogo-eta
scarcely, t`ral
scare, utor-do
scared, utor-do-ze
scope, aba
scratch, tawa
scream, kree-gor
search, knu
searched, knu-ah-ze
seat, pul-eta
secure, ja
security, ja
seduced, dane-ze
seduction, dane
seen, yato-ze
seldom, t`ral
selection, rem-hane
sent, unk-do-ze
sentence, gutho
separated, buk-eta-ze
separation, buk-eta
sepulture, bol-do
serene, bur-eta-ze
serenity, bur-eta
set, pul-ze
several, ho
sewed / sewn, are-ze
shaggy, zi-ze
shake, sok
shaken, sok-ze
sharp, litu-ze
sharpen, litu-ze
sharpness, litu
shock, amba-eta
shone, id-do-ze
shorn, buk-b`zan-ze
short, mo-ze
shot, aro-ze
shot, aro
shouted, kree-gor-ze
showed, knu-eta-ze
shown, yat-do-ze
shrinkage, mo
shrunk, mo-ze
shut, t`oke-ze
sick, gu-mado-ze
sigh, pan-lul-eta
sight, yato
sign, tawa
silence, t`panda
silent, t`panda-ze
silly, fee`ta-ze
similar, o
since, ul
singing, voo-voo
sinking, t`zut
site, pul
sketch, tawa-eta
skilful, akut-nga-ze
skill, akut-da
slaughter, bund-olo
slept, ram-ba-ze
slept, ram-ba
slid, gana-ze
slipping, gana
slow, o kota do
smaller, eta`g-ze
smart, t`bund-yud-ze
smart, yat-oke
smell, lat
smelt, lat-ze
smooth, pan-ze
so, o
so, zen
sob, pan-lul-eta
softness, pan
solicitude, knu
some , obe


somebody, obe
someone, obe
something, obe wo
sometimes, ral
soon, o usha do
soothsayer, rea-ngoz-ze
sorrow, ngoz-eta
sorting, are`ta
sought, knu-ze
sound, panda-ah
sound, voo
sowed / sown, utne-ze
sown land, utne
spat, jaba-ze
speed, usha-ah-ze
spelt, yato-eta-ze
spending, uze-ah
spent, uze-ah-ze
spilling, t`vulp
spilt / spilled, t`vulp-ze
spin, renk
spittle, lul-tho
splendor, id-do
split, tub-ze
spoiled, kree-ze
spoilt / spoiled, kree-ze
spoken, gogo-ze
spread, om-ze
sprung, sen-ze
squandering, sord-uze
squeamishness, fad
stab, yut
stabbed, yut-ze
stake, tand-ah
started, beg-ze
starved, t`po-ze
stated, yud-ze
statement, zu-gogo
stay, t`unk
stay, yud
still, t`unk
sting, lana
stinking, sord-lat-ze
stolen, hut-ze
story, zu-gogo
straight, tro
strait, usha-ah
strange, jar-ze
strength, t`rota
stripped, co-ze
strong, da-eta-ze
strong, zu-vo-ze
struck, kob-ze
stuck, kob-ze
stumble, amba-eta
stung, wud-ze
stunk, sord-lat-ze
submission, mer
such, o
sudden attack, lu
sudden meeting, amba-eta
suffering, gu-mado
suffering, t`rota
suffocation, bund-eta
suggested, akut-gogo-ze
suggestion, akut-gogo
sung, voovoo-gogo-ze
sunk, t`zut-ze
supplied, fen-ze
supply, fen
support , ja
supporter, meea
surely, o rak
surprise, utor-do
survey, sek
swallowed, po-ah-ze
swallowed, zwalo-ze
sweat, lul-do-ze
sweating, lul-do-ze
sweet, pu-ze
sweetness, pu
swimming, lul-kor
swindle, nur-eta
swing, yang
swollen, dak-ze
swum, lul-kor-ze
swung, yang-ze


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