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a few, obe
a little, t`ho
abandoned, ande`ta-ze
abandonment, ande`ta
ability, akut-da
about, ul
above, nala
absolution, gree-ah
absolution, ado
absorbed, bund-eta-ze
absorption, bund-eta
abstention, tand-ah
acceptation, rak
accepted, rak-ze
access, ande
accommodation, pul-eta
accusation, gule
accused, gule-ze
accustomed, dan-eta-ze
aching, gu-mado
acknowledgement, gree`ta
across, tro
administration, gun
admiration, gree-ah
admired, gree-ah-ze
admission, ngore
admitted, ngore-ze
admonition, gor-eta
adopted, rak-ze
adoption, rak
adoration, gree-ah
adored, gree-ah-ze
advance, kor
advanced, kor-ze
advise, akut-gogo
advised, akut-gogo-ze
affected, fee`ta-ze
affection, fee`ta
affection, gree
affirmation, rak-gogo
affliction, ngoz-eta
afraid, utor-ze
after, rand
afternoon, t`a
afterwards, rand
again, ral
against, keen
aggression, bundolo-eta
agitation, sok
ago, rand
agony, goda-eta
aid, van-hane
aided, van-hane-ze
airing, bor
alarm, gor-eta
alarm, gor-eta-ze
alert, kreeg-eta
alike, o-ze
all, u
alluded, akut-gogo-ze
almost,  -eta
alone, tand-ja-ze
along, tro
already, ara
also, yud
always, eho-dan
amazed, jad-ze
amazed, utor-ze
amazement, jad
ambush, shee-eta
ambushed, bundolo-eta-ze
ambushed, shee-eta-ze
amiability, sa-tor
among, wee
and, (,)
anger, lu
angry, lu-ze
anguish, ngoz-eta
animated, da-eta-ze
animation, da-eta
annotation, tawa-eta
annoyance, fad
another, otto
answer, emba
answered, emba-ze
anxiety, der-eta
any, obe
anybody, obe
anyone, obe
anything, obe wo
apart, buk-eta-ze
appeared, yud-ze
appearing, yud
appeasement, bur-eta
applause, prae
appointment, rem-hane
appraisement, fee
appraisement, gree`ta
appreciation, yodo
apprenticeship, knu-do
approval, rak-gogo
approved, rak-gogo-ze
approximation, lufo
aptitude, akut-da
arid, bor-ze
around, rud
arrangement, are
arrival, unk-aba
arrived, unk-aba-ze
as, o
as ... as, o .... o
as soon as, o ara o..
as well as, o van o
ascended, ala-ze
ascent, ala
asked, der-ze
asked, knu-ze
assault, bund-eta
assault, bundolo-eta
assault, hut
assisted, van-hane-ze
astonished, utor-ze
at, zor
at once, ara
attack, bund-eta
attack, bundolo-eta
attacked, bundolo-eta-ze
attendance, van-hane
attention, ja-eta
attention, yado
augury, geth
authorization, ande
avowal, ngore
awake, t`ram-ba-ze
awaken, t`ram-ba-ze
away, wur
back, rand
back up, ja
backwardness, dan-do
bad, sord-ze
badly, sord
banishment, kuen
barely, t`pan-yud-o
bathing, lul
battle, bar
battle, ugla
beaked, lana-ze
beaten, kob-ze
beating, sok
beating, kob
beautiful, fee-ah-ze
because, bi et
been, yud-ze
before, gugu
beg, der-eta
begged, der-ze
beginning, begu
begun, beg-ze
behind, rand
being, yud
being in love, gree-do
belief, gree`ta
believed, gree`ta-ze
below, ram
bend, ry
beneath, eho-ram
benefit, aba
bent, ry-ze
beside, lufo
besides,  ag
better, van-do-ag-ze
between, wee
beware, kreeg
bewilderment, fee`ta
beyond, wur
bid, meea-ze
big, zu-ze
bigger, zu-ag-ze
binding, kamo
birth, meea
bitten, gash-do-ze
blast, usha-do
bled, galul-ze
blowing, usha-do
blown, usha-do-ze
born, meea-ze
born, t`rota-ze
both, boz
bottom, ug
bought, ban-ze
bound, kamo-ze
brave, t`utor-ze
breaking out, t`kamo
bred, meea-ze
brightness, id-do
broadcast, argo-do-ze
broadcast, mee-ze
broken, buk-ah-ze
broken, tub-ze
brought, rem-ze
bud, meea-eta
built, hane-ze
bumping, amba-eta
burial, bol-do
buried, bol-do-ze
burning, argo-do
burnt, argo-ah-ze
burnt / burned, argo-do-ze
burst, argo-panda-ah-ze
bursting, argo-panda-ah
by, bi
by, lufo


calcination, argo-ah
call, nam
called, nam-ze
calm, bur-eta
calmed, bur-eta-ze
capture, shee
carbonization, argo-ah
carbonized, argo-ah-ze
care, ja-eta
care, kreeg
cared, yad-ze
careful, ja-eta-ze
careless, ande`ta-ze
caress, sa
carried, rem-eta-ze
carrying, rem-yel
cast, aro-ze
cataloged, are`ta-ze
catalogue, are`ta
catch, rem
catch, shee
caught, rem-ze
cause, meea
caused, meea-ze
certainly, rak
cessation, bund
challenge, ugla
change, ban
changed, ban-ze
charge, da-ah
charmed, dane-ze
charming, dane
chase, unk-rand
chastisement, da-hane
chewed, gash-do-ze
choice, rem-hane
chosen, rem-hane-ze
clambering, kan
clarity, ado
classified, are`ta-ze
clean, ado-ze
cleaned, ado-ze
cleanness, ado
clear, ado-ze
cleared, ado-ze
clearing, ado
climbing, ala
close to, lufo
closed, wang-jen-ze
closing, wang-jen
clung, rem-ah-ze
cold, bur-ze
coldness, bur
collected, ala-eta-ze
combat, ugla
combated, ugla-ze
come, yud-ze
comfortable, pul-eta-ze
coming, yud
commanded, gun-eta-ze
company, ja-eta
comparison, odo
complaint, gor
completion, emba-eta
complication, mis
composition, are
compound, are-ze
comprehension, akut-do
concealment, t`yat
conception, meea
confession, ngore
confidence, gree`ta
confirmation, rak-gogo
confrontation, gugu
confused, mis-ze
confusion, mis
conquered, gan-do-ze
conquest, gan-do
consent, ande-nga
considered, gree`ta-ze
construction, hane
consumed, bund-eta-ze
consumption, bund-eta
contagion, gu-mado
continuation, unk-eta
continued, unk-eta-ze
contradiction, emba-ah
control, da-ah
controlled, da-ah-ze
conversion, ban-eta
converted, ban-eta-ze
conviction, akut-eta
convinced, akut-eta-ze
cooled, bur-ze
copula, anfee
corrected, are-ze
correction, are
corrupt, dane-ze
corrupted, dane-ze
corruption, sord`ane
cough, kog
coupled, jen-ze
coupling, jen
courage, buk-ah
courage, da-eta
courage, olo
courage, t`utor
cover, pane
covered, pane-ze
created, hane-ah-ze
creation, hane-ah
crept, rem-bo-ze
crossed, tro-wee-ze
crossing, tro-wee
cultivation, utne
curvature, ry
curve, ry
curved, ry-ze
custom, dan-eta
cut, yuto-ze
cutout, yuto-eta-ze
cutting, yuto




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