The First and Only Weekly Online Fanzine Devoted to the Life and Works of Edgar Rice Burroughs
Volume 0274

A series of 60 long-out-of-print adventures

From the Ron de Laat Collection

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34. BLACK FURY: Tarzan lay tangled in the vines, stunned by the charge of the elephant. He awoke to see a huge panther upon him. The Ape-Man's knife flashed, braced by his steel muscles, and struck once at the beast's heart.  Tarzan jumped up, grabbed the fearful girl and swung through the jungle vines to safety!

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35. MAN AGAINST BEAST: Defending astronomer Arnold Broomall from a crazed gorilla, Tarzan faced mortal danger. As the huge beast charged forward, Tarzan braced for the attack. His knife was his only hope! Tarzan knew he had to win for his jungle friends who depended on him for safety.

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36. PERIL IN THE PIT: Forced by enemy spears, Tarzan plunged into the deep sacrificial well. He filled his lungs with air and swam downward. Tearing out a rusted iron grate, the Ape-Man raced through an underground stream and into fresh air and freedom.

37. ACID BATH: With Tarzan securely tied above a tub of acid, the mine robbers escaped. Moments later two elephants answered Tarzan's call for help, uprooted the poles and lowered their friend to earth. Tarzan ran to the trees and started through the jungle after the thieves.

38. ONE CHANCE!: Now or never! Tarzan alone could stop the smuggler's ship! To avoid alarming the crew, Tarzan had to overcome the guard silently. If he could just reach the pilot house in time he would be able to disable the ship!
39. FROM ANOTHER AGE: Hunters had trapped a huge prehistoric bird. In a dramatic attempt to keep this unusual giant bird in the jungle, Tarzan stole into the hunter's camp. With his steel nerves, Tarzan ignored the bird's fierce claws and sharp beak and released the animal from its cage.

40. JAWS OF DEATH: There was no escape! With his back to the cliff wall, Tarzan challenged the giant reptiles. Eyeing the determined Ape-Man, the cowardly crocodiles slid off into the water to seek easier prey. Tarzan's reputation of great strength was known even to most animals!

41. JET-POWERED THIEVES: The deafening roar of the huge plane terrified the jungle people. As Tarzan raced to the scene he was met by a hail of bullets. The Ape-Man called for his animal friends to help meet this unknown jet-age danger. Tarzan knew the jungle would not be safe until these strangers were defeated.

42. DIVE TO DANGER: Racing against time, Tarzan plunged from the government land survey plane toward the river below. He hoped to land between the boat and the ocean preventing the pirates from escaping. Surprise was his best weapon.

43. VINES OF DEATH: The clutching tentacles of the man-eating plant tore at Tarzan's straining muscles as he shouted his jungle cry. As the last strength flowed from him, Tarzan heard the answering call of his friend Tantor, the elephant. Help would now come quickly!

44. KILL OR BE KILLED: As he swam against the ocean currents, Tarzan was attacked by a huge shark. His lungs bursting for air, Tarzan struck at the leathery hide of the giant sea killer. He was almost lost as he killed the monster and shot to the surface far above and swam on to safety.

45. MADMAN'S MACHINE: Tarzan, stunned from behind and captured, awoke in the underground laboratory of the mad Dr. Fargo. Feeling a mysterious ray draining his strength, Tarzan, in a last desperate effort, snapped his bonds and grabbed the crazed scientist. The Ape-Man turned the criminal over to the law.

46. SENTENCED TO DEATH: The evil queen looked down upon Tarzan, the only man who dared to oppose her, "DEATH," she shouted as the Lord of the Jungle struggled against his captors. Tarzan prepared to send out his echoing jungle call for help. The Ape-Man knew his faithful Indian friends would reach him in time.

47. BATTLE IN THE CLOUDS: Surrounded, the assassin climbed into the basket of an experimental gas-filled balloon. Tarzan leaped for a rope and climbed aboard. In a brief, violent fight the Ape-Man knocked out the murderer as the balloon soared peacefully over the jungle.

48. SQUEEZE PLAY: Slowly, Tarzan's desperate tugging loosened the paralyzing pressure of the giant squid's tentacles. At the very entrance of the monster's watery cave, the Ape-Man tore free, thrashed to the surface, and gasped the fresh air just in time. Tarzan had survived another long struggle.

49. BATTLE IN THE BUCKET: With the boy, Jai, held in the mine as a hostage, the diamond thief hid in the scoop of the huge steam shovel. Cheetah, Tarzan's pet chimp, grabbed the controls and lowered the scoop. The Ape-Man leaped in and disarmed the criminal.

After sneaking by the guards, Tarzan made a desperate lunge for the leader of the slave traders. As the criminal fell before the King of the Jungle's mighty attack, so ended his slave empire. All the freed slaves became Tarzan's friends!

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51. CAGE OF DEATH: Caged like an animal, the mighty Tarzan sent out his jungle call for help. The hostile warriors, hearing a herd of elephants at the gates, closed in on Tarzan for the kill. But he dodged the spears and arrows as the elephants smashed the compound and the warriors fled. Tarzan was saved!

52. KING AGAINST KING: The man-eating lion had struck again! Tarzan dove from the trees upon the great beast hoping to save the lives of other innocent hunters. The King of Beasts had met his match in Tarzan, the King of the Jungle!

53. LANDSLIDE TERROR: Breathlessly Tarzan raced to the young boy's side through a rain of rocks. Grabbing the injured Jai, he dove into a shallow cave and the thundering landslide crashed harmlessly past them. Tarzan had saved Jai from certain death.

54. TERROR OF THE SKULL: Disguised in skull masks to frighten the fearful Indians, the slave traders trapped Tarzan. As he lapsed into unconsciousness, the Ape-Man managed a desperate jungle cry that brought a hundred friendly warriors to his aid. By saving Tarzan, they repaid him for all his help to them in the past.

55. TARZAN, THE APE-MAN: High above the jungle floor, Tarzan swung homeward after another adventure. Learning from the apes, the Jungle Lord used the trees as the fastest way to travel in the thick jungle. Tarzan made many friends among the animals as he protected them from evil.

56. DUNGEON DUEL: From the shadows of a dark dungeon corridor an iron figure lunged at Tarzan. The armor-clad assassin was no match for the cat-like Ape-Man. With one tremendous blow, Tarzan knocked his attacker unconscious, then raced through the castle to freedom. Tarzan was unharmed!

57. TURTLE TAXI: Tarzan had just caught a criminal he had long been tracking, finally defeating him in the wide river. Injured and exhausted, the Ape-Man seemed an easy prey for the circling sharks. Desperately, Tarzan grasped the back of a giant sea turtle for a life-saving ride to shallow water.

58. PROGRAM INTERRUPTED: Tarzan raced over the rooftops to warn the Commissioner of the murder attempt. Using the window frame as he would a tree limb, the Jungle Lord crashed into the TV studio and stopped the assassin.

59. THE Q-RAY: To gain the freedom of the government official's daughter, Tarzan substituted himself as target for the deadly experimental Q-Ray. But Cheetah, Tarzan's chimp friend, followed him to the laboratory.  Cheetah's careless antics broke the power cable, disabled the deadly machine, and saved Tarzan.

60. JUSTICE FROM THE TREES: After days of searching for the stolen ivory, Tarzan came face to face with the thieves. Surprising them from the tree-tops, Tarzan jumped. With bullets missing him only by inches, the mighty Ape-Man's strength made short work of the two criminals. Tarzan returned the ivory to its owners.

61. DEATH TRAP!: Stalking the trapper, Tarzan stepped into an illegal lion trap. Hearing Tarzan fall, the trapper turned to fire but Cheetah, Tarzan's friend, jumped on him from a nearby tree and knocked him to the ground. The faithful chimp sat on the terrified hunter until Tarzan could free himself.

62. AMBUSHED: Tarzan was startled as the huge black form of the bull ape fell toward him. Quickly, Tarzan jumped to one side. The maddened animal missed the Ape-Man completely and fell to the ground. A narrow escape for the King of the Jungle!

63. INTERRUPTED CAT NAP: As he napped beneath the tree, Jai, Tarzan's friend, did not hear the hungry jungle cat approaching. Tarzan, sensing the danger, grabbed the beast and tossed it playfully back into the brush.

64. ESCAPING THE MAN-EATERS: Fleeing the pirate ship, Tarzan braved the shark-filled waters with the unconscious girl. A desperate knife stab by Tarzan wounded one shark and the Ape-Man reached shore safely as the man-eating sharks circled the pool of blood in the water.

65. SPEAK NOW OR DIE!: Only raw courage made Tarzan refuse to give the thieves the location of the lost diamond mine. Now Tarzan must depend upon his great strength to stay alive until his faithful Indian comrades could find and free him.

66. LORD OF THE JUNGLE: Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, has devoted his life to keeping peace in the vast wilderness. Animals obey him, peaceful men honor him, and evil-doers fear him. All men respect the famous name of Tarzan.

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