Compiled by Bill Hillman
1898: Ed has a supply of photo bills printed for the store. Minidoka is later written on the backs of some of these bills
1914: TA reviewed in Nation mag
Experiences angina pains. Nitro-glycerine doesn't work & turns to bourbon. Growing reliance on bourbon for all ills
1912: Completes GM & sends it to Metcalf
1929: Starts
JG with combination Ediphone dictation & longhand approach.
1940: Starts SP pt 2 
1944: Starts Savage Pellucidar pt 4. Dedication in 1963 SP 1st ed: "To my first grandson - James Michael Pierce."
1913: Metcalf writes to Ed at 550A. Ave. Coronado predicting success for Nov. All-Story the entire The Man Without a Soul & Dec. issue that will start WM serial. At his request, Ed draws a map of Barsoom
EL by McClurg
1934: Ed's flying instructor, Jim Granger, is killed in a plane crash
1923(3): Writes to Hollywood Athletic Club promoting application of M.DeMond, a Jew Supported him before when he had applied for membership in Writer's Club
1929: Toronto Star complaint that the story line in the Tarzan strips is "thinning out" coincides with poor sales of G&D Tarzan strip book
1912: Submits TA to McClurg for book publication (They decline)
1912: Submits 3,500-word western For the Fool's Mother to Story-Press Corp
1931: Oct. 4: Appearance of 1st Hal Foster Tarzan Sunday  page Terror From the Skies

1919: Oakdale Affair  released by World Film Corp

1940: Starts Men of the Bronze Age," pt 3 of  new Pellucidar series

1935: Oct: Tarzan and the Immortal Men TQstarts in Blue Book

1938: Italian mag Unicum begins CV serial

1921: Efficiency Expert appears as 4-part serial in All-Story

1932: Terrace Drive Murderappears in Script Mag
1949: This month the Sunday Tarzan strip format is changed from tab to half-page

1903: Ed sends his father an illustrated birthday letter, informing him that he is taking correspondence lessons in drawing and is still hoping to be a cartoonist

1913: Ed finishes Mucker & sends it to All-Story, New Story, Adventure, etc. sans success
1871: Burroughs family watch the great Chicago fire from the roof of their home on Washington Blvd
1917: PM by McClurg. Cover illo is by Frank E. Schoonover. Dedication is: "To My Son Jack."
1927: Tarzan Twins by P. F. Volland Co with illos by Donald Grant with dedication: "To Joan, Hulbert and Jack, who were brought up on Tarzan stories, this volume is affectionately dedicated by their father." 

1919: Moving Picture Herald praises Oakdale Affair

1938: Burroughses arrive home at Tarzana having driven down the coast from Vancouver

1942: Oct: Writes Caryl Lee suggesting that she keep the Burroughs name now that her mother has remarried

1946: Oct 20: Ed is visited by 4 fans: "A Mr. Evans and his daughter, Mr. Ackerman, and 'Tigrina', a pretty blonde." 
1918: Romance of Tarzan opens at the Strand Theatre in NY
1930: Ed writes nephew Studley that he has given $10,000 to son-in-law James Pierce who has gone into business with the Cal.Vitamine Co. to develop a new chicken feed made from dehydrated oranges
1946: Following tradition, Ed observes his father's 113th birthday

1916: Girl from Farris's serial ends in All-Story Weekly

1944: Family bury ERB's mother's ashes at the south side of the walnut tree in the front yard of the Burroughs offices in Tarzana
1915: Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar submitted to both Davis & Sessions
1938: TA voted second best Argosy story of all time
1940: Starts Living Dead pt 2 of the new Venus series
1946: EV by ERB Inc. Dedication is: To Brigadier General Kendall J. Fielder an Intelligence Officer (G-2), U.S. Army at Fort Shafter, Honolulu

Who Murdered Mr. Thomas?  in Script Mag

1941: Oct: George's wife Edna dies. She had been committed to a mental institution in Aug. George invited old friend Lew Sweetser to share the Fontana home
1946: Ed writes to Caryl Lee that he is too ill to drive over to pick her up

1934: Oct: Olympic athlete Herman Brix is chosen to play Tarzan in Guatemala. Ed refuses to write a movie tie-in novel, preferring to leave the promotion to a special Whitman Big Little Book, a Tarzan Club campaign, & Signal Oil

1938: Starts LT - it's rejected by all magazines. ERB is losing confidence in his work. 
1915:  1st edition of Ben, King of Beasts  published as  Man-Eater by the NY Evening World newspaper (37,000 words)
1916: Ed makes contact with favourite poet, H. H. Knibbs of LA
1924: BHB serial ends in Argosy 

1939: Ed guests on Ken Murray's Texaco Star Theater featuring Home Life of Mr. & Mrs. Tarzan or The Apes of Wrath

1892: Letter home suggests he is lonely & misses his family but has channeled excess energies into football

1920: TTe serial ends in British magazine, Ideas
1927: Ed gives Joan a rough draft of a play written for her: You Lucky Girl! - Not performed until 1997 at Palmdale Playhouse, CA
1947: Returns to writing. Writes a 6 week story in 1 week - a newspaper strip?
1929: Oct. 19: ERB receives word from Elser of renewed interest in the Tribes of Tarzan club. There follow a series of renewals  & revisions of the club formations
1934: Moves temporarily into the Dearholt apartment in West Hollywood when lease on his Pinehurst Road home runs out
1934: Tarzan the Fearless BLB by Whitman

1929: Oct Universal releases Tarzan & the Tiger - 2nd serial based on Tarzan & Jewels of Opar
purchased in 1922.
ERB receives no royalties from either of the Universal serials

1934: Ed & Flo travel to Las Vegas where he takes up residency. He spends his time playing tennis, writing, phoning Flo, & in visits to LA. Emma plans to contest the divorce & moves to 10452 Bellagio Road in Bel Air. 

1932: Oct: Signal Oil organizes the Tarzan Club which by Dec 1933 has grown to 125,000 members

1935: For promotion the Courier-Journal & Louisville Times request a political speech for Tarzan. Ed composes a 600-word campaign speech delivered by N'kima who supports Tarzan's Nude Deal Platform
1917: Starts Cor-Sva-Jo (The People That Time Forgot)
1919: Methuen's first British edition of Jungle Tales of Tarzan
Continuing longtime correspondence with Gen. Chas King, Ed sends him 84th birthday congratulations


1929: Elser talks ERB out of investing in the LA Monkey Farm

1914:  Mucker serial  in All-Story Cavalier Weekly

1928: Methuen buy Tarzan & the Ant Men
1929: Ed responds to Metropolitan request for promo material by submitting the rambling article, My Diversions describing his activities & philosophies
1940: Starts Escape on Mars pt 3 of the new Mars series
1940: Starts Beyond the Farthest Star start of a new series on planet Poloda
1915: Starts H.R.H. the Rider (38,000 words)
1928: Ed endorses some of the ideas of WR. Thurston concerning the hazards of "excessive sexual intercourse" & overpopulation by mental, moral & physical defectives. ERB is witness to an exchange of written arguments between Thurston and GB Shaw
1941: Starts Skeleton Men of Jupiter the first of a planned new John Carter series. Blue Book rejects - appears in Amazing, Feb 1943

1913: Starts Mad King of Lutha (MK) (40,000 wrd)

1933: Informs Dahlquist he is not satisfied with the radio show - plans to take over script writing with episode 248. He contacts Neebe, informing him of his plan to take over the show in March 1934

1935: Lightship Murder in Script
1926: At the invitation of the London Daily Express, Ed responds to the headline: "Mars Message Waited." Mars is closer to Earth & thousands of radio enthusiasts are listening for possible messages
1929: Article, How I Wrote the Tarzan Books appears in Wash. Post & NY World
1933: Pomona College Dean forwards a report of unsatisfactory work by Jack in Math. Ed responds with a humorous limerick
1941: Hulbert reports to Rothmund that he has talked his father out of drinking so heavily & his health is much improved


1930: ERB starts but never finishes a story about a young Tarzan (1,170 words)

1934: LA Times reports that ERB has taken up residence in Las Vegas, hinting that most temporary residents are there to get quick divorces
1945: Ed boards a plane for the mainland
1941: A 2,400-word article, Fall of a Democracy is completed. Magazine submissions are turned down & it is never published
1945: Ed is greeted at Hamilton Field by Jack & Lt. Middleton
1912: submits a rough outline of a TA sequel to All-Story - working title is Monsieur Tarzan
1931: Tarzan, Guard of the Jungle TI starts in Blue Book


1920: Mucker by A.C. McClurg

1935: Rents Palm Springs home for 8 months. Time at  the Racquet Club owned by Ralph Bellamy & Charles Farrell. Bellamy becomes a "kind of stepfather" kids. Weissmuller gives swimming lessons
1903: Ed writes his first piece of fiction: Minidoka 937th Earl of One Mile Series M. An Historical Fairy Tale - 82 pages handwritten on the backs of letterheads & odd sheets of paper


1904: Ed tries a series of jobs: a high-rise timekeeper, door-to-door book salesman, seller of electric light bulbs to janitors & candy to drugstores,  accountant & office manager, etc. 

1912: All-Story publishes TA complete in one issue, illustrated by Clinton Pettee

1925: Hollywood is a poem probably written for the Breakfast Club
1927: Illustrator & the Author" article in The Authors' League Bulletin in praise of  J. Allen St. John's work
1928: Tarzan and the Lost Empire starts in Blue Book


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