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September 1 - ERB's birthday - is the official release date for most of the ERB, Inc. editions of ERB's novels

1888: Ed enters the Harvard School on 21st Street & Indiana Ave. Ed rides to school by pony, horsecar & cable-car
1891: Ed reluctantly returns to the East and enrolls  in Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass.
1916: New Stories of Tarzan (Jungle Tales of Tarzan) short story 1 of 12 starts in Blue Book
Sept 23: Burroughs family moves to LA & winter at 355 South Hoover Street
1917: Sept 8

Starts The Lost U-Boat  (The Land That Time Forgot)
1923: In preparation for a career in theatre, Joan enrolls in LA's Cumnock School of Theatre
1924-26: Joan attends the Marta Oatman School of Theatre in LA
1920: Tarzana major renovations: central heating, 3-car garage, servants rooms, darkroom, workshop, study & home school room. Ballroom/ movie theatre/ playroom, projection booth, pool, golf course, lion & monkey cages, riding trails, hen house, hog pen, dairy barn & horse stalls

1925: Ed severs all official connections with financially- troubled El Caballero Country Club
1926: Thanks to Ed's influence, James Pierce takes a screen test and is hired for the first full-length Tarzan feature and the last of the Tarzan silent movies
1927: Who Cares? article by Normal Bean and others by ERB appear in  Tarzana Bulletin. ERB pleads for protection of wildlife.
1939: Ed's 64th birthday on Sept 1 coincides with the breaking out of World War II
1939: The new Tarzan Clans circular is headed with "Johnny Weissmuller, Chief of Chiefs - C.R. Rothmund, Chief Scribe - & Edgar Rice Burroughs, Founder
1940s: Writes a Tarzan parody play called Tarzan's Good Deed Today

1875: Edgar Rice Burroughs is born to George Tyler & Mary Evaline (Zieger) in Chicago The middle name is of his colonial ancestor in Mass., Deacon Edmund Rice (1594-1663)
1896: On his 21st birthday at Duncan Ariz, Ed receives a picture from Emma who is vacationing in Coldwater, Mich
1921: English Tarzan stageplay starts short US run at NY's Broadhurst Theatre
1925: 1st: 50th birthday in Phoenix, returning home with the family from the South Rim of Grand Canyon
1928: Sept: Hulbert enrolls as a senior at Van Nuys High School
1937: ERB works on strip continuity all month
1947: Ed takes over supervision of newspaper strips - Hogarth replaces Maxon - Thompson takes continuity

1940: Interviewed on Radio Station KGMB


1929: Sept: Ed & boys take auto- camping trip to Ensenada area in Lower California. Also  north to Grant's Pass, Ore in 2 Pullman Aerocoaches

1929: Ed anonymously sends Ashton Dearholt a movie outline

1925: Red Hawk starts in Argosy

1913: Leave on a cross-country auto trip to CA for the winter. Sole means of support for the family of 5 is now the income from Ed's writings
1915:Starts Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar

1940: Completes a 20,000-word John Carter story
1891: Ed's Harvard School report card gives his marks as Arithmetic 62, English 67, Algebra 79, Latin 83 & 
1922: Reveals plans to transform Tarzana into a town with its own post office
1940: Hodon and O-AA (SP) the first of a new David Innes series of 4 is written
1941: Hulbert arrives to join father. Ed returns to hospital for short stays

1922: GL in special 40th Ann. issue of Argosy All-Story. ERB also contributes a 1,200-word introduction tracing the Tarzan series & characters from the first story
1942 ( 7) Hulbert is posted to AF bases in the So Pacific as documentary & combat photographer. Under intense fire at Guadalcanal. 
1927: Sept: In his letters, Ed disagrees with Sinclair Lewis' forcing his anti-religious views on the public in Elmer Gantry. He feels a novelist's sole purpose should be to entertain. At the same time he praises the work of Charles Lindbergh. 
1919: "Tarzan and the Valley of Luna" is completed at Tarzana but rejected by Red Book & Cosmopolitan - appears later in All-Story
1929: Sept 9: Receives copy 1 of Tarzan and the Lost Empire. Official release a week later. Dedication is to: To Jean Hulbert - daughter of Murray Hulbert, a NY attorney & judge - distant cousin on his mother's side
1942:Resigns over limited role of BMTC but returns as liaison officer

1932: Sept 10: The radio premier (episode number one on record) of the Tarzan radio show is presented at the Fox Pantages Theater in Hollywood with the entire cast present. ERB, Jim & Joan make brief speeches. One of the first radio series to be transcribed for world-wide markets

1923: National Library for the Blind is granted permission to publish PM&GM in non-profit braille editions
1927: McClurg report US & UK sales to be 6,350,000 copies

1924: BHB starts in Argosy. Ed rents out Tarzana & Koonskin Kabin to movie companies: Bar ‘F’ Mystery & Bred in the Bone with William Fairbanks, Pioneer  & Terrible Terry with William Duncan, & Squatters with Bill Patton
1928: Starts TP at Sea View Terrace, Santa Monica
1933: Ed is elected mayor of Malibu Beach
1945: Plans to return to US are upset by a series of angina attacks & he is confined to bed for over a month. 

1942: Ed socializes with many officers of the Signal Corps, Intelligence, Anti-Aircraft Brigade, etc. Ed enters into a battle of wits with the Signal Corps. Each tries to baffle the other with coded messages - "undecipherable ciphers."


1927: WC in McClurg
1937: Back to the Stone Age (Seven Worlds to Conquer in Argosy) is published by ERB
1940: Deputy Sheriff of Commanche County published by ERB, Inc - JCB illos - War paper shortage
1944: Jack removes Mary Evaline's ashes from the Pierce Brother Crematorium where they have been stored for over 20 years.
1893: World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago: Ed drives the first automobile in Chicago - an electric nine-seater - in an impressive exhibition staged by his father's American Battery Co

1911: Ed's Chicago Cubs baseball poem O, Yes; It's Getting Thick - appears in  the Tribune

1921: Tarzan of the Apes play is reviewed in Weekly Review

1926: MK on A.C. McClurg

1936: Tarzan and the Magic Men (written as Tarzan the Magnificent) is serialized in three parts in Argosy

1929: Submits  last installment of 20,000- word
Autobiography fulfilling Metropolitan's request for publicity material to promote release of Tarzan and the Lost Empire
1931: Rex Maxon's last Sunday Tarzan page is published
1918: Apex Pictures contracts to produce RT & pays Ed an assistant director fee of $5000. This is the start of another bout of artistic and legal wranglings
1939: Whitman publishes The Son of Tarzan as a Big Little Book
1913: CG serial begins in New York Evening World
1919: Semi-autobio graphical The Efficiency Expert is written and is sold to All-Story on Nov 17
1928: Neebe turns  Tarzan strips over to an established syndicate


1914: Submits a patriotic article to the Army-Navy Journal: What Is the Matter with the United States Army

1926: Clubs Like the Edgewater a Force for Good in the Community
article appeared in the Edgewater Breeze, Santa Monica, CA
1939: Tarzan the Magnificent is published by ERB, Inc. Dedication is: "To Cyril Ralph Rothmund" - ERB's secretary & later general manager of ERB, Inc
1946: Views Lesser's RKO film Tarzan & the Leopard Woman w/JW
1914: Starts  Barney Custer of Beatrice
1923: 27th:

Tarzana development advertises “great jungle barbecue” to be served by Elmo Lincoln. Elmo irked by inaccurate advertising backs out & threatens to sue
1940: dictaphone arrives at office & Ed writes at a feverish pace. Coins the word "scientifiction"  - Develops strong feelings of inferiority as a writer

1919: WM is published by McClurg
1922: Ed receives samples of first authorized Tarzan merchandise from Davis & Voetsch, NY toy manufacturers. Year's royalty is only $120
1940: Starts Black Pirates of Barsoom pt 2 of the new Mars series

1918: GM is published by McClurg
1918: An article about ERB: "Prominent, Popular Oak Park Man Honored" appears in The Oak Parker - Vol. 34, No. 25, Oak Park, Illinois
1936: JCB takes over as illustrator of ERB novels

1928: Sept. 27:
ERB authorizes the adaptation of 10 Tarzan novels to strip form - later he expresses satisfaction with the artwork of Harold Foster. The first 6 strips have already appeared in London Tid-Bits
1938: Ed & Flo leave Honolulu for Vancouver on Empress of Japan

1924: AM in McClurg
1933: PV serial begins in London's Passing Show Magazine
1940: Mrs. Jane Morse is hired as a typist
1942: Hosts one of many radio shows for BMTC - featuring many military friends as guests
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