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Volume 0267

Modest Stein G&D DJ

Compiled by Bill Hillman

1889: Ed's first proposal to future wife, Emma Hulbert
1896: Ed, disillusioned with the life of an enlisted man at Fort Grant, starts sending letters imploring his father to help him buy his way out of the service
1897: Returns to Chicago to help his father in the American Battery Co. and to resume his courtship of Emma
1897: Enrolls for a brief stint at the Art Institute on Michigan Blvd. He only wants to draw horses. 

Horse Sketch by ERB
1932: Aug: Purchases a home in Malibu at 90 Malibu La Costa Beach when he realizes that planned renovations of the Tarzana home will be too expensive
1932: Aug: Signal Oil purchases exclusive broadcasting rights for CA
1941: Submits letter from Frank Shonfield a fan in the Br. army to Life Mag. Rejected
Tarzan and the Leopard Men in Blue Book - Installment #3

1932: Aug: Tarzan and the Leopard Men starts serialization in Blue Book

1885: Disastrous fire destroys the Burroughs Phoenix Distillery. George turns to a new business, the American Battery Co

Fire at ERB Tarzana Warehouse

1927: Starts AD
1943: Caryl writes that she is attending the private Marlborough School for Girls. She persists in using the last name Burroughs - against her mother's wishes. She fought the adoption by Flo's new husband, Dr. Chase
1947: General Landon thanks him for the dedication in FL
1897: A bicycle license is issued to ERB for a Reliance brand with a Diamond frame - address: 646 Washington St
1942: Letter home to Joan

Tarzan and The Foreign Legion DJ painting by JCB

ERB at Malibu Beach House

1932: LV is written at ERB's beach home at 90 Malibu La Costa

1916: Start of CA trek: Oak Park, Ottawa, Camp Point, Hannibal, Emporia, Newton, Larned, Dodge City, Ute Pass, Santa Fe Trail, Pikes Peak, Arizona, New Mexico, Mojave Desert, San Bernardino, LA
1925: General Carrillo of Mexican Army pays $1,000 for Ed's horse Brigadier Rex in a public auction at the Breakfast Club polo field

1914: ERB letter is printed in All-Story-Cavalier's "Heart to Heart Talks" column: Tarzan Burroughs Outlines His Plans For The Future

1918: Aug: Contributes The Creator of Tarzan to Book News Monthly & gets $1000 from Red Book Corp. for motion picture rights to Oakdale Affair. World Film Co.produces it as a 5-reeler a year later

1922: Starts Beware!

1923: Girl from Hollywood by Macauley Co. A deal set up by Bob Davis. Reviews were highly critical. The semi-autographical story is illustrated by P. J. Monahan
1945: Hulbert  relays news from Hickam Field that the war is over
1917: Moving Picture World mag reports that National Film's LA studio is preparing for the production of TA & is making ape costumes

1909: Birth of son Hulbert
1918: Joins his company in training at Camp Steever, Geneva Lake, Ill. Later promoted to major & command of 1st Battalion, Second Infantry of the Ill. Reserves
1932: Featured in Men Who Make the Argosy in Argosy Magazine
1941: Instructs children to elect Rothmund president of ERB Inc. & to look after him financially
1913: New Story's 3rd installment of RT features a cover painting by N. C. Wyeth. Painting finds its way to the Graham Gallery in NY
1933: Mildred Bernard Jensen is hired as an assistant to Rothmund
1934: A son, Michael, is born to Joan & Jim Pierce

1911: Submits his unfinished, Dejah Thoris, Martian Princess by Normal Bean to All-Story Magazine. Return address is Champlin-Yardly Company, 222 West Kinzie St., Chicago
1920: Starts TTe - Sells to Munsey
1945: Celebrates end of the war with friends & Hubert who brings his fiancée Marian Thrasher. Ed is arrested after a parking lot altercation with another motorist
Return of Tarzan - First Installment in New Story

1913: Accepts New Story's $500 offer for The Outlaw of Torn

1946: Aug: The affectionate correspondence between Ed & Caryl Lee continues. She asks for a horse
1913: Starts The Mucker
His Majesty, The Janitor a 7-page synopsis is written at 414 Augusta St. Oak Park
1932: Who Murdered Mr. Thomas? appears in Script Magazine
1914: Sends Cave Man to Davis
1935: Rothmund begins a barrage of submissions of ERB's 1930 western That Damned Dude now renamed The Brass Heart by John Mann. 24 rejections but eventually purchased by Thrilling Wonder stories in 1939 and serialized in 1940
1915: Synopses, Lion Hunter (5-page comedy) & The Mucker written to be submitted as film ideas

The Quest of Tarzan in Argosy

1927: Aug: Tarzana Bulletin "an aid to the development of Tarzana" is published. Edited by Ed's new secretary Ralph Rothmund. "Building Notes" section reports construction of a new store & office building at 18352 Ventura Blvd. and references to the "beautiful old walnut tree in the center of the yard" & Ed's study
1938 Aug 19:
Ed & Flo leave on the Lurline for Hawaii vacation
1913: Rand McNally decline TA 1st pub rights
1937: Adds 21,000 words to the 1914 novelette LL - retitled Men and Beasts
1949: Last Burne Hogarth Tarzan Sunday page

1914: Starts Sweetheart Primeval
1933: Aug: Tarzan the Fearless released

1933: Aug: Hulbert graduates from Pomona College & attends the U. of New Mexico summer school of archaeology at Jemez Springs
1921: Aug: Great Western Producing Co. complete Adventures of Tarzan with Elmo Lincoln. Advertised as "picturized" from the concluding chapters of RT
1924: Notes on Trip to Mono Creek & Porpoise Lake: 10- page description written on a fishing excursion with sons into the Sierras. Doodad is created on this trip. Early symptons of heart trouble
1945: ERB at first considered the parking lot incident a joke but is now embarrassed by it & avoids reporters
1937: Aug 22:
Man-Eaters an article on the behaviour of lions, appears in LA Times Sun. Mag
1921: German publisher Tauchnitz requests permission to publish JT instead of TTe which has strong anti-German content
1941: Tarzan and the Castaways starts in Argosy. Revised & retitled The Quest of Tarzan
1947: Aug 22: FL in ERB, Inc
1911: Receives letter of tentative acceptance of PM from All-Story in NY
1915: Prospector synopsis expansion of For the Fool's Mother is written for film
1922: Applies for loan to cover ranch losses. Considers subdividing 50 acres of  ranch land into business & residential lots

Tarzana Subdivision Map
1923: Aug: Emma has an appendectomy
1949: Aug: CG in Dell PB
1949: Article Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc in Writer's Digest

1922: Aug: Contemplates writing  series of articles based on  Central American exploits of soldier-of-fortune, General Lee Christmas. Abandons the necessary research trip to Guatemala when he can not obtain a guaranteed sale

1898: Newspaper reports that stationer ERB spent a few days in Salt Lake on business & "You can rent a camera the by the day or week at E.R. Burroughs" & ERB is "...circulating some elegant advertisements for the Junius Brutus cigars...."


1925: Aug: Burroughs family drives to Grand Canyon on a 1,400- mile camping trip

1927: Charleston Ill. English teacher compliments Ed on his writing, but lists GL sections needing correcting Ed suggests she read Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle about to start in Blue Book
1940: Move to 2623 Halelena in Honolulu & an office at 1298 Kapiolani Blvd. In office from 9-4
1927 Aug. 28:
In commemoration of their 1916 cross-country trip, the family travel to the Grand Canyon North Rim. His 52nd birthday was spent in Arizona, as were his 21st and his 50th: The article Eleven Year Itch is written to describe the event
1939: ERB, who was highly critical of the plans to eliminate Jane in Tarzan Finds a Son, writes producer Zimbalist voicing approval for the job he has done
ERB at Grand Canyon
1929: Illustrated Tarzan Book No. 1 is published by Grosset & Dunlap. Ed is very happy with Harold Foster's  work
1918: A National Reserve Army Proposal appears in Army-Navy Journal

1932: Editor of Modern Screen requests a story along the theme of If Tarzan Came to Hollywood which may have been the inspiration for Tarzan and the Lion Man
1939: Moves to luxurious 716 North Rexford Drive to make Flo's recuperation more pleasant
Avertises to supply Pocatello readers with any periodical from America or elsewhere. Takes & develops photos - sells to newspaper
1908: Ed leaves his success and security at Sears to go into business for himself
1917: Family vacation at Coldwater, Mich
1903: After a possible quarrel with George, Ed and Emma load their belongings & a collie dog on a freight wagon & leave to join brother Harry's gold dredging operation at Parma, on Snake River. Ed gambles away his money ($40) at Hadley and Harry has to fund the remainder of trip
Brother Harry Burroughs

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