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1889: George & Harry graduate from Yale. Return to Chicago to work in father's American Battery Co. Harry develops lung problems from battery fumes. 

1891: Ed's father sends him to work on his brothers' ranch. The greenhorn experiences many adventures in the "wild west"

1899: Works as treasurer of American Battery Company  (1899-1903)

1895: Experiences many adventures while working as bill collector for Knickerbocker Ice Company in Grand Crossing, Ill.
1934: ERB, Dearholt & 2 other investors, form Burroughs-Tarzan Enterprises to produce Tarzan pictures. Office is located at 8476 Sunset Blvd. Plans made to film a Tarzan movie in Guatemala

1898: Sweetser & partners Burroughs & Sparks load 14 car loads of cattle at American Falls & pass Pocatello on  way to Omaha
1936: Ed travels to Chicago & NY to seek outlets for BTP films
1899: Contributes poems to the Pocatello Tribune: The Black Man's Burden - a parody of Kipling's The White Man's Burden
1908: Ed & Dentzer start advertising agency for correspondence course preparing students in salesmanship. It failed. 
1909: Accepts a position as office manager for selling Alcola  "a cure for alcoholism." Turns down offer to return to Sears. Starts a business with Stace to train salesmen & sell products for them.
1911: Uses free time at office to start writing PM. 35-yr-old Ed writes down his daydreams on the backs of old letterheads of previously failed businesses.

1923: Creator of Tarzan Speaks appears in LA Sunday Times

1928: Joan Burroughs & James Pierce are engaged
1941: Leaves hospital prematurely after treatment with sulfathhiozal. Recurrence of the illness forces him to return later. Doctor suggests he start drinking again - results are not satisfactory. 
1890: Idaho becomes a state
1940: July 4 - Flo stung on heel by a centipede at beach fireworks celebration 
1947: Buys RCA TV. First TV show he sees is a LA-Hollywood baseball game from Wrigley Field. Much time watching boxing, wrestling & baseball
1895: Offered position of asst commandant at MMA - an office which included the duties of cavalry & gatling gun instructor, tactical officer, Foot-Ball/ Baseball manager & geology prof. Uses this knowledge in future stories about the prehistoric
1927: Unhappy over the Methuen's deletions & alterations of his text. He advises them to use the full text of the McClurg edition for their upcoming WC release
1945: Tanker Like Accident About to Happen News Bulletin appears in the Honolulu Advertiser

1925: Influenced by the Scopes Trial, Ed writes a pro-evolution article for the newspapers of the Int. Press Bureau & Universal Service

1914: Returns from a 10-day stay at the Hulbert family farm at Coldwater, Mich
1915: Starts Beyond Thirty at  Hulbert family farm - Coldwater, Mich, & finishes at Oak Park (Aug 10) - rejected by Davis
1930: Tarzan and the Leopard Men started. Blue Book buy for $5,000
1932: Article Edgar Rice Burroughs Tells All appears in Script magazine. An hilarious autobiography filled with fictional events 
1914: Changes Harris to Farris in The Girl from Harris's
Letter to brother George, Ed again expresses his dislike for FDR and his hope that Willkie will win the impending election
1933: Beset with  pressures of work and a growing rift in his marriage to Emma, Ed takes a solo vacation to Springerville in the Arizona White Mountains. Most of the marriage problems involve Emma's over-dependence on alcohol
1942: Don't Let 'em Kid You, Joe News Bulletin appears in Honolulu Advertiser 
1912: Starts sequel to Under the Moons of Mars.
1913: Starts Girl from Harris's in Chicago, finishes in San Diego
1927: Move offices to new store & three-office complex on Ventura Boulevard (present ERB Tarzana offices)

1945: Returns to Honolulu, having travelled 5,000 miles by air & 11,000 miles by ship

1899: Ed, now in New York, writes Colonel Rogers again requesting help in obtaining a commission. Again no success
1934: Upset over sons' attitudes toward his marriage split Ed phones Hulbert in Chicago, asking him to take the first plane home
1940: Writes Strange Adv. of Mr. Dinwiddie as John Tyler McCulloch unpub
1929: Telegrams Elser for assistance in finding a job as war correspondent in Russo-Chinese conflict. Incredulous Elser replies he can offer no assistance
1939: Starts  Tarzan and the Champion of New Tarzan Series

1934: Anxious to restore closeness with his sons and to present his side in the marriage split, Ed meets with the boys to bring about a reconciliation

1917: Receives appointment in the reserves: Captain,  Company A, Second Infantry

1928: Community officially approves the name Tarzana
1940: Short biography of ERB appears in Bob Davis' NY Sun column. Davis, retired from Munsey's & now living at Kailua, had interviewed Ed after a chance meeting on the island
1927: McClurg reject Oakdale Affair despite its having been made into a movie: The Warning

1940: Maintains  daily writing schedule but has regular evening social affairs with friends - actors John Halliday & Janet Gaynor etc.Evenings of drinks followed by bridge. Iinner agonies, guilt & fears & alcohol, are creating marriage tensions. Friends are starting to note that the two appear ill-mated
1914: Starts CM
Golden Gate Oil Co. drills to  1,300 feet in their search for oil on Tarzana. Only traces were found. Abandoned lease in fall of 1926
1941: Star Bulletin reports Flo has filed for divorce. Legal matters are delegated to Rothmund
1937: Starts CV - rejected by slicks
1940: Starts John Carter and the Pits of Horz - first of series for new book
1945: July 23 -

Experiences Angina Pectoris pain
1932: Expresses his pleasure to J. C. Powell, Librarian Emeritus of the U of C at Berkley who has welcomed him into the honoured circle of authors of the Golden State

1930: Pleased with Miss Bischoff editing job, Ed sends her Dancing Girl of the Leper King for correction. He later also sends three installments of Tarzan and the Leopard Men

1929: Sends  ironic rebuff to  Tarzana branch of the LA  Public Library which has requested copies of his books. He points out that their main library has banned his books
1934: Ed, Flo, kids & Mrs. Gilbert take a vacation in Big Basin at Santa Cruz and San Francisco. Return home to a whirl of social affairs 
1913: Visits Metcalf in NY

1939: July 29 Saturday Evening Post runs a biography on ERB. It emphasizes the importance of daydreams for Ed's writing inspiration
1913: Leaves NY for home

1919: John A. Shea is hired as secretary
1939: Scientists Revolt (1922 Beware) appears in Fantastic Adventures as SF story
1941:  Goddess of Fire in Fantastic Adventures $405.60
1941: Writes Uncle Miner & Other Relatives in & out of hospitals - Unpublished
1920: Tarzana major renovations: central heating, 3-car garage, servants rooms, darkroom, workshop, study that doubled as a home school room. Ballroom/movie theatre/playroom, projection booth, swimming pool, golf course, lion and monkey cages, riding trails, hen house, hog pen, dairy barn & horse stalls, maintenance etc

1924: Grand opening of El Caballero Country Club of which Ed is managing director. Earlier  Ed had sold the main house & 120 acres of Tarzana Ranch to the promoters of the new club
1935: Ashton Dearholt & Ula Holt are married
1926: Family moves from 674 South New Hampshire, LA, back to Tarzana at 5245 (5046) Mecca Ave where Ed has built a cottage on Lot 76 of his tract 5475. He also moves his office to 5255 (5135) Avenida Oriente in Tarzana
1927: Master Mind of Mars appears in Amazing Stories Annual
1927: Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle is rejected by slicks
1932: Tarzan for President article appears in Blue Book
1934: Hulbert makes a tour of eastern cities, making contacts with radio stations & advertisers. Neebe turns down a offer to work in sales & promotion. 
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