Compiled by Bill Hillman
APRIL 2000
Father George  a retired Civil War Major and rich whisky distiller
1896: Resigned from his Academy position to enlist in the U.S. Army
1897: Joins brother Harry & Lew Sweetser at Nogales, Arizona to help in the moving of a herd of starving Mexican cattle to Kansas City. 
1898: Leaves by train to join his brothers in Pocatello, Idaho in a  houseboat. Meets an old Cavalry friend in Denver and celebrate by hiring a band for a parade & by gambling away the rest of their money. 
1918: Takes a business office at 1020 North Boulevard, Oak Park which he also uses to recruit men for the reserve militia
1929: Complains about the amount of royalties paid by McClurg
1930: Leaves foreign agent, Curtis Brown. Dissatisfied with Methuen & dwindling foreign sales
1935: Times photographers stake out Ed's house
1942: Completes the first of a series of radio programs which CBS plans to air weekly on the mainland
1914: LL is purchased by All-Story
1917: Returns to Oak Park to buy a larger home at 700 Linden Ave
1933: 3-7th Family vacation trip to Death Valley - Described in Death Valley Expedition of the Intrepid Thirty-Threers
1893: 4-6 Columbian Saddle Horse Show at the Detroit Riding Club
1918: "How I Became an Author" article appears in the Fine Arts Supplement of the Chicago Examiner

1924: article, "Out of Time's Abyss," appears in The Urbanite
(paper of sons' military academy)
1935: Ed & Flo fly to Vegas for wedding & back to LA
1893: Rides with the Orchard Lake Cadets in exhibition drills with and without saddle & equipment
1920: Mother Mary Evaline Burroughs dies in California
1935: Leave for Hawaiian honeymoon on S.S. Lurline - Captain's table with Jeanette McDonald
1893: Ed & his horse, Captain, win 2nd prize. Audience & newspapers are enthusiastic
1917: US declares war on Germany

1927:  Play: "Mary Who?" aka "Why Razz the Kids"  aka "Holy Bonds of Wedlock" is commenced. It was perhaps written for Joan but was never published
1941: Diary entries indicate that Ed has fallen into deep depression & complete withdrawal
1945: Jack sends a letter to Hulbert suggesting that they find ways to keep Ed from returning to California as he believes his father is considering marriage
1948: LA Times reports ERB is at fault in a 3-car accident on Ventura Blvd outside ERB offices 
1935: Dock at Honolulu & receive leis sent by Florence's friend Janet Gaynor

1935 (to May 11) Newlyweds swim, surf & relax on their honeymoon in Hawaii
1894: Ed is demoted to Cadet for "gross neglect of duty while Officer of the Day." 
1892: While confined to MMA barracks is apprehended climbing thru window 
1914: EL starts 6-part run in Evening World
1892: makes a successful escape from MMA & leaves for home
1940: Flo & kids & her Packard sedan sail for Hawaii on S.S. Matsonia to live. Ed is soon to follow
1942: Promoted to major in the BMTC
1945: "Laugh It Off" praise for Democrat, President Truman. Criticizes errors  in Encyclopaedia Britannica  on Indians & General Christmas
1892: returns home & complains of  harsh treatment at MMA
1929: Hully & Jack rejected by West Point
1892: Major Burroughs receives a telegraph from King at MMS "Your son deserted Thursday letter will follow." 
1914: Starts "A Carthoris Story" (TMM)

1927: The War Chief appears in Argosy All-Story in 5 parts
1931: Tells United Features not to use children in the Sunday colour page

1934: Moves from Garden of Allah to 2029 Pinehurst Road - seeing Florence

1907: Ed is promoted to Manager of the Stenographic Dept at Sears where he excels
1892: King sends a letter detailing Ed's offenses. Ed decides to return to the Academy and take his punishment
1941: Sends Rothmund instructions to be followed after his death
1894: Homesick Ed indignantly explains his side of the MMA offense in a letter to his father. He later climbs back up through the ranks to Captain
1918: JO by McClurg & illos by St. John
1925: "The Red Hawk" the last of the Moon Maid trilogy
1930: Sends article Entertainment is Fiction's Purpose Writer's Digest
1919: Studley's wife, Mary dies in childbirth. A broken Studley moves to Tarzana where he designs a golf course
1940: Rents out Beverly Hills home & leaves for Hawaii on S.S. Monterey - to live in Kailula Bay beachhouse

1944: Returns to Honolulu on a hospital plane after completing a 7,000 mile mission
1893: Sends a letter home describing school pranks followed by an appeal for money to buy a fiery cavalry horse -"Captain"
1939: Another re-write of 1914's Angel's Serenade (rejected)
1898: Seeking army employment, Ed writes Colonel Rogers for assistance
1947: Sends an inquiry to the LA Examiner who reported ERB as being deceased in their review of Tarzan and the Huntress
1942: Ashton Dearholt dies
1931: Hires Van Nuys High School teacher Adele Bischoff to proofread galley proofs of TI
1935: Tarzan & Jane TQ rejected by  Argosy - too stereotyped
1919: Starts "Under the Red Flag" MMa
1920: TU by McClurg
1937: Speech over radio station KFI in support of the reelection of Mayor Frank L. Shaw
1942: Inspection tour of  island defences with Major Steere, Hawaiian Provost Marshall
1924: Moscow journal laments that pirated ERB novels are more popular than books about Marxism
1930: FMM 

1940: TC start in Blue Book
1930: writes Tarzan Jr. for the  miniature Fairy Castle Collection at Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago. ERB & Jack illustrate this one of a kind tiny book 
1932: First 3 Murder Mysteries appear in Script
1932: JG in ERB Inc. Studley Burroughs illos - first DooDad appearance- What Good is Fiction? on DJ
1943: Starts detailed account of the trip on the Shaw in a 60-page story, "The Diary of a Confused Old Man or Buck Burroughs Rides Again."

1943: Writes a letter (unsent) to Senator Johnson ~ Highly critical of treatment received from the Navy - Refused to recognize his army or correspondent credentials - Recommends the unification of American forces
1904: Idaho gold dredging company fails. Ed takes a job as railroad policeman for the Oregon Short Line RR at Salt Lake City. He is armed with a Colt six-gun, serial number 70495. They live at  111 North Fifth West Street
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