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ADMIRAL OF THE AIR: A rank in the U.S. Airforce held by several of the Julians.
AIR SCHOOL: The equivalent of West Point and Annapolis
AMERICANS: Those of pure Earth Stock, as compared to Kalkar and part-Kalkar.
ANCIENTS: The term used in the 25th Century when referring to people of pre-lunar days.
ARMISTICE DAY: Nov. 11th, 1918. Obviously it didn’t stand up as the war didn’t end until 1967.

BARSOOM: The Martians’ name for their planet.
BARSOOM:  The U.S.S. Space craft on which Julian 5th and four others set out for Mars on Christmas Day, 2025.
BARSOOMIAN RAY: Name erroneously given by Earthmen to the Eighth Earthly Ray.
BEAR LAKE: A lake lying east of the San Bernardino Mountains and southeast of Cajon Pass.
BETHELDA: Daughter of the 15th Or-tis who, she claimed, was of pure American blood. She later becomes the wife of Julian 20th.
BLUE ROOM: A lounge on the transoceanic liner “Harding,” where Burroughs first meets Julian 3rd.
BORDA: One of the Moon’s volcanoes, seen from the “Barsoom.”
BROTHER:  A form of address imposed by the Kalkars, in the pretense of equality.
BUREAU OF COMMUNICATIONS: U.S. Government office of which Burroughs was the head in the mid-1900s (Magazine Version).
BUTCHER: A title given to the official Kalkar executioner.

CAJON PASS: A mountain pass between San Gabriel Mountains and San Bernardino Mountains, down which Julian 20th marched to attack the Kalkars.
CAMP OF THE ANCIENTS: Julian 20th’s name for the cities of yesteryear.
CAPITAL: The Kalkars’ main camp, formerly the city of Los Angeles.
CARTER, JOHN: A Virginian, now Warlord of Mars, through whom wireless communication was eventually established on June 10th, 1967.
CHICAGO: U.S. metropolis on Lake Michigan. Even after its destruction it remained a main base for Kalkar troops.
CHIEF OF CHIEFS: A title conferred on the eldest Julian following the resurgence of the Americans and the formation of tribal groups and clans.
CHRISTMAS DAY, 2035: The day the U.S.S. Barsoom took off for mars.
CITY NO. 337: One of the Kalkar cities on the inner moon.
CLAN FLAG: The battle colors of a clan. In the case of Julian 20th, his banner bore the red hawk thereon.
COLBY, ORRIN: A blacksmith by trade, a minister by choice, and a close friend of Julian 8th. He was killed in the abortive uprising of 2122.
CORRIGAN, DENNIS: A friend of Julian 8th who had been imprisoned by the Kalkars. He escaped but was killed in the rebellion that followed.
COUNCIL RING: A great circular table around which the warriors of Julian 20th ate their evening meals.
COYOTE: Head of the Coyote clan in the tribe of Julian 20th.

DESPLAINES RIVER: A stream to the west of Chicago.
DRAKE, CAPTAIN: Chief officer on the cruiser of the International Peace Fleet which rescued Burroughs from an ice floe in the Arctic (Magazine Version).

EARTH MAN: One of the names given Julian 5th by Moon Men.
EIGHTH RAY: Martian scientists discovered that each solar body reflects or propels the light from the sun, thus constituting a force of repulsion from that particular planet. It is known as the Eighth Ray or Ray of Propulsion. The Eighth Solar Ray is that which propels light from the Sun. If one captures the eighth ray of any particular heavenly body he has a means of rising from that planet or satellite. Thus we have the Eighth Mercury Ray, Venus Ray, Jupiter Ray, Mars or Barsoom Ray, Earth Ray and Lunar Ray.
ELECTRONIC RIFLE: Invented by the first Orthis, this weapon could be set at the vibratory rate of radioactivity identical with any substance with the result that such substance would break down and vanish.

FLAG: Stars and Stripes – Old Glory
FLYING TOAD: Toad-like lunar creature with bat-like wings.

GAPTH: A Kalkar of City #337. He captured Julian 5th.
GA-VA-GO: A Va-gas. Chief of the tribe of No-vans.
GREAT CHIEF: A title given to the head of the tribe of Or-tis.
GREAT FEUD: The continuous state of war that existed between America and Kalkar.
GREAT WAR: World conflict which began in August, 1914, stopped briefly in November, 1918, and then continued unabated until April 1967. The outcome was “the absolute domination of the Anglo-Saxon race over all other races in the World.” (Prologue, Pt. 1).
GU-E-OH: A lunar word with at least 27 separate and distinct meanings, depending on the intonation given each of the three syllables.

HARDING: A transoceanic aircraft operating between Chicago and Paris in 1967. It was aboard this craft that Burroughs met Julian 3rd, and heard his story of Julian 5th and the ill-fated expedition to Mars in 2025/26.
HELIUM: Mars’ greatest city and the adopted home of the former Virginian, John Carter.
HELLHOUNDS: Wild dogs, fearless brutes that run in packs.
HERSCHEL ISLAND: An island off the Arctic coast of Canada. Burroughs camped there when hunting polar bears in 1969 (Magazine Version).
HOFFMEYER: A half-breed Kalkar. An official of the Chicago marketplace and a member of the local Twentyfour. He was torn to pieces by the mob in the uprising lead of Julian 9th.
HOOS: A Lunar word meaning “hole.” The great hoos were craters that led from the surface of the Moon to the habitable inner world of the satellite.
HOUSE OF JULIAN: The ruling family that heads the hundred clans that make up the tribe of Julian.
HOUSE OF OR-TIS: Descendants of the first Orthis and leaders of all the Kalkars and half-breeds.

IN-JUNS: A corruption of “Indians.” The original North Americans, many of whom were enslaved by either the Julians of the Kalkars.
INTERNATIONAL PEACE FLEET: Air borne craft from several nations which patrolled and policed the world after the Great War.

JAMES, ELIZABETH: Julian 8th’s “woman” and mother of Julian of Julian 9th. She committed suicide rather than be taken prisoner by the Kash Guard.
JARTH: The Kalkar Jemadar, or ruler, of America in 2120, which suggests this post was not always held by an Or-tis.
Javadar: Lunar word meaning “prince.”
JAY, LIEUTENANT: One of the five volunteers who made up the crew of the U.S.S. Barsoom.
JEMADAR: Lunar word meaning “ruler.”
JEMADAR OF ALL AMERICA: Title bestowed on Julian 20th after his conquest of the Kalkars.
JEMADAR OF JEMADARS: Overlord of the various Lunar states. A title achieved by Lt./Commander Orthis through his scientific skill and ruthless dominance of the Moon-folk.
JEMADAV: Lunar word meaning “empress.”
JOHANSEN, PETER: A renegade American who acted as an informer for the Kash Guard. He was killed by Julian 9th, who caught him attacking his mother.
JOLIET: An abandoned teivos some thirty or so miles southwest of Chicago.
JU-LAN-FIT: Laythean pronunciation of Julian 5th.
JULIAN: A family name that carried on for over twenty generations.
JULIAN 1st: (1896-1918) A graduate of West Point and a major at twenty-two. He was killed on Armistice Day.
JULIAN 2nd: (1917-1938) He was killed in battle in Turkey.
JULIAN 3rd: (1937-1992) It was he who recounted the tales of Julian 5th and 9th and, presumably 20th, to ERB. He was Admiral of the Air and in command of the International Peace Fleet when killed on duty.
JULIAN 4th: (1970-?) Also Admiral of the Air and killed on duty.
JULIAN 5th: (2000-2050) Hero of THE MOON MAID (Pt. 1). He served in the I.P.F. until selected by the U.S. Government to command the U.S.S. Barsoom on her maiden voyage to Mars. He was killed while fighting the invading Kalkar hordes from the Moon under the leadership of the Earthman Orthis.
JULIAN 6th: (2036-??) His mother was Nah-ee-lah, the Moon Maid.
JULIAN 7th: No record other than that he built the Julian stall in the market-place in Chicago.
JULIAN 8th: (??-2122) The last of the Julians to recall the railways. Imprisoned on a false charge of smuggling, he escaped and was killed in a clash with the Kash Guard.
JULIAN 9th: (2100-2122) Hero of THE MOON MAID (Pt. II). When life for the Kalkar-dominated Americans seemed almost hopeless he and a group of brave companions raised “the flag” in battle against the Moon-men, and although he was executed the Julians and their supporters never looked back.
JULIAN 10th: (2122-??) Born after his father’s death, to Juana St. John.
JULIAN 11th, 12th, 13th & 14th: No record.
JULIAN 15th: It was he who drove the Kalkars across the desert and into the western mountains.
JULIAN 16th & 17th: No record.
JULIAN 18th: (??-2408) He crossed the mountains alone and almost reached the shore of the western sea. He was mortally wounded by Kalkars on his return journey.
JULIAN 19th: (??-2429) He fell “fell before the lance of an Or-tis in the Great Feud.”
JULIAN 20th: (b. Aug. 12, 2409) Known as the Red Hawk, he became Chief of Chiefs of the tribes of Julian on his 20th birthday. Shortly thereafter he successfully invaded the Kalkar strongholds west of the mountains. Following his victory he took Bethelda, daughter of the true Or-tis, as his wife, thus ending the 400-year-old feud.
JULIAN 21st: (b. 2431 or 32) Son of Julian and an Or-tis, and Jemadar-designate of All America.
JULIANS: A name for the followers of the house of Julian and synonymous with the word “American,” for they were of pure blood.

KALKAR: A political division of Moon people. The name is a corruption of a word meaning The Thinkers. At first a secret society of malcontents, they eventually took over the government of the whole of Luna, or Va-nah, as they called it. Soon government and commerce, arts and science, died and the people reverted to barbarism.
KALKAR GUARD: Troops of the conquering Moon Men, used for the suppression of enslaved Americans.
KAMADAR: A Lunar title which corresponds closely with that of an English duke.
KASH GUARD: A Kalkar phrase of which the true meaning is lost. One soldier is a Kash Gueard, ten thousand soldiers are a Kash Guard.
KELD: The Lunar year of about 272 days Earth-time. It is divided into ten months or ulas.
KOLORADO: A district famous for its production of top-grade metal. Its people are metal workers and traders. They have their own language, which suggests they are of American Indian descent.
KO-TAH: A powerful Javadar or prince in Laythe. He sought the throne either by marrying Nah-ee-lah, daughter of the Emperor, or by force. His efforts to seek help from the Kalkars resulted in his downfall.
KO-VO: A Kamadar or nobleman of Laythe.

LACUS SOMNIORUM: A major landmark on the outer surface of the Moon.
LAYTHE: One of the few remaining Lunar cities still retaining pre-Kalkar standards. Lying deep in the mountains of the inner Moon it was built upon the rim of a huge crater. Sagroth, the father of Nah-ee-lah, was Jamadar or emperor. It was captured and burned by the Kalkars under Orthis.
LEVY, NELLIE: An American girl in the Chicago teivos. She was forced to mate with a Kash Guard.
LANAY: An old hound. Pack leader of the hounds of the Vulture clan (Magazine Version).
LORD OF VENGEANCE: One of the many titles given to the Julians who had sworn to rid America of the Kalkar hordes.
LUNA: The Moon, known to its inhabitants as Va-nah.
LU-THANS: One of the many tribes of Va-gas, the savage, half-human quadrupeds of Va-nah.

MARE CRISIUM: One of the “seas” of the Moon.
MARS: The adopted planet of John Carter, otherwise known as Barsoom.
MARS DAY: June 10th, 1967. The day that intelligible communication was established with the planet Mars. (Jason Gridley notwithstanding)
MIK-DO: The legendary ancestor of the tribe of Saku the Nipon. Obviously a corruption of “Mikado.”
MILWAUKEE: A teivos some distance from Chicago. It was almost wiped out by over-taxation and starvation.
MOH-GOH: A paladar, or count, of Laythe. A prisoner of the Kalkars, he and Julian 5th escaped and made their way to Laythe.
MONTANA GOATS: A breed of long-haired goats raised by Julian 8th, who claimed they were actually Angoras.
MOON MAID: Nah-ee-lah, Nonovar, or princess, of Laythe. Later, the wife of Julian 5th, and the first Moon person to come to Earth.
MOON MEN: When used on Earth, it refers to the Kalkar hordes.

NAH-EE-LAH:  The Moon Maid. Daughter of Sagroth, Jemadar of Laythe, and a descendant of the once highly civilized race, the U-ga. After the capture of Laythe by Orthis, she fled with Julian 5th, eventually reaching Earth with him in 2036.
NALLAH: The elder sister of Julian 20th, the Red Hawk. No doubt this name is a corruption of Nah-ee-lah and, like Julian, has been handed down for generations.
NEETA: Younger sister of Julian 20th, the Red Hawk.
NIPONS: A tribe of pygmies living in the mountains and constantly hiding from their Kalkar enemies. Obviously descendants of Japanese-Americans, who, like both the white/Americans and the Indians, have reverted to the primitive.
NONOVAR: Lunar word meaning “princess.”
NORTON, ENSIGN: Junior member of the crew of the U.S.S. Barsoom. It was he who repaired the wrecked craft, thus enabling all but Orthis to return to Earth.
NO-VANS: One of the stronger tribes of Va-gas, under the capable leadership of Ga-va-go. They were the original captors of Julian 5th.
NOW: The secret of this whole narrative. “There is only NOW, there never has been anything but NOW, and there never will be anything but NOW.” (Prologue – Moon Maid, Pt. II)

OAK PARK: The teivos just to the west of Chicago. The home of Juana St. John.
OCEANUS PROCELLARUM: One of the “seas” on the outer surface of the Moon.
OKONNOR: One of the group of pure Americans, or Yanks, who still mingled with the Kalkars. A follower of the true Or-this.
OLA: About 6 ½ hours, Earth time. 1/100 of a ula, or Lunar month.
OLD BRIDGE: An ancient structure over the river near the home of Julian 9th, long destroyed by mob violence.
OLD GLORY: The Flag. The Stars and Stripes. As Julian 8th told his son, “The flag of your fathers.”
OPPOLLONIUS: Another landmark on the surface of the moon.
ORTHIS, LT-COMMANDER: A classmate of Julian 5th and one of the most brilliant men ever known, also one of the most obnoxious and unscrupulous. He discovered and isolated the eighth ray of the Sun and all the nearby planets, thus ensuring safe and simple interplanetary travel.
OR-TIS: The name given to Orthis by his Kalkar followers, a name which lasted for four centuries, being carried on by each succeeding generation.
OR-TIS, GENERAL: Commander of the Kash Guard in Chicago, 2120-2122. He was killed by Julian 9th.
OR-TIS, JEMADAR: Presumably 15th. His blood strain was all American, and he wished peace with the Julians. Because of this he was killed by his nephew who then became Jemadar.
OR-TIS 16th, JEMADAR: Chief of the Kalkars at the time of the invasion b the Red Hawk. He was part Kalkar himself, and had reached his office by assassinating his predecessor, a true Or-tis.
OR-TIS, SON OF OR-TIS 15th: Imprisoned by the false Or-tis, he escaped with Julian 20th. He later swore allegiance to the Red Hawk, thus ending a 400-year-old feud.

PALADAR: A Lunar title equivalent to the English “count.”
PARIS: Where ERB was going when he met Julian 3rd on the transoceanic liner Harding on June 10th, 1967.
PASADENA: Now a large Kalkar camp, formerly a great city of the ancients, lying between the mountains and the western sea.
PASS OF THE ANCIENTS: A general term used to describe the ancient highways through the mountains.
PRESIDENT: The occupant of the White House in 2025. He held a party for the crew of the Barsoom before the take-off.
PRESIDENT: U.S. Chief of State when ERB was head of the Bureau of Communications at the close of the Great War in the late 1960s.
PROHIBITION ACT: That vain effort to suppress the drinking habits of Americans back in the early part of the 20th Century.
PROTECTOR OF THE FLAG: Another honour or title conferred upon the head of the Julian Clan.
PTHAV: A Kalkar cola dealer in the Chicago teivos whose baby daughter was saved from a mad bull by Julian 9th.

RABAN: A gigantic Kalkar bandit who preyed on Kalkar and Yank alike. He was killed in a sword-fight with the Red Hawk.
RAIN CLOUD: Red Hawk’s youngest brother. More scholar than warrior, he was always trying to solve the mysteries of nature.
RATTLESNAKE: A warrior of the tribe of Julian, and chief of the Rattlesnake clan.
RED HAWK: Tribal name of Julian 20th. Following the death of his father he became Chief of Chiefs and shortly thereafter led his followers in a successful invasion of Kalkar territory. After the defeat of the Moon Men he became Jemadar of All America. He married Bethelda, daughter of a true Or-tis.
RED LIGHTNING: (a) A five-year-old bay stallion purchased by Julian 9th from Hoffmeyer, a Kalkar trader. At first an outlaw, when broken by Julian 9th he became a fine, gentle mount. (b) The bright bay stallion of Red Hawk, Julian 20th. It would appear that all Julians following the 9th named their horses Red Lightning.
RED PLANET: Mars, or Barsoom – as its inhabitants call it.
RIVER: Presumably the Colorado River, where it forms the boundary between Arizona and California.
ROCK: A veteran warrior of the tribe of Julian, and chief of the clan of the Rock.
RUSTIC CANYON: A branch of the Santa Monica Canyon, westerly from Los Angeles.
RYMPTH: The four-legged, one-eyed snake of Va-nah, the inner Lunar world. It is considered the lowest and most disgusting of created things.

SAGROTH: Jemadar or Emperor of Laythe. The father of Nah-ee-lah. He was assassinated.
SAKU: Chief of a tribe of Nipons, and a friend of Bethelda and Julian 20th.
SALT CREEK: Trading centre of the teivos lying just to the west of Chicago.
SAMUELS, MOSES: The Jew. A tanner by trade. Old Samuels was despised by the Kalkars and half-breeds but highly regarded and trusted by the Americans. He was tortured and killed by the Kash Guard for refusing to tell them where services of worship were being held.
SANTA MONICA CANYON: In the mountain range of the same name.
SECCHI: A volcanic peak on the moon.
SECRETARY OF COMMERCE: The government post to which ERB was appointed in 1969.
SECRETARY OF PEACE: Apparently that Cabinet officer responsible for the flight of the U.S.S. Barsoom.
SHEEHAN, MOLLIE. Jim Thompson’s “woman.” A neighbour of Julian 8th.
SINIUS RORIS: A major landmark on the surface of the moon.
SOOR: A Kalkar tax collector of the Chicago teivos, who said he would tax the district until the Americans died of starvation. He was killed by Julian 8th.
SPACE: Like “time” it can neither be explained nor understood. (see the Prologue, Moon Maid, Pt. I)
ST. JOHN, JUANA: Daughter of a Quaker family from a neighbouring teivos, she fled to Chicago when her parents were killed by the Kash Guard. Julian 9th rescued her from the hellhounds and later married her.

TAV: A Kalkar follower of Raban the Giant.
TEIVOS: A Kalkar word which means both a district and the body that administers the affairs of that district. (Try spelling it backwards)
THINKERS: At first a group of malcontents, eventually they grew in power until they overthrew the governing bodies of Va-nah. As they lacked training and intelligence soon the country fell back to barbarism. The name has degenerated to another Lunar word – Kalkars.
THOMPSON, JIM: Neighbour and close friend of Julian 8th. He was killed in the uprising of 2122.
TIME:  As Julian 3rd told ERB, “There is no such thing as time. --- man invented Time to suit the limitations of his finite mind ---“
TOR-HO: A Lunar reptile about the size of a puma and possessing long curved fangs. The slightest wound from its fangs or claws is fatal as it eats the poisonous flesh of rympth and flying-toad. Presumably the tor-ho itself is immune to the poison.
TRIBE OF JULIAN: Following the uprising of 2122 the Americans adopted a nomadic style of life, banding themselves into clans and tribes. The most powerful of these, and the one which swore to push the Kalkars into the sea, was headed by the family of Julians.
TRUE OR-TIS: Any direct descendant of Lt.-Commander Orthis having no Kalkar blood-stain. Either his Earth-born wife had off-spring or possibly he mated with one or more U-ga women and their descendants refused to mix with the Kalkar.
TWENTYFOUR: Originally the ruling committee of a Kalkar city. After being brought to Earth it degenerated into any type of Kalkar authority. The Kalkar Jemadar of America had his Twentyfour and each Teivos had one of lesser rating. Americans sometimes referred to this latter group as the “Teivos.”
TYCHO: A volcanic peak on the Moon.

U-GA: Lunar name for the human race on the inner Moon.
ULA: A unit of time in Va-nah, corresponding to a sidereal month, or one revolution of the Moon around the earth.
UNITED TEIVOS OF AMERICA: Kalkar name for the U.S.A. (Magazine Version)
UTAWS: A tribe of Americans who work in metal and provide horseshoes for the tribe of Julian.

VA-GAS: A race of human quadrapeds on Va-nah. Their fore-limbs were used either as arms or legs. They lived in tribes and spoke the common language of the inner Moon. They were a cruel, cannibalistic race. The more advanced race of U-ga raised a submissive class that were no more than beef cattle.
VA-NAH: Lunar name for the inner world of the Moon.
VALLEY OF THE KALKARS: The great fertile valley to the west of the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California. Here, in the early part of the 25th Century, was the greatest concentration of Kalkars in all America.
VICTORY DAY: The day early in April, 1967 upon which the Great War, which started in 1914, came to an end.
VONBULEN: A dull-witted character who tried, unsuccessfully, to take over the Julian stall when both Julian 8th and Julian 9th fell into disfavour with the Kash Guard.
VULTURE: One of Red Hawk’s brothers. “A splendid warrior, a true Julian.”

WASHINGTON: The capital of the U.S.A., even as late as the 22nd century, although Kalkar occupied.
WEST, LIEUTENANT: One of the five volunteers who made up the crew of the U.S.S. Barsoom.
WEST POINT: Julian first graduated from here in 1916.
WHITE, SECRETARY OF COMMERCE: ERB’s predecessor to the post. He died in office on Mar. 15, 1969.
WHITE HOUSE: The crew of the U.S.S. Barsoom attended a ball here on December 24, 2025, to make their farewells before taking off for Mars the next day.
WOLF: One of Red Hawk’s veteran warriors, and chief of the Wolf clan.
WORTH, BETTY: A friend of Julian 8th, and the “woman” of Dennis Corrigan.
WRIGHT, ANDREW: A resident of the Chicago teivos. His woman presented him with twins, a boy and a girl – but the girl died!

YANK: An ancient term which the Kalkars had applied to Americans for ages, in a manner of contempt – but one which the Americans considered as an appellation of honour. Its meaning is unknown and its derivation lost in antiquity. (The Red Hawk, c.3)

ZO-AL: To the Moon people, Zo-al is a great beast that lives in the Hoos or craters of the Moon. When he is angry he causes water to fall from the sky and hurricane-force winds to blow. When really roused he causes thunder and lightning.
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