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Part II ~ "Foreign Legion" and Beyond
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Tarzan and "The Foreign Legion"
Tarzan and the Foreign Legion DJ by John Coleman Burroughs
 "To Brigadier General Truman H. Landon"

WT=Tarzan and the "Foreign Legion"

E.R. Burroughs, Inc., FIRST, 1947, DJ, blue, 314 pp,
    Ill: John Coleman Burroughs DJ & 5 interiors

Ballantine, 60s, PB (23859), 192 pp, Robert Abbett

Foreign Editions
Great Britain
TFL: New English Library, London (1975) New edition. Paperback. 175

Courtesy of Ras Thavas
Holland Edition: Tarzan en het Vreemdelingenlegioen
Holland Edition: Tarzan op Sumatra

"Our Japanese Problem"
WWII Article - June 30
Uncle Bill


"Tanker Like Accident About to Happen"
News Bulletin

Honolulu Advertiser - July 5, 1945
"Tarzan Creator Thrilled to Ride in Bomber"
News Bulletin
Honolulu Bulletin - February 17, 1945
"Laughs at Sea"
News Bulletin
Honolulu Advertiser
Unfinished Tarzan Novel
(revised and finished by Joe R. Lansdale and published by Dark Horse in 1995)
Tarzan: The Lost Adventure
Dark Horse Comics 4(1995)
Dark Horse Books (1995)
Del Rey 

Comic Book Adaptations of Tarzan and "The Foreign Legion"

Gold Key 192

Gold Key Comic no. 192
Tarzan and the Foreign Legion - Pt. 1
Leopard Girl: Gorashi Has Gone!

Gold Key 193

 Gold Key Comic no. 193
Tarzan and the Foreign Legion - Pt. 2 - Escape From Sumatra
Leopard Girl: The Rescue of Crystal


Joe Jusko ArtNewspaper Serialization

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