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Part I ~ Leading up to "Foreign Legion"
For pulp magazine releases refer to the
1940s Pulp Pictorial ~
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~~ Heading dates represent the year in which ERB wrote the story ~~
~~ The titles are listed chronologically -- 
determined by the order in which ERB started writing the story~~
~~ For more specific dates please see the ERB LifeLines - Bio Timeline Feature ~~
~~WT represents Working Title ~~
~~ MT represents Magazine Title ~~
~~ The bibliographic info is simplified. 
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Tarzan and the Madman
Canaveral (1964)
Escape On Venus

"To Brigadier General Kendall J. Fielder"
(Chapters 1-16 ... Chapters 17-29 concluded later in the year)

Pulp Release: Fantastic 4(1941)
Pt1WT=Captured on Venus,
Pt2WT=The Fire Goddess,
Pt3WT=War on Venus
Pt1MT=Slaves of the Fish Men,
Pt2MT=Goddess of Fire

ERB Inc. (1946)

"The Strange Adventure of Mr. Dinnwiddie"

Llana of Gathol

"To John Philip Bird"

(Part 1... Parts 2-4 concluded later in the year)
Amazing  4(1941)
Amazing Quarterly 4(1941 & 1942)
(Pt1WT=The Frozen Men of Mars, John Carter and the Pits of Horz,
Pt2WT=The Black Pirates of Barsoom,
Pt3WT=Escape on Mars, Pt4WT=Invisible Men of Mars
Pt1MT=The City of Mummies,
Pt2MT=Black Pirates of Barsoom,
Pt3WT=Yellow Men of Mars)
(First book working title = The Frozen Men of Mars,
Second working title = Swordsman of Mars)

ERB Inc. (1948)
Doubleday (SF Club with John Carter of Mars)

Savage Pellucidar

"To my first grandson James Michael Pierce"

(Part 1 ...Parts 2 & 3 concluded later in the year... Part 4 in 1944)
Amazing 3(1942) ~ Amazing Quarterly 3(1942)
Pt1WT=Hodon and O-AA,
Pt2WT=Men of the Bronze Age
Pt3WT=Tiger Girl
Pt4WT=Savage Pellucidar
Pt1MT=The Return to Pellucidar

Amazing 1(1963)
Canaveral (1963)

Beyond the Farthest Star
Blue Book 1(1941)
Canaveral (1964)
    (Tales of Three Planets with Resurrection of Jimber-Jaw, Wizard of Venus)

The Quest of Tarzan
(published in Tarzan and the Castaways)
Argosy 3(1941)
WT=Tarzan and the Castaways
MT=The Quest of Tarzan
Canaveral (1965)
Tangor Returns
(published in the book Tales of Three Planets)

Canaveral (1964)
"Mysogynists Preferred"


Wizard of Venus
(published in Tales of Three Planets)

Canaveral  (Tales of Three Planets)(1964)
Ace (includes Pirate Blood)
"Unfinished Venus Story"
(unfinished - 2 1/2 pages interrupted by Pearl Harbor)

I am a Barbarian
Japanese Edition of I'm a Barbarian
 "To my son Numerius Tiber Britannicus"
WT1=So I'm a Barbarian!
WT2=I Am a Barbarian
E.R. Burroughs, Inc. (1967)
John Carter and the Giant of Mars

Amazing 1(1941)
Amazing Quarterly 1(1941)
Amazing 1(1961)
Canaveral (As John Carter of Mars - with Skeleton Men of Jupiter)(1964)
Double Day Book Club (with Llana of Gathol)
Greystoke Press (of Sunday pages, 1941-42)

Skeleton Men of Jupiter
Amazing 1(1943)
Amazing Quarterly 1(1943)
Amazing 1(1964)
Canaveral (published in John Carter of Mars with
                John Carter and the Giant of Mars) (1964)
"Meet the Authors: Edgar Rice Burroughs"
Amazing Stories - June
"Laugh It Off" Columns
Honolulu Star Bulletin - mostly 1941-1942


"Somewhere on Oahu" - News Bulletin

N.Y. World - December 1, 1942
"Oahu: Singapore or Wake" - WWII Article
Honolulu Advertiser - May 19
"Don't Let 'em Kid You, Joe" - News Bulletin
Honolulu Advertiser - July 13, 1942


More Fun! More People Killed!
~~ 1944, and on ~~ 
~~ including Tarzan and "The Foreign Legion ~~ 
~~ continued in Part II ~~

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