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Volume 1976
Edgar Rice Burroughs Chain of Friendship (ECOF)
Annual Convention: 2007
Text and Photos by Elaine and Anita Casella
Howard Johnson Express Inn  .Courtyard Marriot
ECOF 2007 was held in Binghamton and Vestal, New York from May 25th, Friday, to May 27th, Sunday.  The weather was hot and humid.  By Thursday evening, half of the attendees had arrived and, after hostesses Elaine and Anita Casella had dinner with them at an Applebee's restaurant, they went to the Casellas' apartments to see collections and to assemble the souvenir booklet for the event.  This was a reprint of D. Peter Ogden's article from Erbania Spring 1973, "Bruce Bennett, A Brief Biography and a Final Look at The New adventures of Tarzan."

People stayed overnight at the Howard Johnson Exress Inn, but the Huckster Room was in the Courtyard Marriott on the Vestal parkway.  Open Friday and Saturday from 9 to 5, the Huckster Room was the scene of some dealing and sales for several exhibitors.  This same room became the banquet location on Saturday at 7 pm.  People had a choice of two entrees -- most preferred Chicken Marsala to Pasta Primavera.

While most people stayed in the Huckster Room both days, a few went on a book crawl to Centerfield Cards & Comics in Endicott, about seven miles away.  After a Friday dinner at the China Wok Parkway Buffet, attendees returned to Elaine's for those who had not arrived and seen her ERB items Thursday.  They also checked out her sister Anita's collection--or was it because her apartment was air-conditioned?  She is just starting collecting Burroughs, but also has some Ray Harryhausen figures and some interest in Ray Bradbury and Jules Verne.

There was a panel discussion on Saturday, "Tarzan and Jane: Forever in Fashion?"  It meant to consider how Tarzan and Jane have been portrayed over the decades in their clothing, on comic covers, in pastiches and parodies and as a general presentation of them in the media.  Panelists were: DJ Howell, J. G. Huckenpoler, Elaine Casella and Bill Morse.  (DJ did some "fine tuning" to her presentation and showed it at the Louisville Dum-Dum two months later.)  There were some computer problems, however, and DJ's presentation was shown on three laptops, instead of on the "big screen."  Elaine's presentation of the Burroughs Bibliophiles, also, was not given as planned.

However, everyone did have a good time. Some considered visiting the Frazetta Art Gallery in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania on Saturday, then decided there would not be enough time to do so and return for the banquet.  (The Gallery is open Saturday and Sunday, 11-4, from April to October.)  Instead, several attendees (Jim Thompson, Dick Spargur, Bob O'Malley and Bill Ross) stopped to visit it Sunday on their respective ways home.

There were two first-time attendees to a Burroughs convention, Jon Hart and Phyllis Evaniek, both of whom hoped to attend the Dum-Dum two months later.  "Old timers" included those already mentioned as well as Mike Conran, John Tyner, Bruce Salen, William Wagner, Dave Gnatowsky, Dave's wife, and Judy Bohnett. . . and,  to make it an international event, Fred and Wanda Lukas, Doug and Jean Denby and Laurence Dunn, making a total attendance of 23 people.

The goodie bag included two tribute buttons to Herman Brix/ Bruce Bennett, two yo-yos (a red and an orange), a Tarzan business card (thanks to Fred and his son Shane), a Burroughs Bibliophiles bookmark (thanks to George McWhorter), the souvenir tribute booklet, the basic program and recreation lists and two frisbees (one red, one orange).  An unexpected addition to the goodies were the "placeholders."  At each seat for the Saturday banquet was a small picture of Herman Brix as Tarzan giving his famous yell (to attend the ECOF).  Each picture stand was a circular piece of branch with a slit to hold the photo.  Art on the programs, yo-yos and frisbees was of John and Dejah, drawn by Anita Casella.  Thus, I called the small flyer frisbees, "Martian Flyers."

As there was no guest of honor, no speeches or awards were given, but after the banquet some attendees suggested holding an auction to defray ECOF expenses.  Bill Ross was the auctioneer, keeping things light, moving and amusing.  Sunday dawned overcast and after the Farewell Breakfast at the IHOP, the International House of Pancakes, attendees headed home in the rain.  ECOF 2007 was a happy success.


Friday, August 25 ~ Huckster Room
Bill Morse, Doug Denby, Jean Denby

Friday, August 25 ~ Huckster Room
Bruce Salen, Bill Morse, Doug Denby

Friday, August 25th ~ Huckster Room
John Tyner, Bill Morse, Laurence Dunn, Bob O'Malley, Bill Wagner, Bill Ross


The audience for the Panel Discussion: "Tarzan and Jane: Forever In Fashion?"
Bruce Salen, Bill Wagner, Fred and Wanda Lukas, Phyllis Evaniek, 
Bob O'Malley, Jim Thompson, Dick Spargur, Bill Ross

Bill Morse giving his part of the panel discussion.
Also in the audience: Jim Thompson, Dick Spargur, Jon Hart, 
J.G. Huckenpohler, D.J. Howell, Elaine Casella

After-Banquet Auction: Bill Ross is auctioneer with a
small poster ad for "The New Adventures of Tarzan" starring Herman Brix.
Sitting: D.J. Howell, Elaine Casella, Dave Gnatowsky, Bruce Salen

Elaine Casella giving her part of the panel discussion, 
the Pastiches and Parodies selection.


Farewell Breakfast at IHOP
Elaine and Anita Casella, Wanda Lukas

Dick Spargur, Jim Thompson, Bill Ross, John Tyner, Judy Bohnett, 
Mike Conran, Jean Denby, Huck Huckenpohler

Dick, Jim, Bill, John, Judy, Mike, Dorothy, Bob

Outside IHOP after breakfast, Sunday.
Anita Casella and Bill Ross

The ERBapa members who attended ECOF
Bill Morse, Laurence Dunn, Mike Conran, Huck Huckenpohler, 
Bill Ross, D.J. Howell, Jim Thompson, Bob O'Malley

A "Good-bye, see you next year!" photo.
Laurence Dunn, John Tyner, Bill Ross, Elaine Casella, Mike Conran, Huck Huckenpohler

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