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Miscellania II

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Emma Hulbert - Chicago

Ed and Emma - The Early Years

Emma and the Burroughs kids:
Hulbert ~ Jack ~ Joan

TIME Magazine Article
April 28, 1924

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ERB's letter to Time
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May 8, 1924
Mr. Henry B. Luce
    Editor, TIME,
        #236 E. 39th Street,
            New York City.

My dear Mr. Luce:

I wish to express my appreciation of your kindness in sending me the marked copy of the April 28th edition of TIME, containing the article on Tarzanism vs. Marxism.

I got a real kick out of Mr. Walter Duranty's explanation that Tarzanitis in Russia was doubtless due to the fact that that newly emancipated nation "represents the average cultural level of the American schoolboy between 11 and 16", and its uncomplimentary reflection upon the American and British peoples, who have purchased Tarzan books into the millions, as against the paltry 250,000 that are circulating among the "primitive" Russians.

The British are notoriously the worst offenders, seen in view of the fact that they have been strenuously warned against me by their reviewers, (one of whom recently described me as a man with the mind of a child of six) but then the reviewer is naturally handicapped by limited circulation, a fact which has so deeply affected me that I am considering offering space in my next Tarzan book to those who are interested in literary uplift, that they may for once achieve a circulation worthy of their aims.

Again thanking you for your courtesy, and for the great pleasure I have derived from the keen and interesting pages of your publication, I am

Very sincerely yours,

[Edgar Rice Burroughs]

5617 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood California
July 23, 1924

Mr. E. R. Burroughs,
Ventura Boulevard,
Owensmouth, California.

My dear Mr. Burroughs:

I am going to try to make my letter, as Shelley expressed it, The Language of the Soul, by which I think he meant, Truth, frankness. So Please Mr. Burroughs,, do not throw it away till you have read and judged it. I promise not only to be frank and truthful but as brief as eve I can. I am making an earnest effort to build  here in California a Little Grey Home which is to be all my very own. It is a day-dream, I know, but if it can only come true I think I shall be the happiest girl in the world. This is the story:

Men's finest grade, full-fashioned, latest style French silk hose, in dainty designs of triple bar checks, assorted black and silver, log cabin and golden brown, royal blue and old gold - $10 the box of six pairs. I am trying with all my heart to persuade just one thousand of the biggest men whose names I could get that it might add a mite to your pleasure -- and to my joy immeasurably -- for you to give me, just this one, the preference over your haberdasher. I am sure the price is no more than he would charge, for I purchase them wholesale too, but the profit is enough that with the thousand orders my dream-house lifts its beams toward the stars. and the hose, trust to a girl's taste for once, Mr. Burroughs, they are truly, truly beautiful. If they do not please you splendidly, have your secretary tell me and I will send the money back by the first post, so please write me the size of your foot.

I want to tell you of one other thing, Mr. Burroughs: I began writing my letters the middle of May, after investing what I could save from my salary in over a year, in stationery and as a deposit on my first order of hose, and right away came answers indicating that the writers wondered if the idea was mine and if I would be the one to profit from their orders. I have secured permission to refer to Mr. W. E. Carnahan, Manager of the Citizens State Bank of Palms, (the suburb where I live), who has known me for several years, and who says he will be glad to tell anyone who inquires, that I am a girl of good character and sincerity of purpose. I earnestly hope that all those to whom I write may know that I have written truly.

Thank you for reading my letter. I write each one with a little prayer that it may win for my vision and my plan the approval of the busy man I am writing to. If it should suit your pleasure to send me the one order I ask for, I'm sure you will not be sorry over the gladness you have given, and I'll be so happy and so grateful to you always.

Sincerely and respectfully yours,

[sig] Anne Smith

Guests at a luncheon that
I gave in honor of 
Murray Hulbert
at the L. A. Athletic Club 
June 30, 1925


Tarzana Subdivision Plan
Letter head of stationery printed on the flip side of the above Tarzana Subdivision Plan

Ed and the Boys ~ Tarzana Ranch

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