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For as long as I can remember I have been surrounded by my grandfather's legacy. 

Edgar Rice Burroughs was a man with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and adventure, and his interests seemed to be split equally among the realms of past, present and future. 

He seemed to want to embrace and horde memories of his own unique world for posterity, and as a result he left behind an amazingly eclectic and gargantuan horde of books, photos, art, letters, magazines, and memorabilia. 

This family trait has been passed down through the generations -- to my dad, John Coleman Burroughs, to my uncle Hulbert, to aunt Joan Pierce. . . and to myself.

I like nothing better than to immerse myself in the wonderful family archive I've inherited and to experience vicariously the wonderful life's roller coaster they rode through decades past. 

Over the years I have taken great joy in sharing these family "treasures" on our various Websites. Here is another assortment of items ranging from the 1920s to present day.

~ Danton

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Jane Ralston Burroughs
(wife of John Coleman Burroughs
. . . and my mom)

Bachelor of Arts Diploma from Pomona College
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See the JRB features in:

Gene Pollar and Friend ~ The Revenge of Tarzan aka The Return of Tarzan ~ 1920

North Los Angeles, Calif., Dec. 16, 1930
To Honorable W. E. Evans
Congress of the United States
House of Representatives
Washington, D. C.

Tarzana postoffice established December 11 th stop.  Present arrangement of incoming and outgoing mail deliveries very unsatisfactory stop.  Rural free delivery carrier from Reseda postoffice delivers incoming pouch approximately ten AM each day taking with him outgoing pouch stop   Consequently mail posted at Tarzana after ten AM does not leave Tarzana until following morning and is carried around by carrier until five PM arriving Los Angeles second morning stop   Tarzana Chamber of Commerce at special meeting held today on matter passed resolution thanking you for your splendid effort in establishment of postoffice and urging that you impress upon postoffice department necessity of two incoming and two outgoing deliveries each day identical with service at Reseda and that deliveries to and from Reseda be handled by contract carrier instead of rural free delivery carrier also that rural free delivery route number one now operating out of Reseda postoffice emanate from Tarzana postoffice as practically entire route number one lies in this community stop   Such arrangement will not injure rural free delivery service in any way but will eliminate any possible confusion due to some residents here receiving their mail at Tarzana and others through Reseda postoffice whereas if route number one originated here everyone in this community would receive mail through local postoffice stop  This matter very urgent and we hope you will impress upon postoffice department at Washington to immediately call for bids for contract carrier service between Tarzana and Reseda and arrange to change originating point of route one from Reseda to Tarzana, or at leas establish new rural free delivery route out of Tarzana to take care of TArzana portion of present route number one from Reseda  stop   Believe you will appreciate confusion that will exist if people living on rural route in Tarzana receive their mail through another postoffice.



Mandel Brothers Exhibit from the mid '30s.
"Corner window - State Street and Madison, Chicago,  the world's busiest corner.

Tarzan Marionette show on the 6th floor toy department

Newspapers from around the world that carried the Tarzan strip in the 1930s.

Dorothy Dalburg was a close friend of Joan Burroughs Pierce and the Burroughs family.
When her marriage started to dissolve 
she leaned upon Ed and the Burroughs family for support.

Dorothy Dalburg and family

Hully and Ed witnessed the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack.
Read this and more in Edgar Rice Burroughs: The War Years

Hulbert Burroughs ~ WWII Combat Photographer

Over the years there have been a number of attempts to have 
a star on Hollywood Boulevard awarded to Edgar Rice Burroughs: 
Film, Radio, TV, Stage, Books, etc. 
-- more than enough categories to warrant such a tribute.

There also have been numerous attempts to persuade the 
U.S. Postal Service to issue a Burroughs Commemorative Stamp

Founder/Director: Helen Baker
Vice-Presidents: Amaris Bryer ~ Paul Lawler
Secretary: Lisa Ballin
Treasurer: A. Dean Lynn
Board of Regents: Richard Abrams ~ Sonny Fox ~ Patty McManus ~ Laura Piller ~
Steve Ramada ~ Abby Rich ~ Leonard Shaffer ~ Beverly Williams

January 20, 2004
Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee
c/o Stamp Development
U.S. Postal Service
475 L'Enfant Place, SW, Room 5670
Washington, DC   20280-2437

Subject:   Commemorative Stamp for Edgar Rice Burroughs

Ladies and Gentlemen:
We offer for consideration a proposal to issue a postage stamp in the Literary Arts to commemorate the 130th anniversary of the birth of Edgar Rice Burroughs, one of the most prolific and popular writers on the American literary scene.

Edgar Rice Burroughs was born in Chicago, Illinois, on September 1, 1875. Best known as the creator of the classic "Tarzan of the Apes" and "John Carter of Mars", and his death in 1950, Burroughs produced ninety-one books and a host of short stories and articles.

Although it is impossible to determine how many copies of Burroughs' books have been published worldwide, with translations into thirty-two languages. Burroughs' works have engrossed legions of fans throughout the world through the Tarzan newspaper features, radio programs, comic magazines, motion pictures and television series. The motion picture version of "Tarzan and his Mate" was recently selected for the Library of Congress' National Film Registry. His popularity continues to the present day with a current version of a Tarzan animated feature to be released this year.

Burroughs also served his country as an enlisted man with the 7th U.S. Cavalry in the Arizona Territory (1896-97), and with the Illinois Reserve Militia (1918-19). During World War II, Burroughs was an accredited War Correspondent in the Pacific Theater, with the distinction of being the oldest persona to hold such credentials.

Additional biographical information and photographs are available from Mr. Danton Burroughs at Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. at P.O Box 570277, Tarzana, CA 91357. Any necessary negotiation can also be conducted with his office.

A unique feature among authors is the fact that his best-known character, Tarzan, has lent his name to the community of Tarzan in the city of Los Angeles, California, which also includes a postoffice of that name. The bustling community in the San Fernando Valley resulted from the development of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzana Ranch farm, and is now home to just under 50,000 people.

We look forward to a favorable response from the Committee, and to the issuance of the Edgar Rice Burroughs commemorative postage stamp.


Mel Sofian, for
HIstorical and Museum Committee
The Tarzana Community & Cultural Center

19130 Ventura Bldv, Tarzana CA  91356 / Mailing: P.O. Box 570835, Tarzana CA  91357-0835
Phone: 818.705.1286 ~ Fax: 818.705.0127 ~ E-mail: info@mytarzana.org ~ www.myTarzana.org

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