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Volume 1902
Georges Dodds'
The Ape-Man: his Kith and Kin
A collection of texts which prepared the advent of Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Selected 19thCentury Simian Fiction (1830-1914)



Selection of texts

It is pretty much impossible to collect every account of monkeys and apes published between 1830 and 1914. Hence I have applied the following criteria: Given the period of their writing a number of these texts present vocabulary, expressions or attitudes which may be offensive to some. Nonetheless, I have maintained the texts 'as is.'

Part 1: 50 Entries

Author Title Periodical
or Book
Year Vol. No. Pages Plot
Max Adeler
a.k.a. Chas. Heber Clark (1841-1915)
Mr. Columbus Coriander's Gorilla Half Hours with Great Story Tellers 1891 Chicago Donahue, Henneberry & Co. n/a A man dons a gorilla-suit and plays the role of a gorilla for the love of the circus-master's daughter
Hamilton Aïdé (1829-1906) The Italian Boy and His Monkey A Welcome: Original Contributions in Poetry and Prose 1863 London Emily Faithfull 96-99 The life of a poor organ-grinder and his monkey deplored
Anonymous A Baby's Adventure -- Jocko Christian Advocate 1884 59 40 646 Aboard a ship, a monkey takes a baby and climbs the rigging, but eventually brings the infant back down.
Anonymous Female Vivisectors, and How a Missing Monkey Gave the Secret Away The National Police Gazette 1880 37 157 6 A dentist's pet monkey meets a grim fate at the hands of female medical students
Anonymous An Impudent Monkey Phantasmagoria of Fun (Alfred Crowquill, ed.) 1843 London Richard Bentley 1: 60-67 An impudent man portrayed as a monkey
Anonymous 'IT.' The Wonderful Offspring of a Negro Woman and an Ape Which is Puzzling Naturalists The National Police Gazette 1887 50 552 6 A tabloid story of a pair of supposed human-ape offspring
Anonymous   Jocko in London c. 1820 London (?) E. Wallis 8 pp. An Italian boy comes to London with his monkey
Anonymous The Man and the Monkey The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle 1817 87   544 A monkey steals food from a traveller in India
Anonymous Milles et Amys (early 15th century) The History of Fiction, Being a Critical Account of the Most Celebrated Prose Works of Fiction, from the Earliest Greek Romances to the Novels of the Present Day [John Dunlop (ed.)] 1842 Philadelphia Carey and Hart 1: 272-278 An ape nursemaid is involved in preserving the lives of the two sons of a pair of Carolingian heroes, returning them to their rightful inheritance
Anonymous A Monkey Story Western Christian Advocate 1880 47 5 34 A simian 'watch-dog' outwits a falcon that has been stealing his master's game
Anonymous Mr. Purdy's Pet. A Sociable Baboon Who Incarnadised Staten Island's Shores The National Police Gazette 1886 47 435 6 A Mr. Purdy gets more than he bargained for when an old sea captain gives him a monkey, and when this monkey gets drunk...
Anonymous The Reminiscences of an Old Monkey The Cabinet Album; A Collection of Original and Selected Literature 1830 London Hurst, Chance, and Co. 356-364 An old monkey recounts his life, loves and capture, and comments on the foibles of humanity.
Anonymous Saru-Kani Kassen; or, The Battle of the Monkey and the Crabs St. Nicholas; an Illustrated Magazine for Young Folks 1887 14 4 308-313 A Japanese folktale where monkeys and crabs battle it out to the death over some persimmons
Anonymous Soubrette's Encounter with a Drunken Baboon The National Police Gazette 1899 74 1123 3 An actress' pet monkey gets it hands on some booze, and proceeds to go on a tear
Anonymous Story of an Actress, and her Pet South American Simian Called Patsy O'Reilly [...] The National Police Gazette 1900 76 1182 6 When an actress' pet monkey is abused by hotel staff, it comes back to bite them
Anonymous Stolen by a Monkey New York Evangelist 1884 55 50 7 In the early 17th century a family's pet monkey saves their infant son from their burning English castle
Anonymous [...]Strange and admirable accidents, which lately happened in the kingdom of the Great Magor, or Mogul... [1622] The Harleian Miscellany 1809 III   421-427. An ape performs tricks for the Mogul, including the identification of Jesus as the one true God.
H. Atteridge What the Monkey Found The Watchman 1897 78 14 22 A monkey who drives away little birds from his watering hole, has a rude surprise when he faces an ostrich
Matteo Bandello (d. 1555) Novella XXXIX. A mischievous ape... The Italian Novelists. (Thomas Roscoe, ed.) 1825 London Septimus Prowett 3: 34-42 An ape dressed in a dead woman's clothes frightens priests and relatives alike.
G. Linnaeus Banks (1821-1881) Chapter XIII. Blondin on Four Legs Blondin; His Life and Performances 1862 London Routledge, Warne, and Routledge 104-110. Biography of high-wire artist Blondin, who played an ape in play about a shipwrecked child raised by a monkey.
Thomas Bond A Merry Tale Topographical and Historical Sketches of the Boroughs of East and West Looe, in the County of Cornwall; with an Account of the Natural and Artificial Curiosities and Picturesque Scenery of the Neighbourhood. 1823 London J. Nichols and Son. 281-285. In Elizabethan times an ape, posing is the "Queen's Ape" takes in the gullible inhabitants of the Cornish village of Loo
Marie Brown A Tale of Two Monkeys Christian Observer 1899 87 25 18 The capers of two monkeys amongst a human family
Margaret Norris Chapman What Jocko Did Christian Advocate 1902 77 11 413 An organ-grinder's monkey help little George cheer up and recover from pneumonia
George Cooper Jocko The Independent 1884 36 1854 27 Poem about a monkey who escapes a ship and swims back to his native jungle
Elizabeth Paschall Cox (1796-?) On reading an account of a Wild Man, found in some part of the Spanish dominions; supposed to be thirty years of age. Written by the authoress when very young. The Cottage Minstrel; or, Verses on Various Subjects. 1827 Philadelphia Joseph Rakestraw 111-112 A poem about a Spanish feral man
Emma W. Demeritt The New Engineer of the Valley Railroad Saint Nicholas; an Illustrated Magazine for Young Folks 1880 7 2 884-886 A monkey mimics the actions of a railroad engineer and takes some people on an unscheduled train trip.
C. Dibdin, Jr. (1768-1833) The Ape and her Young Ones Comic Tales and Lyrical Fancies; Including The Chessiad, a Mock-Heroic, in Five Cantos; and The Wreath of Love, in Four Cantos 1825 London G.B. Whittaker 105-106. Poem in which tragedy strikes an ape mother as one of her children dies.
Henry Sutherland Edwards (1828-1906)   Noureddin and the Fair Persian 1849 London W.S. Johnson 24 p. A play wherein an ape is involved tangentially but importantly in a convoluted romantic comedy.
John Gay (1685-1732) The Monkey who has Seen the World Fables 1728 London J. Tonson and J. Watts 52-56 A monkey which has lived amongst humans beings brings their vices back to his brethren when he escapes.
W.H. Gibson Jocko Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly 1887 24 4 395-399 A monkey lives with a human family who has also rescued a hawk.
Walter M. Gibson Abduction by an Orang Utan of Borneo The Prison of Weltevreden; and a Glance at the East Indian Archipelago. 1855 New York J.C. Riker 423-427 A young native woman is abducted by an orang-utang in Borneo.
Julia Goddard [1825(?)-1896] The Monkey's Story Saturday Evening Post 1883 62 50 12 Narrated by a monkey, this tells of his life in the jungle and his eventual capture
Roe L. Hendrick A Carful of Monkeys The Youth's Companion 1901 75 45 589 A circus boy must think fast when he is stuck in a cage with angry monkeys
C.L. Hildreth Joli Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly 1887 24 1 97-100 Joli, a young lady's monkey, saves the man who loves her from the top of a church steeple
Mary Howitt (1799-1888) The Monkey The Juvenile Poetical Library; Selected from the Works of Modern British Poets, for the Use of Young Persons from the Age of Twelve Years. (Mrs. Alaric Watts, ed.) 1839 London: Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, & Longmans. 27-29 Children's poem about a monkey
Dorothy James A Companion from China Christian Union 1890 41 26 907-908 When a young girl receives a Chinese monkey from her uncle, it turns out not to be quite as pleasant as she expected.
William Lipscomb The Monkey and the Old Ape Poems and Translations 1830 London Baldwin and Cradock 166-167 A moral tale about "nothing's without toil procur'd".
Paul-Hyacinthe Loyson (1873-1921)
transl. Georges Dodds
My Monkey Comoedia 1 Jan. 1909 Paris (a daily arts newspaper) 1-2. A humorous story of going to see the skull of a missing-link recently arrived in a Paris museum.
Sophie McKenzie The Monkey and the Captain Congregationalist and Christian World 1906 91 18 654 A misbehaving monkey is tossed overboard from a ship, but the captain relents and saves the monkey destined for his daughter
a.k.a. Isabella Macdonald Alden (1841-1930)
A Very Sly Fellow Christian Index 1887 65 35 7 An organ-grinder's monkey gets into a house and makes a mess, but the children are blamed
Pilpai Chapter IV, Story XI The Anvar-I Suhaili; or, The Lights of Canopus; being the Persian version of the Fables of Pilpay; or, The Book "Kalilah and Damnah," Rendered into Persian by Husain Va'iz U'l-Kashifi. (Edward B. Eastwick, transl.) 1854 Hertford Stephen Austin 345-355 A wise monkey sacrifices himself to reclaim his people's land from bear invaders
The Monkey and the Tortoise Kalila and Dimna, or, The Fables of Bidpai. (Wyndham Knatchbull, transl.) 1819 Oxford J. Parker 258-268 Monkey
Keith Preston Tarzan Heroes of Fiction - Types of Pan. Boston/New York 1919 Houghton Mifflin 33 A Short poem
Genie H. Rosenfeld The Ape of Leinster. A Bed-time Story Harper's Bazaar 1901 35 1 A76-A79. Ape saves child from burning castle, another version of a family legends (see here)
Anna H. Smith Jocko The Youth's Companion 1891 64 51 653-654 A little boy named Willie has trouble getting over the measles, but succeeds with the help of the monkey his family has adopted.
Mary A.P. Stansbury The Monkey and the Monkey Dolls The Youth's Companion 1900 74 10 123 An organ-grinder's monkey has feelings for a little girl's monkey doll
Gianfrancesco Straparola (c. 1480 - c. 1557) Story of Guerrino, only son of Filippomaria, King of Sicily Facetious Nights by Straparola (W.G. Waters, transl.) 1901 74 10 123 A hero is aided in his adventures by a feral man he had released
Henry U. Swinnerton Captured by Orang-Outangs. A Girl's Experience in Sumatra Christian Observer 1898 86 4 94 A 15 year old girl is abducted by orang-outangs on the island of Sumatra
Mrs. Wilson Woodrow (1870-1936) Jam. A Simian Sonata
by Baroness von Buttin
Life 1905 46 1188 145-147 A monkey interferes in a couple's romance
Mrs. Wilson Woodrow (1870-1935) The Monkey's Point of View Life 1901 38 990 329 A naturalist interviews an orang-outang in this satirical piece
Thomas de Yriarte (1750-1791)
transl. R.R.
The Ape and the Juggler
from Literary Fables
Blackwood's Magazine 1839 46   204-205 A fable regarding an ape and a juggler

Part 2: 50 Entries
Author Title Periodical
or Book
Year Vol. No. Pages Plot
Anonymous Darwin Vindicated. Establishing a Close Relation Between the Human and the Monkey The National Police Gazette 1880 36 147 7 Mimicry leads to monkey's untimely demise
Anonymous Death from the Bite of a Monkey News of the World 1885 March 23rd 2 Infanticidal monkey in Lancashire
Anonymous Monkeys Go Hopping News of the World 1900 August 26th 4 Escaped monkeys hide out in hop fields
Anonymous -- Untitled -- News of the World 1900 November 11th 6 Should a professor pay the cab fare for his stuffed apes?
Anonymous Rector and His monkey Weekly Dispatch 1900 February 11th 8 A priest's monkey bites child
Anonymous Italian's Frightful Fall News of the World 1900 April 22nd 2 An Italian falls to his death try to catch his monkey
Anonymous Baboon Hunt in a Ship's Rigging News of the World 1856 July 20th 7 A baboon leads sailors on a multi-ship chase.
Anonymous The Balloon Nuisance News of the World 1851 August 17th 6 A monkey balloonist and parachutist.
Anonymous Comic Zoology. The Monkey Tribe Punchinello 1870 June 4th 150 A comic survey of the monkey tribe.
Francis Metcalfe Side Show Studies. The Amorous Baboon Outing, An Illustrated Monthly Magazine of Recreation 1905 46 2 165-169 Tales of a lovesick circus baboon, and a clever circus chimp
Anonymous This "Monk" is a Scrapper The National Police Gazette 1900 77 1206 14 A baboon assaults a police officer
Anonymous A Bad Monkey The National Police Gazette 1885 46 397 14 Organ grinder's monkey taken to court for a dime and a scratch
Annie B. Morton What Poll Found in the Nut Christian Observer 1897 85 15 20-22 Two families, one with a pet monkey, get back together after a meddlesome gossip draws them apart
L.D. Nichols Sam's Monkey Our Young Folks. An Illustrated Magazine for Boys and Girls 1867 3 3 175-185 A monkey wreaks havoc in the Sumner household
Anonymous Poor Jocko Hours at Home. A Popular Monthly of Instruction and Recreation 1867 4 3 272-279 Incidents from the life of a rather stubborn monkey
Anonymous An Episode in Monkey Life The Albion, A Journal of News, Politics and Literature 1854 13 51 603 Indian monkeys take revenge on the boa which killed and ate one of their own
Anonymous Donetti's Monkey Troupe Gleason's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion 1852 3 3 33 Description of a trained monkey act
Anonymous The Early Train to Versailles. A Baboon Passenger The Anglo American, a Journal of Literature 1845 5 1 3-5 An older lady tells the improbable story of a baboon taking the morning train to Versailles
Basil Hall Vagaries of a Pet Monkey
from Fragments of Voyages
The Philadephia Album and Ladies' Literary Portfolio 1832 6 26 206-207 A monkey pulls pranks aboard ship
Anonymous A Monkey Trick Spirit of the Times. A Chronicle of Turf, Agriculture, Field Sports, Literature... 1849 19 27 317 A monkey pulls a prank during a stagecoach trip
Anonymous The Monkey and the Looking Glass St. Nicholas; an Illustrated Magazine for Young Folks 1875 2 8 515 A monkey reacts poorly to a mirror
Anonymous The Orang Outang New-England Magazine 1831 December   497-500 An orang outang in Boston, MA writes home to Java
Mary Abbey. Mischievous Jocko Zion's Herald 1876 53 9 70 A south American monkey disrupts a household
Francis Forrester. Natural History. -- A Monkey on Horseback Forrester's Boys' and Girls' Magazine, and Fireside Companion 1856 January 1st 31-32 A monkey rides a horse
Anonymous The Adventurous Boy Atkinson's Casket 1834 April No. 4 184-185 A monkey leads a boy to climb a ship's rigging
Mary E. Vandyne. How the Monkeys Crossed the Stream Christian Union 1889 39 3 79 Monkeys build a simian bridge across a stream
Emma Louise. The Pet Monkey The Independent 1869 21 (1071) 3 Monkeys build a simian bridge across a stream
Anonymous Monkeys Go Crabbing Christian Advocate 1900 75 24 968 Monkeys capturing crabs in Singapore
Anonymous Extracts from the Life and Death of My Monkey Jacko The Albion. A Journal of News, Politics, and Literature 1854 13 10 4 Train fare for a dog must be paid for a monkey!
Anonymous The Vindictive Monkey Parley's Magazine 1837 January 1st 166-167 A monkey obtains revenge on a man painting as ship who put paint in his mouth
Edward Allison Gale. Society Gleanings. Overheard at a Function of the Tree-top Four Hundred Puck 1910 66 1714 10 Monkey high society gossip
Anonymous An Art Loving Monkey. How Its Passion for the Fine Arts Brought it to Destruction The National Police Gazette 1878 33 55 3 An author's monkey drives his artist neighbour to distraction, leading to violence
Anonymous [A.B.C.] Jocko The Youth's Companion 1872 45 27 217 Young children meet a poor organ grinder, his daughter and monkey
Anonymous A Monkey Murderer The National Police Gazette 1883 41 276 7 An abusive husband is killed by his pet monkey
Anonymous Monkey Stories The Albion. A Journal of News, Politics and Literature 1875 53 42 7 Monkeys' adventures at sea
Ruth Argyle The Story of a Scamp Arthur's Illustrated Home Magazine 1879 47 7 355 A poem about a mischievous pet monkey
Colonel Humphreys The Monkey Who Shaved Himself and his Friends. A Fable United States Magazine; or, General repository of Ueful Instruction and... 1794 1 1 56 A poem about a mischievous pet monkey
R.F. Sharpless Behind the Bars The Youth's Companion 1905 79 35 407 A poem about a zoo monkey with a musical puzzle
Hiram Cats-paw Merry's Museum and Parley's Magazine 1856 31   102 A monkey uses a cat's paw to get chestnuts out from hot embers
Anonymous A Monkey Fireman The Youth's Companion 1856 66 10 iii A monkey puts out a fire in his cage
Anonymous Gentleman Jocko The Youth's Companion 1861 35 46 180 A well-behaved and a poorly-behaved monkey
Anonymous The Dishonest Milkwoman The Youth's Companion 1861 35 31 124 A monkey throws a dishonest woman's money into the sea
Anonymous While Jocko Dreamed of Cocoanuts. . St. Nicholas; an Illustrated Magazine for Young Folk 1900 27 10 891 A boy who annoys a monkey has the tables turned
Anonymous A Monkey's Memory The Youth's Companion 1909 83 45 592 A monkey recognizes his former owners after several years
Anonymous [C.G.] Anecdotes of a Monkey The Youth's Companion 1929 3 27 107 Some of Jacko's humorous feats
Anonymous Good Jocko New York Evangelist 1876 47 48 6 Jocko makes friends with a dog and her pups
Susie M. Best. Jocko Godey's Lady's Book 1892 124 743 452 A monkey reacts poorly to a mirror
Anonymous Jocko in the Prize Ring The National Police Gazette 1883 43 327 7 Monkey pugilists in the Italian Quarter of NYC
Anonymous Jocko's Morning Call The National Police Gazette 1881 39 218 7 An organ-grinder's monkey's entrance into a young woman's room has dire consequences
Anonymous Mary Musgrave The Youth's Companion 1863 37 11 41 A very calm young woman is not disturbed by the sudden presence of a monkey
Anonymous: Wild Woman
Anonymous: A Wild Man
Anonymous: Capture of a Wild Man in  Missouri
Anonymous: The Gorilla in California

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